6 Proven Engagement Strategies That Help Increase Conversion 

6 Customer Engagement Strategies Increase Conversion

From this article, you will get to know about what Engagement Strategies you have to apply to increase conversation with your customers. Engagement Strategies Increase Conversion with customers is very important for your business.

Getting people to check out what your company has to offer is one thing, but getting those same people to actually buy from your company is something very different.

The trick is to give these target customers compelling reasons to keep consuming your content — as, the longer they do this, the more tempted they could become to buy from you, a moment that would count as a ‘conversion’. Here’s what you could do…

Here are 6 Customer Engagement Strategies Increase Conversion

1. Make sure your website’s design is mobile-friendly 

MarkupTrend says that roughly 60% of website traffic is mobile. So, you need to verify that your website is not only visually attractive but also intuitive to use on relatively compact screens. 

Those include displays of smartphones and tablets — but, of course, the design should also work well on desktop and laptop computers. You don’t want to risk alienating a large proportion of your website’s visitors.

mobile-friendly-6 Customer Engagement Strategies Increase Conversion

2. Avoid asking website visitors to input excessive information 

Shoppers can easily be put off buying from your online store if it requires them to keep filing in one text field after another. It would therefore be in your interest for you to investigate ways you could potentially trim at least some data-entry flab from your site. 

Perhaps you could accept payments via a digital wallet service like Apple Pay, where transactions can be authorised via biometric means?

3. Publish positive reviews from consumers 

Reviews like these can be hugely influential in swaying purchasing decisions. In one study cited in an Entrepreneur article, 88% of respondents revealed that they had made buying decisions on the back of positive and negative reviews. 

Of course, many favourable reviews of your business might already be on Google — but you could cherrypick some plaudits to place on your brand’s website.

4. Create an easy-to-use content hub 

Let’s assume that you have held a fair few webinars that have been recorded and so could be made available for people to view on an ‘on-demand’ basis. 

In this scenario, you could use a customer engagement platform from ON24 to put all of these webinars — as well as separate videos and other digital assets — in one place where various pieces of content are automatically surfaced into categories and playlists.

Create content-6 Customer Engagement Strategies Increase Conversion

5. Include strong calls to action 

Otherwise known as CTAs, these are intended to encourage a certain action that would benefit the company. That action could be buying from the company.

It’s ultimately up to you what forms your CTAs take, but you should endeavour to include them right across your website. You could also experiment with the colour and size of ‘buy now’ and ‘order now buttons.

6. Give the content more face value 

This is a pun, since what we mean is attaching at least one physical face to the content. This could be a photo of yourself, the content creator, in a sidebar or near a CTA.

Another idea is to include lots of photos of happy, smiling people in the content, as it is often thought that such images lead to higher conversion rates. 

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