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Enterprising Women of the Year 2022

Enterprising Women of the Year 2022 features,

Dana Brashear started in finance as a bank teller almost 20 years ago. Dana Brashear took the traditional path of moving up through an organization within the mortgage department becoming a processor, originator and eventually management. Through her network, Dana Brashear had an opportunity present itself to aid a de novo correspondent channel grow. 

“Through this avenue, I began building high performance teams and entered project management and I haven’t looked back since.”

Coping with the rat race that the industry is, Dana Brashear says that she has chosen what to give her attention to and then prioritize her work accordingly. It can be extremely overwhelming with the amount of knowledge and changes that is being thrown at you daily.

Chartered in 1968, West Gate Bank is a family-owned community bank based out of Lincoln, Nebraska. WGB Correspondent has been helping community banks and credit unions provide home ownership to their customers across the nation. Offering Delegated, Non-Delegated, and “Full Service” Broker relationships, providing end-to-end fulfilment, we offer the right products at the right price, in a fast and efficient manner. 

Satellite services do sound extremely cool and interesting but in reality, are extremely complicated. It takes much more than knowledge and experience to understand, let alone lead a successful company that provides just that!

Anastasia Kuzmenko Currently holds the position of Vice President of Marketing & Communications at IEC Telecom Group. She is responsible for the global marketing strategy and management of brand communications across the Middle East, Asia, and Europe.

Anastasia is truly an inspiration and a beacon to all budding entrepreneurs and marketing enthusiasts. Her charismatic personality, exceptional leadership, and of course, vision, are undoubtedly worth honoring.

In a scintillating interview with Anastasia Kuzmenko. Let’s hear about IEC Telecom Group, and get to know more about Anastasia and her professional journey.

IEC Telecom Group is one of the leading international satellite service operators. Renowned for supplying high-quality satellite-based solutions to customers for more than 25 years, IEC Telecom Group delivers efficient end-to-end voice and data services when and where it matters most. We enable digitalization for the maritime industry as well as remote units on land, where GSM coverage is not available. 

In this interview with Elinor Stutz, find out more about Smooth Sale

Smooth Sale stands for earning a returning and referring clientele that I teach via writing, speaking, and training. 

Community Service is the centrepiece for the work. It began with teaching job seekers how to sell themselves in interviews. The many thank you notes for enabling people to secure their desired job led to the next book, ‘HIRED! How To Use Sales Techniques To Sell Yourself On Interviews,’ published by Career Press.

Social media was Elinor’s lifesaver upon moving to a town where no one understood her purpose, passion, and perseverance in their unknown. A marketing guru taught me to be collaborative instead of being highly competitive. And she soon realized how to attract interest online vs. attempting to sell.

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IEC Telecom Group

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IEC Telecom Group - Connecting the world!

Smooth Sale

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Smooth Sale - Powerhouse of Sales and Networking