FastPlay by Gigadat: Revolutionizing Online Gaming Payments in Canada

FastPlay by Gigadat: Revolutionizing Online Gaming Payments in Canada | The Enterprise World


In the rapidly evolving world of online payments, Gigadat Inc. has emerged as a pivotal player in the Canadian digital landscape with its innovative solutions aimed at enhancing and securing digital transactions. Among its suite of offerings, FastPlay stands out as a revolutionary service designed to redefine the online gaming experience. This article delves into the essence of FastPlay by Gigadat, exploring its features, benefits, its implementation in Ontario, and its anticipated impact on the Canadian gaming and iGaming market.

Gigadat and FastPlay

Gigadat Inc. is renowned for its commitment to facilitating seamless online transactions, with a particular focus on the Canadian market. FastPlay, a standout offering by Gigadat, exemplifies this commitment through its fast registration solution that caters to Canadian consumers’ desire for instant playability on online platforms. This service leverages the user’s payment method as a means of identification, streamlining the registration process by simplifying the verification of personal details​​ to the point that users will be able to sign up at casinos without verification needed and start playing straight away. 

Features and Benefits of FastPlay

FastPlay by Gigadat is distinguished by its user-centric design, emphasizing a frictionless experience through a 3-step process encompassing deposit, registration, and withdrawal. This process efficiently utilizes the online banking environment for identification, incorporating the full KYC life cycle, thereby eliminating the need for manual verification. 

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For operators and consumers alike, FastPlay promises a plethora of benefits: from doubling deposit volumes per player and significantly improving retention rates to boosting the average transaction value (ATV) by up to 30%. 

Moreover, it offers real-time payouts to increase loyalty, fast registration that enhances conversion rates for first-time deposits (FTDs), and a singular integration that encompasses the entire KYC life cycle. Perhaps most notably, FastPlay ensures a high level of security without necessitating physical documents, presenting a user experience superior to traditional card transactions​

Implementation in Ontario

The introduction of FastPlay in Ontario by Wyzia Financial marks a significant milestone in the quest to modernize and secure online gaming experiences across Canada. 

This deployment aligns with a broader strategy to deliver a faster gaming experience, extend coverage to a wider range of operators, and harness the latest technological innovations while adhering to stringent regulatory standards. Guy Fietz, CEO of Wyzia Financials, emphasizes FastPlay’s role in revolutionizing Canadian consumers’ gaming experiences by offering ease of access and compliance with industry regulations​​​​.

How gaming transactions through fastplay work?

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  1. Deposit and Registration: The players process an INTERAC deposit through their online banking environment and register at the same time.
  2. Identification: The identification is safely done through their online banking environment. WyziaSecure offers a full KYC life cycle 
  3. Withdrawal: The player completes their withdrawal in the online banking environment. While the payment is confirmed, the merchant gets all the KYC information.

Market Impact and Future Outlook

FastPlay’s potential to reshape the Canadian gaming and iGaming market is profound. By addressing key consumer and operator needs—speed, convenience, security, and regulatory compliance—FastPlay positions itself as a beacon of innovation in the digital payment sphere. Its successful implementation in Ontario paves the way for broader adoption across Canada, setting new standards for payment solutions in the gaming industry.

FastPlay by Gigadat represents a significant leap forward in the online gaming payment solutions domain, blending speed, security, and convenience to meet the nuanced needs of the Canadian market. As this innovative service continues to gain traction in Ontario and potentially beyond, it underscores the pivotal role of technological advancement in enhancing the digital transaction landscape. FastPlay not only promises to transform the gaming experience for Canadian consumers but also sets a new benchmark for the future of digital payments in the gaming sector.

By integrating cutting-edge technology with a deep understanding of the gaming industry’s regulatory and operational nuances, FastPlay by Gigadat is poised to lead the charge toward a more secure, efficient, and enjoyable online gaming environment in Canada and potentially on a global scale.

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