Yevtushenkov Felix Vladimirovich: “Resume” of an Experienced Venture Investor (AFK Sistema JSFC) 

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Felix Yevtushenkov has a career-journey as a distinguished entrepreneur and investor marked by a series of strategic advancements within the AFK Sistema Joint Stock Financial Corporation, showcasing his exceptional ability to navigate and shape the corporate landscape. Demonstrating a unique blend of foresight and adaptability, he transitioned seamlessly through various roles within the conglomerate, each time leaving a lasting impact. Embarking on a new chapter, Yevtushenkov Felix ventured beyond the confines of AFK Sistema, applying his extensive experience and acumen to independent ventures. His continuous success in these endeavors speaks to his innate talent for identifying and capitalizing on emerging opportunities in the dynamic world of business and technology. 

Felix Vladimirovich Yevtushenkov: College as Foundation for His Future Career

The early life and academic background of Yevtushenkov Felix laid a solid foundation for his future career trajectory. Growing up in a major capital, his childhood was characterized by a keen interest in various sports, hinting at the competitive spirit and team-oriented mindset that would later define his professional ethos. His foray into law at the Griboyedov Institute of international Law and Economics honed his analytical and strategic thinking, skills that proved invaluable in navigating the complex legalities and governance of corporate sectors.  

Yevtushenkov Felix Vladimirovich, further enriching his expertise, took up economic studies at the Gubkin State University that equipped him with a deep understanding of market dynamics and financial acumen. These educational experiences were instrumental in his journey at AFK Sistema, particularly in the telecommunications sector, where he skillfully merged legal insight and economic strategy to drive innovation and growth. His academic journey, thus, was not just a prelude but a critical framework that enabled him to excel in diverse areas. 

After AFK Sistema, Felix Yevtushenkov continues to draw upon his robust educational background in law and economics, making it a cornerstone of his evolving career. His legal training is especially vital in navigating the intricate realms of venture capital and high-tech startups. Meanwhile, his economics expertise garnered at Gubkin has been instrumental in identifying and capitalizing on lucrative investment opportunities, particularly in the realms of telecommunications, digital landscapes, and e-commerce. This blend of legal acumen and economic insight has not only empowered Yevtushenkov Felix to make strategic decisions in these sectors but also to drive social impact through his philanthropic endeavors.  

Yevtushenkov Felix Vladimirovich: Jack of All Trades at AFK Sistema 

Felix Yevtushenkov stands out as a versatile manager and investor, having left a significant imprint across multiple industries during his tenure at AFK Sistema. From energy to telecommunications, IT, real estate, and consumer services, his ability to adeptly manage and grow diverse sectors highlights his exceptional adaptability and strategic acumen.  

An overview of the many positions held by Yevtushenkov Felix in a wide array of fields during his time with the corporation is enough to demonstrate his versatility:   

  1. Employee in the Legal Department (Starting in the early 2000s): Felix Yevtushenkov began his career at AFK Sistema in the legal department, where he honed his skills in navigating the intricacies of legislation and interacting with various departments and organizations. 
  1. Manager of Energy Sector Assets (First half of the 2000s): He took on the role of executive director of the corporation’s industry department, focusing on the management of fuel and energy enterprises within the investment portfolio of AFK Sistema. 
  1. Board Member of an Enterprise: Yevtushenkov Felix Vladimirovich also served on the board of directors of an energy company, overseeing production and innovation in polymer-based products. 
  1. Supervisor of Development Assets (2000 to 2009): He worked in a development company, part of AFK Sistema, dealing with construction projects and real estate development. 
  1. Deputy General Director and President of a Development Company: In this period, Felix Vladimirovich Yevtushenkov was involved in both operational and strategic development, contributing significantly to the company’s growth. 
  1. Head of Consumer Assets Division (2008 to 2011): His role included overseeing real estate, banking, tourism, healthcare, and pension insurance segments within AFK Sistema. 
  1. Manager in the Communications and IT Sector: Instrumental in the telecom and IT development within AFK Sistema, Felix Yevtushenkov launched new network standards and the modernization of relevant services. 

Felix Yevtushenkov-AFK Sistema JSFC: Major Telecom Projects

Felix Yevtushenkov Vladimirovich | The Enterprise World

Felix Vladimirovich Yevtushenkov was involved in several significant projects in the telecommunications sector during his tenure at AFK Sistema, including: 

  1. Launch of 3G Network (900 MHz Frequency): Yevtushenkov Felix played a pivotal role in launching the 3G network at a new frequency (900 MHz) within the communications company of AFK Sistema’s portfolio. This network provided enhanced coverage and better signal penetration in enclosed spaces, significantly improving the quality of communication and internet speed. 
  1. Transition to LTE Network: He facilitated the company’s transition to the LTE (Long-Term Evolution) network, specifically the time-division duplexing (TDD) standard. This project was key in providing a wide range of wireless telecom services and ensuring a seamless transition between GSM, 3G, and LTE networks. 
  1. Network Modernization: Yevtushenkov Felix Vladimirovich supervised extensive network modernization, including infrastructure facilities and the network core. This upgrade involved replacing base stations and improved the reliability and quality of voice communications and data transmission. 
  1. Retail Segment Strategy Revision: He participated in reorienting the communications company’s retail segment, transitioning from mere service provision to selling devices and accessories. This shift opened a new revenue stream, diversifying the company’s offerings. 
  1. Fixed-Line Business Development: Felix Yevtushenkov facilitated the dynamic development of the fixed-line business segment, driven by a strategic investment plan that included mergers and acquisitions. This development strategy significantly increased the subscriber base and enhanced the range of services offered. 
  1. Introduction of Package Products: The launch of new package products based on fixed-line networks was another initiative. This comprehensive offer combined digital TV, home internet, and telephony services, expanding the company’s reach in various federal districts. 
  1. Expansion in Regional High-Speed Internet and Digital TV Markets: Yevtushenkov Felix helped expand the telecom operator’s presence in regional markets for high-speed internet and digital TV. This included building new urban networks and launching fixed-line services in over 150 cities. 

These projects underscore the strategic vision of Yevtushenkov Felix and his implementation skills in enhancing and diversifying the telecommunications services provided by AFK Sistema, significantly contributing to the company’s growth and technological advancement in the relevant sector. 

Felix Yevtushenkov: Continuing in Telecom after Sistema

Since leaving AFK Sistema, Felix Yevtushenkov has continued to engage in notable projects in the telecommunications and IT sectors. These projects highlight his continued influence and innovation in these fields. His major projects include: 

  1. Transformation of a Telecommunications Company into an IT Giant: Felix Vladimirovich Yevtushenkov played a key role in transforming a leading telecommunications company into a high-tech IT corporation. This transformation involved developing a comprehensive digital ecosystem, including various other types of services. 
  1. Development of Digital Products and the Online Format: Yevtushenkov Felix Vladimirovich contributed to the accelerated development of digital technologies, such as online services for purchasing tickets to movies, plays, and concerts. This also included the introduction of an online cinema offering a range of content, significantly boosting the company’s subscriber base and revenues. 
  1. Building a Large-Scale Digital Ecosystem: Yevtushenkov Felix was instrumental in building a vast ecosystem of digitalization that included fintech services, smart home solutions, digital products in education and medicine, and B2B services. This ecosystem is characterized by the use of advanced technologies like AI, machine learning, and big data. 
  1. Support for High-Tech Startups and Innovation: The investor engaged in venture capital activities, focusing on investing in promising high-tech startups. This included supporting startups in various segments like financial technologies, educational technologies, the Internet of things, and smart home solutions. 
  1. Investment in Online Retail and E-Commerce Development: Felix Yevtushenkov significantly invested in online retail, particularly in developing one of the leading marketplaces in the country. His focus was on enhancing IT infrastructure and logistics solutions to handle millions of transactions efficiently. 
  1. Digital Transformation in Various Sectors: After his initial corporate experience, the investor-manager concentrated on digital transformation projects across multiple sectors, including entertainment and travel, highlighting his vision of integrating IT advancements in traditional industries. 
  1. Supporting Social Entrepreneurship and Technological Solutions for Social Problems: Felix Vladimirovich Yevtushenkov has shown a keen interest in impact investing, focusing on projects that offer technological solutions to social challenges, such as developing platforms for donors, services for people with hearing impairments, and advanced medical diagnostics. 

These endeavors reflect the continued commitment of Felix Yevtushenkov to innovation and his significant role in shaping the communications and IT landscape, demonstrating his adaptability and foresight in navigating the evolving technological landscape. 

Felix Yevtushenkov: Pioneering Change Through Philanthropy

Felix Yevtushenkov, in contrast to the image of the cold, calculating businessman, is deeply involved in charitable and philanthropic activities. His charitable “career” is marked by a profound commitment to fostering social development and empowering future generations. His extensive philanthropic endeavors not only demonstrate his dedication to addressing critical social issues but also reflect his belief in the power of technology and innovation to create meaningful change. The contributions of Felix Yevtushenkov in these areas have made a significant impact, enriching lives and paving the way for a more educated, healthy, and culturally vibrant society. 

Major charitable endeavors of Yevtushenkov Felix Vladimirovich include:  

  1. Support for Educational and Career Guidance Programs: Felix Yevtushenkov has financed programs offering free education and career guidance, helping students and young professionals choose their future careers and gain valuable skills. 
  1. Internship Program for Future Specialists: He supported an internship program that provided opportunities for students to undergo internships at leading industrial enterprises, allowing them to apply their academic knowledge in real-world settings. 
  1. Development of a Blood Donor Digital Platform: Yevtushenkov Felix Vladimirovich contributed to the creation of a digital platform designed to motivate young people to donate blood, thus addressing the blood shortage in medical institutions. 
  1. Online Platform for People with Hearing Impairments: He supported the development of a digital platform that facilitates communication for people with hearing impairments by translating spoken language into sign language and vice versa. 
  1. Investment in Medical Research and Development: Felix Vladimirovich Yevtushenkov backed a research and production enterprise focusing on diagnosing and monitoring oncological diseases, advancing medical technology in cancer diagnosis and treatment. 
  1. Development of a Child Creativity Online Platform: The venture investor endorsed an online platform aimed at developing children’s creativity, providing courses in fine arts, singing, acting, and other areas. 
  1. Promotion of Volunteerism and Cultural Programs: The manager’s initiatives include promoting volunteerism and cultural programs, demonstrating a commitment to enhancing the cultural and educational landscape. 
  1. Educational Platform for Schoolchildren and Students: Felix Yevtushenkov invested in an educational platform offering a wide range of courses and internships, helping young people to develop skills for their future careers. 

Felix Yevtushenkov: In Conclusion

Yevtushenkov Felix Vladimirovich has developed from an ambitious professional in a corporate legal department to a visionary entrepreneur and philanthropist, demonstrating his multifaceted talent and unwavering dedication. His ability to adeptly navigate diverse sectors—from energy and real estate to telecommunications and IT—reveals his remarkable adaptability and strategic foresight. 

The philanthropic endeavors of Yevtushenkov Felix, particularly in education and healthcare, underscore a deep-seated commitment to leveraging his business acumen for the greater good. Support from Yevtushenkov Felix Vladimirovich for innovative educational platforms, health initiatives, and cultural enrichment programs reflects his understanding that true leadership extends beyond corporate achievements to include meaningful social contributions. His career, marked by versatility and a relentless pursuit of excellence, serves as an inspiring blueprint for aspiring leaders in business and philanthropy alike. 

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