Formentera: Best ways to explore the tranquil side of the Balearic Islands

Formentera: Best ways to explore the tranquil side of the Balearic Islands | The Enterprise World

If one could label Balearics and their personalities the way we do humans, calling Formentera of Spain an introvert wouldn’t be an exaggeration. With the island’s relatively quiet characteristics and the lack of crowd presence, one cannot help but think it would rank high on the list of dream islands for introverts.

For those social butterflies out there, the island also borrows a more extroverted-leaning personality from its cousin islands like Ibiza. To witness that side, plan your trip in the peak times of July and August. But we should warn you: Formentera is so crowded during this time that you will probably have to make an advance hotel check-in.

Despite being the smallest Balearic Island, Formentera is still one of the most beautiful places you can visit on Spanish soil. If you are planning a Formentera trip, keep reading to learn more things about the island that will make your visit worthwhile.

How to reach Formentera?

Formentera: Best ways to explore the tranquil side of the Balearic Islands | The Enterprise World

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The lack of an airport means you need to take a boat from Ibiza to reach the island. However, things have recently improved. These days you can also get there through regular passenger service from the Spanish mainland. In addition, there are also ferries and airport transfers available from Ibiza.

In the peak season at Formentera, you can get ferries almost every half an hour that operate within their own terminal in Ibiza port, and the complete journey takes around half an hour.

Things to do in Formentera

1. Visit Ses Illetes

Located within Ses Salines de Elvissa and Formentera Natural Park, the beach spreads across the northern Formentera. It got its name from the numerous islets. The names of these islets residing on its coast side are Illa de Tramuntana, Illa des Forn, Escull des Pou, Illa Redona, and Escull d’en Palla.

Ses Illetes is one of the most pleasant beaches on the Formentera coastline. The beach is perfect for a relaxing time with its shades of turquoise waters and sandy themes. Moreover, an extended part of the beach allows you to enjoy the beach from the sand without overcrowding it.

2. Torre de sa Punta Prima

Among many historical watch towers of Formentera, The Punta Prima Tower is the largest and oversees the island’s eastern side. From the tower, one can learn a lot about the history of the Balearic Islands and its defense system while simultaneously enjoying the mesmerizing views of Formentera. 

In total, there are four towers on the island. However, Torre de Punta Prima and Torre de la Gavina are among the most popular among tourists and locals alike.

3. Sant Francesc Xavier Village

The oldest and the largest town of Formentera, the Sant Francesc Xavier village represents many cultural landmarks of Formentera, telling a tale of history. It is also the capital and largest settlement of Formentera. 

As you navigate through the village streets, one landmark that particularly stands out is the Sant Francesc Xavier church which has now become a popular tourist attraction.

Did you know? The church was initially built to defend against pirate invaders.

4. Ses Salines Natural Park

Separated by the sea, the Ses Salines Park resides between southern Ibiza and northern Formentera. The park represents the Mediterranean biodiversity perfectly and is a nesting hub for migrating birds, including species like flamingos, the white jar, the blacked-legged plover, and Balearic shearwater. The park is also home to animal species such as the pityusic lizard. 

5. Biking

You can take a different route to explore Formentera by renting a mountain bike or an e-bike. The good news is that the rentals are relatively easy to find across the island, with prices that start at €10 a day.

6. Street Markets: Mercat de La Mola

From May to October, every Sunday and Wednesday, all the artists and designers gather at Mercat de La Mola to showcase their creations, accessories, jewelry, wooden pieces, and more. The market aptly represents the hippie culture, especially the era from the 60s and 70s. It’s a place you must visit if you want to buy some art pieces.

7. Visit Hidden Beaches

You heard that right. Formentera does have some unexplored beaches. One of those beaches is Ses Platgetes, and you can easily reach there from Es Caló. Matching the personality of most of the Formentera, the beach is also quiet. The next beach is Calos Des Mort, where you will find other mini beaches under La Mola promontory. You can reach there via small roads from Playa Ses Arenals.

8. Go Wine Tasting

Positioned close to the lighthouse, Winery Terramoll offers evening tours and tastings between May and October. 

9. Foods Guide to Follow

Formentera has a wide range of dishes that you can choose from. Let’s split our recommended dishes into three parts for your convenience.


1. Allioli

Allioli is a combination made from crushed garlic and pestle. Then with a whisk, oil and salt are slowly added to enhance the combo further. Allioli is generally enjoyed spread over a bread called pa pages. Some also pair it with a bowl of olives.

2. Ensalada payesa

Formentera: Best ways to explore the tranquil side of the Balearic Islands | The Enterprise World

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You will find Ensalada payesa in most traditional restaurants. This is a salad made with red and green peppers, tomatoes, onion, boiled potatoes, boiled eggs, and olives, and then topped with bread crusts dried in cod oil.

3. Tortilla de patata

Available throughout the year, Tortilla de Patata is a simple Spanish omlette prepared with homegrown potatoes and onions, and red and green peppers.

Main Course:

1. Paella 

Did you really visit an island if you did not have seafood? As you enjoy the stunning beaches of Formentera, a perfectly cooked, crunchy, and caramelized paella is all you need to enhance your experience further.

2. Fideuà

Fideuà is a dish with ingredients similar to Paella. The difference is that Paella usually gets paired with rice and Fideuà with vermicelli pasta.

3. Bullit de Peix

The name of this dish translates to “Boiled fish.” It is one of the local fisherman’s traditional dishes where the main ingredient is the fish caught from shallow waters. Locals generally pair Bullit de Peix with potatoes, banda rice, and alioli sauce.


1. Flaó

Flaó is a dessert that traces back to the 13th century. Have a sweet tooth? You must try this sweet pie made with goat cheese and aniseed.

2. Greixonera

Generally savored during breakfast hours, Greixonera is more of a creamy and caramelized bread pudding made with a leftover local pastry called ensaimadas.

Bonus Dishes:

1. Sobrasada

Served as is or spread on bread (that rhymed), Sobrasada is a cured sausage made with pork or paprika. In addition, it is also sometimes used in other dishes as an ingredient.

2. Arròs de la Terra

Rice lovers would surely enjoy this delicious dish cooked using mushrooms, peppers, and tomatoes.

3. Hierbas Ibicencas

Although not a dish, Hierbas Ibicencas is a traditional liquor typically served as a digestif. Various herbs are combined to prepare this perfect after-meal drink.

Formentera Nightlife

Formentera: Best ways to explore the tranquil side of the Balearic Islands | The Enterprise World

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For those night owls looking to explore the nightlife, El Pujols is one of the trendiest places you could visit on the island. In addition to being a tourist hub, El Pujols is also a nightlife hub with numerous clubs to choose from. You can have fun at the parties from night till early morning as the skillful DJs create lively vibes.

A Peaceful Getaway

Formentera is an island of many talents. Without being the most popular, it has unique perks that make it stand out from other islands. Foodies can taste the same delicious dishes from islands like Ibiza but in a more peaceful environment. History buffs can get a closer look at the Spanish culture by visiting some of the places mentioned above. And for everyone else, the island is a perfect getaway destination for anyone looking to step back from the everyday chaos. 

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