Enertia Software: A Maverick Establishing its Global Footprint in the Oil and Gas Industry

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An industry leader in upstream oil and gas, Enertia Software continues to lead even after four decades. No matter how complex the problem or the given requirement, Enertia Software has disrupted the upstream oil and gas industry as the only single-vendor integrated solution with the industry expertise to meet and uniquely tailored to the specific needs of customers. 

It’s a monumental year for Enertia Software as it celebrates turning “40”. For the past 40 years, it has innovated upstream oil and gas software, partnering with exploration and production companies to help provide the technology, tools, software, service, and support they need to have a competitive advantage in today’s upstream oil and gas industry. The company provides data seamlessly from the field to the financials. 

For 40 years, Enertia Software has focused on helping upstream oil and gas companies gain a competitive advantage. Its premise is simple – it develops a premium software solution that allows its customers to streamline data analysis, enhance workflow processes, and increase efficiency for improved business intelligence. 

Enertia Software delivers best-in-class development, implementation, and business consulting services to its clients.  

Celebrating the Glory: 40 Years of Innovation and 40 Forward

Enertia was established in 1983, which makes this its 40th anniversary! For the past 40 years, it has created an impact in the upstream oil and gas industry. As an oil and gas software development and technical services company, it offers a fully integrated, enterprise-grade system for the speed of today’s industry challenges. 

Enertia Software is backed by a proficient team of professionals that encompasses over 500 combined years of the energy industry and technology experience delivering a knowledge base that understands the needs of its business.

“Forty years doesn’t sound like a long time but find us another upstream oil and gas software that’s been around longer and is still innovating, and we’ll send you a swag bag!” 

Meet the Driving Force behind Enertia

A distinguished and dynamic personality, Vincent Dawkins is the President and CEO  at Enertia Software.

He is a highly motivated technology leader with broad-based management skills, sound oil and gas knowledge, and success in high-performance team building.

Vince worked with industry-leading organizations influencing engineering, IT & enterprise resource planning solutions. In 2008, Vince joined Enertia Software as a senior business analyst, where he contributed to the design, development, and implementation of an enterprise application for upstream oil and gas producers. 

A Timeline of His Journey:

  • Year 1998 – 1999: Engineer at BP
  • Year 2000 – 2002: Analyst at Accenture
  • July 2002: IT Manager at David Powers Homes
  • August 2006: Consultant at EAG Services
  • August 2008: Joined Enertia as Sr. Consultant
  • April 2011: Director of Special Projects 
  • November 2015: Become the President/CEO of Enertia
  • August 2022: Board Member- Bridge The Gaps 

As a leader, Vincent spearheads the organization, and his responsibilities are multifold. To summon it up, he majorly focuses on:

  • Build on communication
  • Value access like never before
  • Foster, don’t force, change
  • Recognize opportunity

Hitting the Bulls-Eye

In 1996 – The price of oil was $26.90 and Enertia Software began a ground-up rewrite. The newer technologies focused on the Windows-based platform which would provide substantial growth, flexibility, and opportunity. And that is how Enertia revolutionized the oil and gas industry. Vincent fondly adds, “If you’ve heard us tell the story, this is the part where we say we -locked ourselves in a room”. 

Turning Setbacks into Success

Vincent states, “Forty years is a long time. We’ve seen a lot of industry changes, oil, and gas price fluctuations, and we’ve seen a lot of alternative software come and go…but we’ve remained steadfast in our mission to help our customers.” 

Utilizing the nuances of oil and gas/being able to translate the biz to a strong stable scalable solution. Keep up with/add to initial business needs to solve customer problems. Be it infrastructure; email vs IT; and what tools were available – some of it was time. Enertia had to keep its calm and just allow the tech to catch up. 

Today, Enertia Software has marked its presence in the oil and gas industry and continues to create an impact. In its 40th year, Enertia’s long-standing success is a measure of its dedicated hard work and its team’s unparalleled desire to engage and support its customers. Enertia Software’s Customer Solutions Team streamlines its customer support services and improves the overall customer experience. Some benefits for Enertia customers include a dedicated customer solutions team, improved communication technology to manage caseload and escalations quickly, and strategy updates with new customer solutions managers to better understand and resolve customer concerns.

A Myriad Range of Exceptional Offerings

Enertia’s core difference is being fully integrated with exemplary customer service and industry expertise. Its proven track record of successful implementations and long-term client relationships is a solid foundation for developing enduring and mutually beneficial partnerships. Enertia’s implementation methodology is centered on the ability to engage with its customers and outline the software functionality required, the business process designs, conversion requirements, training needs, and the ongoing support model.

Enertia Software consulting solutions offer upstream energy companies coveted time and expertise to focus on their day-to-day operations. It offers business expansion solutions, support, agility, and operational efficiency consulting opportunities.

Additionally, Enertia provides the network, hardware, IT services, and leading-edge software to maintain customers’ integrated data. The ability to outsource IT services through hosting options provide alternative accessibility & cost-saving solutions for upstream oil & gas operators.

Enertia Software offers additional training resources and sessions split out by functional and topic-specific areas. Enertia’s extensive onboarding and training resources are designed to ensure its customers and end-users are at the cutting edge of industry expertise and efficiencies.

In short, it improves business intelligence, offers top-notch and apt technology, has a scalability mindset, and is a market leader in the energy industry. 

Enertia’s core functionality includes Accounting and Financials, Well Production and Operations, Land and Contracts, Report and Audit Tools, Field Data Capture, and Esri ArcGIS Integration. It also provides a Flexible Business Structure, No Code Business Processes, and Fully Integrated SaaS, Cloud, and Hosting Solutions. Enertia Software’s CUSTOMER SOLUTIONS TEAM streamlines its customer support services and improves the overall customer experience. 

An Overview of the IT Industry and its Impact on Oil and Gas

In 2021, the oil and gas industry was facing significant challenges due to the COVID-19 pandemic, which caused a decline in demand for oil and gas and led to a decrease in prices. This, in turn, led to a decrease in investment in the industry, including in IT. However, the industry has been gradually recovering as economies reopen and demand for oil and gas increases. One trend that has been emerging in the industry is the increased use of digital technologies, including IT, to improve efficiency, reduce costs, and increase safety. 

Some of the key areas where IT is being used in the oil and gas industry include:

  • Data management and analytics – This includes the use of big data analytics to optimize production and reduce costs, as well as to monitor and manage safety and environmental risks.
  • Digital oilfield technologies – These are technologies that enable remote monitoring and control of oil and gas production facilities, which can improve efficiency and safety.
  • Cybersecurity – With the increased use of digital technologies, cybersecurity has become a critical concern for the industry, and companies are investing in cybersecurity measures to protect their operations.
  • Cloud computing – This technology is being used to improve data access, storage, and processing, which can lead to cost savings and greater efficiency.

Overall, the oil and gas industry is facing both challenges and opportunities in the current IT landscape, and companies that can effectively leverage technology are likely to be more successful in the long run.

Enertia Software steps in and provides the network, hardware, IT services, and leading-edge software to maintain integrated data. The ability to outsource IT services through hosting options provide alternative accessibility and cost-saving solutions for upstream oil and gas operators.

Keeping Pace with Industry Changes and Challenges

The oil and gas industry is known for its volatile prices, and companies have to manage their operations and investments in the face of constantly changing prices. Oil and gas companies face increasing pressure to reduce their environmental impact and comply with regulations related to emissions, safety, and other environmental concerns. This can result in increased costs and complexity for companies.

The development of alternative energy sources, such as solar and wind power, is creating competition for traditional fossil fuels. This can lead to reduced demand and lower prices for oil and gas. As the most accessible and easy-to-extract oil and gas reserves have already been exploited, companies face increasing difficulty and expense in accessing new reserves, particularly in remote or challenging locations. 

Of these challenges, where Enertia Software can help the most is the rapid advancement of digital technologies that are transforming the oil and gas industry, and companies that fail to adapt risk falling behind their competitors.

Constantly Staying a Notch Up

Enertia Software is constantly being fine-tuned by developers and improved with new updates and enhancements to ensure that it is always up-to-date and provides the most accurate and relevant information to its customers.

To ensure that its services are up to date with information technology, it undergoes regular training and testing to ensure, understand, and interpret the latest developments and needs of its customers. Its customer engagement team also monitors and analyzes trends accordingly to ensure that Enertia Software is equipped with the latest information. 

All these efforts consider the most important element of its dynamic industry, the customers’ needs and their commitment to ensuring they remain successful and efficient. Incorporating customer feedback allows the company to include a wide range of sources such as industry reports, online forums, its annual user conference, and user group communities.

Sharing is Synonymous with Growing

The famous proverb, “Sharing is Caring” teaches us how the art of sharing is an act of care and compassion. Likewise, Vincent is a long-time believer that knowledge sharing is essential. However, what he didn’t suspect at first, was how beneficial it could be to his organization and him. For instance, each year, he met with science and engineering students at his alma mater, North Carolina A&T.

Vincent is passionate about teaching and sharing his wisdom and experiences with young minds, and in return, he learns quite a bit in the process. It’s a two-way street. He adds, “I tell them what I know, and they tell me what they know — including what they see for the future.

Launching a mentorship program within our organization. Being a leader humbles you, especially when you take time to think about how far you’ve come amid distractions, downturns, and competition. If you’ve climbed to the top, you’re in a position to throw others a line to join you. That’s a remarkable position to be in — and one you don’t want to take for granted.”

Defining a Culture of Diversity, Equality, and Congeniality 

A huge component of Enertia Software is keeping its culture and company culturally diverse and comfortable. 

It also believes in encouraging professional and personal development – in today’s online and work-from-home environments. The company also encourages its team to take courses, be it for one’s physical /mental and/or professional/personal development, and it thinks the opportunity has proven to provide wonderful results!

Exposing team members to new ideas and new programs helps them feel refreshed and it also opens their environments to discoveries. It teaches them new perspectives while keeping them aware of the current market and its demand. They often bring that energy and learnings back and share it, and that excitement is truly contagious. 

Challenge your employees with out-of-the-box opportunities. As Enertia makes software, it challenges its employees to set up philanthropic initiatives that the whole team can get involved in; it incentivizes them to come up with new ways to engage with its customers and find new ways to make sure it as a team, stays connected. 

When employees feel like they are part of the organization’s growth, there is a sense of ownership that comes with being a part of the organization’s growth as a whole and that matters. They start thinking as a partner of the company rather than an employee. If people want to be part of success – encourage them to do so. 

Vincent’s Piece of Advice to Budding Leaders

Today this is how I feel: finding the middle/ don’t get too high or too low; in all things stay consistent in communication and style. 

The Notable Testimonials

1. Leigh Prieto, Retired CFO of Pillar Resources

 “I have implemented Enertia Software multiple times at various organizations in the upstream oil & gas industry; No other system provides the flexibility, ease of use, & robust reporting capabilities with scale-able options. Enertia’s support services for implementations, conversions & acquisitions are excellent.” 

2. Cherl Prince, Regulatory Manager, Endeavor Energy Resources

“I have utilized the production portion of Enertia (Delivery Systems) for over 20 years; I appreciate the flexibility of Enertia’s allocation, visual tools & effortless uploading capabilities. The customer support & service is second to none.” 

3. Sandra Green, Accounting Manager, Aethon Energy

“As the person responsible for making sure that all aspects of our oil & gas accounting are integrated across multiple departments, Enertia Software has been a lifesaver! The flexibility of its structure has allowed us to easily change course as our business has evolved through upstream, midstream & even oilfield services.” 

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