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Futurism Technologies - Transforming Digitally | Sheetal Pansare | The Enterprise World

Digital marketing solutions are like gold dust, especially since the pandemic. During the pandemic, companies saw what it means to have a solid online presence, and what it means to their business and its growth.

Thus, came a sudden shift of digital transformation, where every organization is pushing toward going digital. The process however easy it might seem involves complex and trivial details that are best handled by industry professionals. But whom do you put your trust in, share your valuable data, and put your faith in when it comes to the best-of-breed digital transformation services?

Transforming Digital World – Futurism Technologies

“We are a dynamic and young crew on a mission to deliver digital delight!” 

Futurism is a trusted Digital Transformation (DX) advisor and consulting partner founded in 2003, helping businesses to unlock the true value of digital for the last 18+ years. One of the fastest-growing global digital transformation companies with offices across continents including North America, Europe & UK, the Gulf, Asia, and Australia.

Futurism Technologies delivers 360-degree Digital Transformation for enterprises of various sizes. They have been helping enterprises leverage advanced technologies with tested DX solutions. They help businesses leverage the true potential of digital by helping their clients leverage the most out of AI and Big Data, Machine Learning, Cybersecurity, IoT, Blockchain, Mobility, Product Engineering, Cloud, and more. 

1. Initial challenges faced by the Futurism team?

Every day is a challenge at Futurism. Challenges are a part of the growing ecosystem at Futurism. However, initial challenges included finding and structuring the right set of brains/people to help businesses achieve their digital dreams. 

Navigating through the rapidly changing business environment calls for novel thinking and agility, and they’ve been consistently achieving this for their clients for the last two decades. 

“Where others see challenges, we see opportunities!” Every new challenge brings a new opportunity and Futurism and its team’s innate expertise lies in helping businesses realize that digital transformation is not a challenge, but rather an opportunity to keep up with the evolving marketplace. 

Futurism and its team believe in making digital transformation a plug-and-play concept for all their clients. They treat every client with utmost care and iteratively offer customized DX solutions that pave way for a self-funding digital transformation journey with improved ROI and efficiency!

2. Factors that triggered the growth of Futurism Technologies

“We believe in creating a relationship that goes beyond SLAs!” – Team of Futurism Technologies

We live in an unprecedented era. Futurism and its team put their heart into everything they do keeping customers at the core of everything that they develop or innovate at Futurism. The team brings in a high level of Emotional Intelligence a.ka. Emotional Quotient to drive their digital project delivery to ensure maximum digital transformation engagement and adoption across the value chain. 

Their ethos manifests through transparency, trust, a value-based relationship approach, and customer-centricity fueled by their philosophy of ‘Customers First’, which ensures unrelenting pursuit of their customers’ best interests.

Here are some of the reasons that establish their immense reputation and dominant position in the market as one of the most trusted digital marketing services providers:

  • 18+ years of digital expertise 
  • Global presence 
  • 550+ best-of-breed DX ninjas including (digital marketers, data scientists, DX consultants, security & risk advisors, technologists/SMEs, PMOs, compliance specialists, product engineers, and more) 
  • 4+ certifications 
  • 5000+ businesses transformed globally

3. What establishes Futurism’s long-standing success?

Futurism Technologies is not just another IT services company. The team takes great pride in their ability to partner with their clients to provide a meaning and guidance to their digital journey. 

Whether your journey is a digital revolution or evolution, their affordable and customized digital services make them stand out. They focus on quick wins that generate business value paving way for a self-funding digital transformation experience that delivers faster ROI and long-term success. Their custom DX offerings are aimed to help you put your customers at the heart of all you do. 

Efficiency, personalization, and security sit at the core of everything at Futurism. The team walks hand-in-hand with their customers throughout their digital transformation journey. Their technology and DX experts regularly update clients with evolving technologies, advise them about the best industry practices and implement the most apt technology specific to their needs. Simply put, customer handholding is their key strength!

4. Service Arsenal of Futurism Technologies!

Futurism Technologies offers a fleet of industry-leading and cutting-edge services that are comprehensive, flexible, and provide maximum ROI. Their services are the result of their teams’ diverse experience and 18+ years of implementation expertise, making sure you get the best.

The team of Futurism Technologies is hell-bent on a mission to create a coming-of-age machine called Futurism that will feed the future.

They provide DX services across the entire value chain including digital experience, product engineering, digital infrastructure, business processes, digital customer engagement, and cybersecurity. They have successfully helped hundreds of organizations spanning across retail, manufacturing, healthcare, BFSI, and various other verticals live the digital dream. 

They have been helping enterprises with advanced business intelligence services such as AI-driven digital marketing, Machine Learning, IoT, Big Data, Data Science, and Blockchain. Their cognitive services are designed to give your enterprise the ‘brAIn’ it needs. These cognitive offerings are aimed at helping organizations understand and unlock business intelligence helping them stay ahead of the curve.

5. Services offered by Futurism Technologies:

6. Futurism Technologies’ flagship solutions:

  • Diginyze (Digital eCommerce Platform with Built-In Marketing Capabilities)
  • Futurism IoT Platform (Platform-as-a-Service)
  • BOT-AMI (AI-powered Virtual Assistant/Chatbot)
  • Futurism Eagle Eye (Advanced Threat Detection – SIEM powered by IBM QRadar, IBM Watson AI & IBM X-Force)
  • Futurism EndPoint Secure (Managed Endpoint Security Service powered by IBM MaaS360)
  • Futurism Secure-Access (Managed IAM Service powered by IBM Verify Access)
  • Futurism Data-Protect (Managed Data Protection Service powered by IBM Guardium)
  • Futurism Managed Security Acceleration Services (Zero Trust Security)
  • Futurism SOC IoMT Service (Managed IoMT Security Service)  

7. Pillar establishing Futurism Technologies

Futurism Technologies not only houses one of the best DX teams, but also boasts of competent management, which allows the team to explore different possibilities, foster innovation, and create a great work culture. All this enables Futurism and its team to create and deliver exemplary digital services that are top-notch and tailor-made to suit specific business/industry needs. 

This wouldn’t be possible without a strong, supportive, and nurturing leadership that allows them to expand and grow in different directions, collaborate and make Futurism one of the best digital marketing solution providers.

Sheetal Pansare is the President & CEO of Futurism Technologies.

Sheetal founded Futurism Technologies with the vision to deliver cost-effective, quality and end-to-end Digital Transformation Solutions and Services for businesses of all sizes across the world. 

“An entrepreneur’s responsibility is to build a better and connected world for the next generation. Creating a legacy and delivering digital delight. An entrepreneur in today’s digital-first economy world should be contributing to the next-gen revolution and help build a secure and connected ecosystem for all. Gifting a smarter and connected platform for generations to come”, Sheetal adds.

Team of Futurism Technologies 

As we know technology keeps changing, and the team of Futurism is focused on keeping up with evolving technologies. They strive to work with innovative tech for the betterment of businesses and lives.

People are Futurism’s biggest asset. “To build great things, you need great people and great minds and great planning. And, we are all about people, process, and technology”, Sheetal adds.

8. How does Futurism Technologies enable its clients to grow and evolve?

267%208.78%  1,256.70%

A leading and trusted manufacturer of video, voice, and data communication products for commercial, government, and military applications in the USA and worldwide. The company manufactures fiber optic network switches, fiber optic media converters, CCTV fiber optic video kits, high definition transmitters and more.

9. The Challenge

Before partnering with Futurism, the manufacturer was enduring from:

  • A penalized website
  • Lack of strong online presence (branding)
  • Difficulties with online sales/lead generation
  • Problems driving website traffic

Seeking to boost their online presence, reinstate their penalized website and ramp up their lead generation efforts, the company turned to Futurism’s Digital Marketing services. 

10. The Futurism Edge

The Solution

  • We created a comprehensive online marketing and branding plan for the client. To start with, we analyzed their product line, market trends, product demands and competitors to create a data-driven content and web marketing strategy and buyer personas. 
  • On-page SEO strategy. Performed a comprehensive site diagnostic to determine recommended actions for brand positioning and content creation. Targeting the right audience with the right content enabled the manufacturing company to get the desired ROI.
  • We developed a content calendar using tested SEO and content marketing framework to identify top-performing keywords/topics.
  • We audited web backlinks and generated high quality and relevant backlinks. Deployed link-building strategy.
  • Redesigned their website to drive user experience and lead quality.
  • Developed user-friendly, data-driven and highly relevant content pieces in the form of blogs, guest blogs, whitepapers, and more.
  • Identified products that performed the best and reoriented the company’s ad budget to focus on analytics-driven PPC campaigns including display ads, text ads, shopping ads, etc. to drive conversions.
  • Besides reinstating their online presence, we also helped the manufacturer improve its blog traffic to drive conversions. 

“Futurism helped us rethink our digital marketing strategy and understand our customers, their needs and the best ways to serve them.”

We decided to channel our focus on quick wins that helped us to generate business value for the client while fortifying their online presence and generating a recurring revenue stream and amplify growth through our performance-focused and best-of-breed digital marketing and branding solutions.

Business Impact

120%72% 35%

“We’re realizing the ROI that Futurism said they could deliver. Futurism has been the most transparent digital marketing company. They have a competent team of digital marketing ninjas including designers, developers, consultants and marketers that worked quickly and diligently on our marketing and branding needs. From website redesign to lead generation, we have had a wonderful experience working with Futurism.”  

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