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Enterprising Companies of the Year - Vol. 3

Enterprising Companies of the Year - Vol. 3 features,

The IM GROUP was formed in Italy in 2021, with some leading names as its brands. These brands are – Inkmaker, Rexson, Vale-tech, Swesa, Teko, Tecnopails, and IEC+.

What this GROUP offers are a combustive mix of world-class services, an experience that comes from 7 different management, teams, and leaders that have individually established themselves as one of the best in their fields.

Thus, this results in an explosive combined strength that offers total process-engineering solutions within the industries of paint, coatings, ink, specialty-chemicals, adhesives, corrugated packaging, pharma, food, cosmetic, textiles, and more. IMEG is a leading U.S.- based engineering design firm with a more-than 100-year history. The firm delivers a rare combination of the broad expertise of a national leader with the personal relationships and deep collaboration of a local firm throughout its 60 locations and 1,800 team members.

IMEG is 100 percent employee-owned and results-driven with a passion for transforming environments and communities through high-performance design and infrastructure. The firm serves regions and markets with full-service, in-house engineering design and is a Top 6 Engineering Firm in the U.S. (BD+C) and ranked #71 on ENR’s Top 500 Design Firms list.

IMEG’s journey has been tremendous, growing from a one-room office with 16 employees to 1,800 employees at 60 locations. The firm faced several hurdles, but their vision to provide nothing but excellence and their drive for perfection fueled their spirits and helped them achieve respect, recognition, and success. During its initial stages, IMEG’s limited manpower and inability to provide all engineering services made it difficult to establish clientele.

Eventually they became a full-service engineering firm, and growing quickly no longer posed a problem. The hurdle, however, was generating awareness and educating people on the need for state-of-the-art engineering design and IMEG’s ability to provide it.

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