Google unveils the most awaited Pixel Fold

Google unveils the most awaited Pixel Fold| The Enterprise World

Google has officially acknowledged the existence of the Pixel Fold after months of rumors and leaks. In a video shared on Twitter and YouTube, it debuted the foldable in an official role for the first time. The Pixel Fold was supposed to be unveiled by the company at Google I/O the following week. However, Google unveils the most awaited Pixel Fold has frequently over the past few years provided a sneak preview of an upcoming device prior to a more grandiose launch event.

Google unveils the most awaited Pixel Fold

The Anticipated Specifications

According to numerous rumors, similar to Samsung’s Galaxy Fold devices, Google’s first foldable phone includes a vertical hinge that expands to show a tablet-like display. You may operate a smaller touchscreen that is on one side of the exterior of the Pixel Fold while it is closed. On the back, there is a camera array.

According to reports, the Pixel Fold might go on sale as early as next month for a starting price of $1,700 (the video and a Google Store website only say that it’s “coming soon”). It is rumored to be powered by Google’s Tensor G2 chipset, which is also used in Pixel 7 smartphones. According to reports, the internal display is 7.6 inches and the external screen is 5.8 inches. According to rumors, the Pixel Fold’s battery life can last up to 24 hours with normal use and up to 72 hours with Extreme Battery Saver mode turned on.

The Pricing Details

Although you can pre-order, Google didn’t mention the price in its tweet. The price of the Google unveils the most awaited Pixel Fold is anticipated to be comparable to Samsung’s products. According to rumours, the 256GB and 512GB variants will cost $1,800 and $1,920, respectively. Although Google has not yet made it clear through the online store, pre-ordering now might also entitle you to some freebies.

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