How to Edit a PDF Online: Complete Guide for Mac Users

How to Edit PDF Online: Complete Guide for Mac Users | The Enterprise World

MacOS is one of the most popular operating systems, which has a number of advantages over Windows. One of them is the in-built MacOS Preview application, which allows you to perform a number of actions with PDF files:

  • View
  • Comment
  • Annotate
  • Extract pages, etc.

However, this application will not give you a full palette of tools to edit PDF. MacBook has too few editing tools to make your PDF document perfectly professional. However, this is not a reason to despair, since there is a wide selection of online platforms for working with PDF files. To edit PDF online is much easier and faster, since these platforms are focused on the task of managing PDF documentation, and therefore, all actions are performed almost instantly. Find out how to edit a PDF on Mac with online available 24/7.

Basic PDF Editing Functions for Mac Users

How to Edit PDF Online: Complete Guide for Mac Users | The Enterprise World


What opportunities do online PDF editors offer for Mac users?


You can change the text and font, highlight it with different colors, etc. A wide range of tools is offered for working with visual elements: inserting shapes, drawing with a digital pen, adding pictures, etc.


Online platforms allow you to not only edit PDF. Mac users can also convert many formats to PDF and vice versa, such as:

  • Excel
  • Word
  • JPG
  • PNG
  • PPTX, etc. 

Password Protection

If your file contains sensitive information, you can set a password. In this case, only the person to whom you tell your password can open it. But be careful — if you forget it, you won’t be able to open it either.


Using an online PDF editor, you can eSign any electronic documents anywhere and at any time. Thanks to this function, you can easily travel around the world without fear that you won’t be there when you need to sign something.

How to Edit Text in PDF on Mac in the Most Efficient Way?

How to Edit PDF Online: Complete Guide for Mac Users | The Enterprise World


In order not to get confused between different platforms, compensating for the shortcomings of one with the advantages of another, choose amultifunctional online editor like PDF Guru. With its help, you will naturally figure out how to edit PDF on MacBook Pro. You will be able to perform all the actions with PDF files that are needed in everyday work if you follow this algorithm:

  1. Open the platform in any browser.
  2. Create your account so you can always return to work on editing an unfinished document.
  3. Select and activate the “Edit PDF” option on the toolbar.
  4. Upload the file you will be working with.

This will give you a wide range of tools to help you make your file look truly professional. Explore them all so you know what great opportunities they give you.

Tips for Efficient PDF Editing on Mac

Secure the Results of Your Work

If you want to prevent anyone from making changes to your file, protect it from modifications. In this case, you will be sure that even if your text ends up on the Internet, it will remain identical to your original content. 

Combine Files for Long-Term Storage

A large number of files in folders can easily become confusing, especially when information must be found quickly. Therefore, you can combine thematically related content into one file to optimize your work with archival documents.

Compress Files Before Sharing

How to Edit PDF Online: Complete Guide for Mac Users | The Enterprise World

To make it easier for you to share files with others, compress them using a PDF editor. Thanks to this, you will be able to attach a file to a message faster, and your recipient will be able to download it instantaneously.


The best way to edit PDFs on Mac is to choose a multifunctional online platform. In this case, you will be able to use a wide range of tools, but you will not have to download the application to your desktop or laptop. In addition, you will not need to monitor updates, since the online platform staff regularly updates its software to more advanced versions. The speed of such PDF editors is amazing, and the results will impress all your colleagues and partners!

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