From Wildz to Spinz: The Evolution of Rootz Limited’s Casino Brands

The Evolution of Rootz Limited's Casino Brands | The Enterprise World

The global gambling market value reached $63 billion in 2022 – and the figure is huge. Even though the 2023 statistics are not available yet, it’s projected the industry will grow by around 11% this year. The trend is predicted to develop and reach over $1 trillion in 2030. Such shocking figures are conditioned by the increased demand for online casinos, which have become insanely popular during the last few years. Wider accessibility and the possibility of playing top slots and games from any spot worldwide are among the main factors.

Every business boasts trendsetters and their followers, and the gambling sector is no exception. Rootz Limited is not the oldest operator in the market, but it completely disrupted the entire industry during its establishment in 2018. Its heavy focus on innovations and the desire to change the gambling landscape worked – which made the company well-known globally.

Rootz Limited: A Vision of Industry Transformation

The company entered the market to change the gaming landscape in the world, and its CEO is confident that technologies drive the industry. Therefore, the first thing on the agenda for Rootz Limited was hiring professionals with a huge experience in iGaming whose goal was to change the gambling sphere once and forever. The company aimed to improve the overall conditions for players and provide them with the best opportunities. Adopting state-of-the-art technologies is the best way to target more players – and it’s more than possible considering the rapid growth of innovation.

Spinz Casino: The Pinnacle of Rootz Limited’s Innovation

Spinz Casino was the first gaming platform launched by Rootz Limited Company, and it had an insane success among risk lovers. The innovative online casino attracted players’ attention with the fantastic choice of games from the leading software developers, integration of the best payment solutions, lucrative bonuses, and other amazing innovations. A perfectly designed platform creates an engaging atmosphere and allows users to easily navigate all the games and other benefits Spinz offers.

Rootz Limited prioritizes quality over quantity, so its products always create a real boom and transform the industry. Therefore, Spinz Casino was among the first platforms to implement live streams, gaining insane demand from customers. Currently, users can enjoy multiple events in real-time.

Wheelz Casino: Leveraging Fame and Gaming Excellence

Wheelz is another Rootz Limited brainchild that created a lot of noise in the public. This gaming establishment showed the importance of engaging celebrities in the casino ads. Of course, such an approach cannot be considered the latest novelty, but it still significantly raises interest in the gaming platform. Currently, David Hasselhoff is the main brand’s ambassador – and you can see his face everywhere on the website. It’s fun, but it works! Many potential players think, “If my favourite actor prefers this casino, why shouldn’t I?”

Technological advancements helped Wheelz reach the gambling Olympus and even beat the previously developed Spinz in terms of popularity. Easy and quick website navigation, excellent game selection, and exclusive deals for new and regular members are what made the casino shine brighter than its competitors like LeoVegas company and similar ones. Such a strategy allowed the casino to win numerous awards, including “Marketing Campaign of the Year,” which repeatedly highlights its unique promotional strategies.

Caxino Casino: A New Era of Personalized Gaming

A personalized approach is the trick gaining popularity among casino operators to capture players and keep them excited about the platform. Caxino was among the pioneers in applying this strategy – and again, it worked for Rootz Limited. Everyone likes to receive something designed personally for them, right? Artificial Intelligence is the primary tool, allowing the casino to analyse players’ activities and provide them with unique personalized offers. These include similarly themed games or one-of-a-kind promotions that no one else can claim. Is it surprising such an attitude boomed?

Wildz Casino: The Origin of Rootz Limited’s Success

Developing new casinos is great for every gambling operator, but it should never be forgotten when their rising star started shining. Wilds Casino was the first brainchild of Rootz Limited, launched in 2019. The website functionality was the main attractive feature of the newly established brand. The casino boasts a vast gaming library and exclusive bonuses that allow you to maximize your winning with spins on slots, which are the perfect addition to its ease of use and speedy transactions. Players get nothing but satisfaction spending time at Wildz, even now, when Rootz Limited already offers more innovative products.

Commitment to Responsible Gaming

Automating the game and powering the iGaming brands of the future are among the company’s main missions. In addition, the operator sticks to responsible policies, aiming to promote such an approach to the whole world. Security and compliance with all the available standards are the key points for all Rootz Limited branches.

All casinos operating under the brand consider responsible gambling rules a basis and inform their clients of all the possible consequences. Players are notified about the potential harm and are alerted in case of suspicious activities. Moreover, the company promotes the necessity for timely treatment and offers their customers all the important resources.

Final Insight

Discussion about the gambling company’s success can be long: while some consider successful bonus strategies the primary factor, others say collaborations with Hollywood stars increased the popularity of Rootz Limited. In our opinion, one criterion wouldn’t have provided such a result – so a complex of actions and the goal to be the market leader are what brought the enterprise to where it is. The company’s progress can be seen from the development of Wildz, its first brainchild, to the highly innovative Spinz with numerous features. It’s worth noting that the first online casino is still in demand among gambling fans; the constant technological advancements are among the primary reasons for such a long-lasting success.

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