10 Harmful Tips: How to Find Investors for SaaS Startup Quickly?

How to Find Investors for Your SaaS Startup? 10 Harmful Tips | The Enterprise World

Are you tired of bootstrapping your SaaS startup? Do you want to raise millions of dollars from investors in no time? Do you have no clue how to pitch your product or service to potential backers? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then this article is for you!

In this article, we will share with you 10 harmful tips on how to find investors for your SaaS startup quickly. These tips are guaranteed to ruin your reputation, waste your time, and scare away any sane investor. Follow them at your own risk!


This article is intended for entertainment purposes only. Do not follow any of the advice given here, unless you want to sabotage your startup and your career. We are not responsible for any consequences that may arise from following these tips.

10 Harmful Tips on How to Find Investors for Your SaaS Startup Quickly:

1. Warm up your baritone:

Choose the loudest and most intense baritone for your first contact with an investor. Nothing will attract them more than to impress them with a strong tone!

2. Show a picture of your cat:

Instead of a presentation about your SaaS startup, send a picture of your four-legged friend. Investors love cats, and they will definitely decide to invest in your business!

3. Say “I need money” carefully:

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During the first meeting with the investor, be very careful to state that you just “need a little” money. Do not specify how much, just a little. This will definitely interest them!

4. Offer a vacation together:

If you want to surprise the investor, offer to take a vacation together in the Caribbean. Who can refuse such an offer? Moreover, you can make yourself seem even cooler by offering investors to pay for your vacation together.

5. Decorate your presentation with memes:

Instead of graphs and charts, put memes in your presentation. Smiles are guaranteed, but investment may not be.

6. Give away watermelons:

Give investors watermelons during the negotiations. The bigger the better. This will be a great way to demonstrate your willingness to cooperate and your kindness!

7. Invite the investor to a quest:

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Instead of a regular meeting, invite the investor to join you on a quest. Perhaps together you will find the answer to the questions that others could not solve! Who knows, maybe after that, investors will be so excited about your joint victory in the quest that they will want to invest in your startup without any doubts.

8. Bribe them with biscuits:

Not sure if your idea will interest the investor? Bribe them with biscuits. No investor can refuse a biscuit! And if you bake your own biscuits in the shape of the letters SaaS, it will certainly demonstrate your creativity.

9. Ask: “Can you take care of the financing?”:

During the negotiations, ask the investor if he can take care of the financial issues. He will definitely be confused by your self-confidence!

10. Start with a laugh:

Start your presentation with a joke. For example, you can tell a joke about investors. Who knows, investors might like it better than your idea!

We hope you enjoyed reading this article and learned what not to do when looking for investors for your SaaS startup. These 10 harmful tips are sure to make you the laughing stock of the startup world and the nightmare of any investor. Avoid them at all costs!

If you want to learn how to actually find investors for your SaaS startup, then you should read the article “How to raise seed funding for a startup” here. This article will teach you the best practices and strategies to pitch your product or service, build relationships with investors, and secure funding for your startup.

Thank you for reading this article and good luck with your SaaS startup!

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