How to meet Gen Z requirements at the workplace ?

How to meet Gen Z requirements at the workplace ? | 5 Best ways| The Enterprise World

Compared to previous generations, Gen Z is believed to require too many things from an employer, including the opportunity for work-life balance, fair pay and value alignment. These are also the people who would look for another company if these needs weren’t provided, which challenges the usual employer. However, Gen Z is making this movement the norm, which is a considerable change knowing how jobs induce stress and depression. 

Gen Z has other values they want to find in a company that aligns with their beliefs, behavior and personality, which is something employers should appreciate more. That’s because building teams with the same values and aspirations are more productive and creative.  

If you own a company and want to become closer to Gen Z, this article briefly touches on how to meet this generation’s requirements and provide a better work-life balance. 

Here Are The Ways How to meet Gen Z requirements at the workplace ?;

1. Keep it short and sweet

Compared to Millennials, Gen Z doesn’t have the patience for slow processes, academic emails and rigidity. They know how to type faster, switch tabs more efficiently and do their job at a higher speed, which means you need to analyse your company from this perspective and make sure you’re not using slow and outdated guidelines on task-performing. 

How to meet Gen Z requirements at the workplace ? | 5 Best ways| The Enterprise World

What this generation can bring into a business is the rapidity of movement and cuts where needed. For example, in some companies, there are strict protocols for performing a certain task or participating in a meeting that takes too much time, which can drastically be minimised if the company culture is more laid-back. 

2. Provide proper technology tools 

You already know that Gen Z has had early internet access. Even if this is seen as a problem, they understand better why it’s more productive to work from a better laptop or use a professional software solution. This is a vital requirement they have because outdated programs and hardware can only make it more challenging to get the job done. 

Hiring Gen Z and engaging with their needs is actually an opportunity for employers to change the way they perceive technology and invest more in proper solutions that can help them get the job done in a matter of minutes. Segmentation services provided by a specialised business would help you understand this dynamic better and better connect with candidates.

Another essential matter is that Gen Z are more concerned about privacy, which means they’re more cautious of their data and also of the company. That said, Gen Z knows what would be the consequence of clicking on suspect pop-up links or entering certain websites.

3. Allow flexibility in the office 

Although not all companies can do this, office jobs can be performed more efficiently through a flexible program. This can help them achieve work-life balance since they will work whenever needed without constant pressure and live their lives at the same time. Flexibility also refers to more liberty when it comes to dressing code (since Gen Z love to express themselves through fashion), allowing for more part-time opportunities and letting them work from wherever city or state, as long as they can provide the same productivity rates. 

How to meet Gen Z requirements at the workplace ? | 5 Best ways| The Enterprise World

The secret here is to offer enough opportunities for them to take charge of their own job performance, which results will surprise you. During the pandemic, workers have been overwhelmed by an increasing amount of workload (due to the mistaken opinion of employers that working from home allows for more time to complete tasks), and it seems like the majority of them maintained their productivity rates or even improved them, regardless of the increasing stress levels. This not only shows us the opportunity for workers to achieve more in less time but also shows why flexibility has the potential for an increased work rate. 

4. Create company culture 

For Gen Z, company culture is one of the factors that weigh the most. That’s because regardless of it fostering teamwork, community and inclusivity, it also brings people together and allows for more time spent together having fun, which is essential for Gen Z. 

Another important aspect that this generation appreciates is being recognised for their achievements. When having considerable results, you should try making them feel appreciated by:

  • Announcing and celebrating their birthdays;
  • Giving them a shout-out from time to time;
  • Congratulating them and the whole team when successfully completing a project;

These are only basic tips you should adapt to your company culture. If you wish, ask your Gen Z team about what would make them more enthusiastic about their job and try to provide them with what you can. Here, transparency is key, and if you are able to communicate your expectations appropriately, your Gen Z employees will be the most productive. 

5. Prioritize mental health and other benefits

Besides wanting a balanced work-life, Gen Z also prioritises mental health and good general health more than previous generations. That’s one of the best things about this generation ―prioritising their health and wanting to enjoy their life while working at a job, not the contrary.

How to meet Gen Z requirements at the workplace ? | 5 Best ways| The Enterprise World

Therefore, your employees would considerably appreciate it if you valued these aspects too and offered:

  • Discounts for going to the gym;
  • Book, cinema and cultural events discounts;
  • Opportunities to get mental health services at a discount;

This action will also ensure you won’t lose your valuable employees. These days, having mental health issues, health problems and finding no joy in life can tremendously affect one’s life. If you want your workers to be well and focus their energy on work rather than on solvable problems, it would be best to consider these issues part of something you can contribute for a better chance. 

Wrapping up

Although some managers consider Gen Z as wanting to climb the corporate ladder rapidly, the truth is that this generation values life the most and wants to make it as enjoyable and healthy as possible while contributing to society by working. Therefore, employers must turn their attention to Gen Z’s needs more and provide better work environments and growth opportunities. 

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