Foot Massage Machine Buying Guide: A Compact Allrounder For Your Tootsies 

Foot Massage Machine Buying Guide: A Compact Allrounder | The Enterprise World

What could be better than a relaxing foot massage after a long work shift? Just imagine yourself enjoying an ultimate relaxation experience: your overworked tootsies are being kneaded, while you are warming your soul with a mug of hot chocolate or playing entertaining games or Limewin Canada on your smartphone. A huge benefit of an electrical foot massage machine is that you don’t need to rubdown your feet: the machine will do your self-care routine for you! A good foot massage not only relieves stress, but treats such health conditions as tendinitis, neuropathy, and plantar fasciitis. However, with so many devices available, it is not easy to choose one. 

When To Buy A Foot Massage Machine?

Before looking at the major considerations to bear in mind when buying a foot massage machine, let’s find out when to buy it. 

Foot Massage Machine Buying Guide: A Compact Allrounder | The Enterprise World

We have listed the cases in which this device can be quite useful:

  1. Your feet get very tired at the end of the day. 
  2. You are pregnant or have recently given birth. 
  3. Massage is simply necessary for elderly people.
  4. You have to spend a lot of time on your feet: standing or walking.
  5. You wear mostly heeled shoes.
  6. You have early-stage varicose veins.
  7. The blood circulation in your lower extremities is impaired.
  8. You sometimes feel tingling in your legs, “goosebumps”. 
  9. Your feet sometimes ache, especially after intense exertion.

Regular use of a foot massage machine improves blood circulation in the affected area, which means that the blood supply to the tissues also gets better. Normal blood circulation provides excellent tissue regeneration and improves the metabolic processes in your body. Moreover, there are important active points on our feet and toes, which are responsible for the work of the overall body. So good foot massage can help to improve your overall health.

Some types of massagers allow you to affect your joints, so their functioning will also improve.

How To Choose A Right Foot Massager? 

Foot Massage Machine Buying Guide: A Compact Allrounder | The Enterprise World

The choice of the perfect device for your feet depends on your wishes, expectations, and requirements. However, there are some basic important points that you always should pay attention to when choosing a foot massage machine. Let’s dwell on each in more detail.

Principle of action

Depending on the principle of action, there are several types of massagers:

  1. Pneumatic foot massage machines. Their action is based on the force of compression. As a rule, such a device is a kind of sock with several air cushions. When such pillows are filled with air, the feet and other parts of the leg are compressed, and active processes are triggered. The effectiveness of the procedure and its focus will depend on the number of pillows. So, most models have only 5-6 pillows. But if you want to work not only the feet but also the calf area, then choose a device with 10-12 cushions.
  2. A foot massager with vibration is a platform with many parts. When this platform is activated, the parts begin to vibrate, affecting the feet. The quality of the procedure will depend on the number and configuration of the attachments. For example, they can be rollers, “fingers”, cones, or something else. In some devices, the attachments can be changed depending on the desired impact.
  3. Foot bath-massager hybrids. When the device is turned on, the water jets under a certain pressure rush directly on the legs and has a direct positive effect on them. Such manipulations improve blood circulation and soften rough skin on the feet and calluses. Water relaxes and nourishes the tissues. In some models, along with the jet effect, there are also massage elements.
  4. Myostimulators with the help of microcurrents affect the muscles and make them involuntarily contract. These models are mostly used by athletes to work the calf muscles, although it is possible to work the ligaments of the foot.

Some foot massagers also combine several principles of action and can be used for different purposes.

Modes Available

Foot Massage Machine Buying Guide: A Compact Allrounder | The Enterprise World

While some people prefer a significant and active vibration, others want to feel only a light, barely noticeable vibration. It is best to choose a model with several modes and speeds. The same applies to foot bath-massagers, in which you can adjust the pressure of jets and water temperature. 


The price of the massager can vary from 50-80 dollars to 300 dollars and more. It all depends on the functionality of the device, its characteristics, and the manufacturer. Some famous brands unnecessarily inflate the prices of the devices. Why overpay for a brand? It is best to buy a device fairly well-known and well-proven firm with a good reputation, but not too “hyped”.

But too cheap models, as practice shows, are unreliable and quickly fail. So consider options in the middle price category.


Do not choose massive devices if you live in a small apartment. You can take a compact foot massage machine with you on vacation.

Buy a device that will meet all your requirements, benefit from its use, and just enjoy a top-notch relaxing foot massage! 

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