Grahame Aston- A Pioneer of Effective Plastic Injection Molding in Medical Device Manufacturing

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The healthcare industry is advancing at a rapid rate. Given the COVID landscape, every branch of the industry has had a boost. In times like these, visionary leaders of the industry have come forward to reshape the industry to become more efficient, patient-centric, and sustainable. Their dedication and commitment to innovation and a deep understanding of the various complex challenges of the healthcare industry has proved to a catalyst in propelling the sector in a new era of excellence. 

Healthcare leaders are experts in making healthcare work better. They use new technologies and smarter ways of doing things to improve how patients get care. For example, they’ve introduced electronic health records (EHRs), which are like digital patient files, making it easier to keep track of your health history. They also use telemedicine, where doctors can talk to patients over video, and artificial intelligence to help with tasks like scheduling and organizing resources. This helps reduce mistakes, save time, and use resources wisely.

These leaders are all about putting patients first. They want your healthcare to focus on you, your needs, and what you prefer. They create a friendly and caring environment where you feel comfortable and heard. They do this by using personalized care plans and finding better ways to involve you in your healthcare decisions.

In the end, these healthcare leaders are not only making healthcare more efficient but also more patient-friendly and tailored to your unique needs. They are helping to create a healthcare system that works better for everyone.

Featuring for The Enterprise World’s this issue of Most Influential Business Leaders in Healthcare 2023 is the story of Grahame Aston, a pioneer in effective plastic injection molding. 

Leading the Way

Grahame Aston- Managing Director

“My focus is over several areas, a focus on quality, a focus on people”, says Grahame Aston, leading PPC Moulding Services to its ascent. 

Grahame Aston’s first step in the industry was when he began his apprenticeship as a Fitter/Machinist/Toolmaker. 

Mr. Grahame Aston’s visit to a toolroom was no ordinary visit; it marked the beginning of a remarkable journey in the manufacturing and healthcare industry. What he witnessed that day sparked a vision that eventually led to the creation of PPC Molding Services.

In the early days, the company set out on a mission to harness the potential of precision engineering and molding technology to transform the healthcare industry. They understood that turning raw materials like steel into intricate, life-saving medical devices required more than just machines; it needed innovation, expertise, and an unwavering commitment to excellence.

As the company evolved, PPC Molding Services refined its skills and expanded its capabilities. They embraced the challenges of healthcare, tackling projects that ranged from crafting complex components for medical devices to creating top-quality molds. With each project, they pushed the boundaries of what was achievable, integrating cutting-edge technology and advanced manufacturing methods.

But PPC Molding Services’ journey wasn’t just about technology; it was about people. They assembled a team of skilled engineers, designers, and experts who shared Mr. Aston’s passion for turning raw materials into masterpieces. These individuals became the driving force behind the company’s success, working closely with healthcare professionals to develop solutions that enhanced patient care and outcomes.

Over the years, PPC Molding Services earned a reputation for precision, reliability, and innovation within the healthcare sector. They navigated complex regulations, adapted to shifting market dynamics, and consistently delivered products that met the highest standards of quality and safety.

Today, as the Managing Director of PPC Molding Services, Mr. Grahame Aston reflects on that transformative visit to a toolroom with a deep sense of pride. The journey that commenced with awe-inspiring machinery has evolved into a legacy of excellence in healthcare manufacturing. The company’s commitment to transforming raw materials into works of art continues to drive innovation in the industry, shaping the future of healthcare, one precisely crafted component at a time.

“As the Managing Director, I am responsible for the lively hood of over 300 staff in Australia and over 500 in Malaysia.”

The Company

The business, originally Moulding Services (Plastics) Pty Ltd has been manufacturing plastic components for over 30 years. In 2007 the previous owner retired and the company became PPC Moulding Services Pty Ltd. 

“From that day, I had a vision that was to grow the business into a strong manufacturer of quality moulded parts and assemblies to our valued customers.”, says Mr. Grahame Aston. 

The dynamic new management, technical and engineering team has brought a new dimension of experience, enthusiasm and investment to the company. 

“The challenge was set but there was much to do with a large number of back orders to work through, which I am proud to say we did in quick time. We quickly grew from a business of 14 machines and 18 people to 30 machines and 100 people, operating 24hrs a day.”

The company has focused its attention on the medical and related industries and is able to offer leading edge tool design and manufacturing combined with in depth materials technology and customer applications engineering. 

The company has significantly expanded its production capacity installing new state of the art injection moulding machines coupled to five axis robots to ensure our customers receive the highest quality components at competitive prices. 

“Our objective is to be the most efficient plastic injection moulder in Australasia.”

Challenges to Success & the Role of Industry 4.0

At the time of the acquisition of the business, there were many industries already looking and working with overseas companies like PPC. It did take some time but Mr. Grahame Aston and his team were able to break down barriers in their way, like that of-


Lead time &


Overcoming these barriers helped the company to forge their position in the market. 

“Being in the medical device space, we did get hit with a downturn but fortunately we were able to adjust and work through this challenging time without too much trouble, we were luckier than most.”, Mr. Grahame Aston further adds. 

“Industry 4.0 plays a huge role in our business.”

The automation that the team has implemented is incredible, it is sight to see. The team at PPC embraces new technologies with open arms and minds. In fact, this year the team took delivery of the only Silicone 3D printing using injection mouldable grade material. 

Range of Services of PPC Moulding

PPCMS currently operates moulding and assembly over 7 days per week producing precision plastic injection moulded components and assemblies to our customers.

We are committed by way of investment in personnel, equipment and new technologies, establishing strong synergies with our customers.

PPCMS provides the latest technologies in the following disciplines:

  • Plastics injection moulding
  • Liquid silicone injection moulding
  • Leading edge tool design and manufacturing
  • In-depth materials understanding
  • Customer application engineering to bring your part requirements from concept to production
  • Custom moulding from 5gms to 5kg shot weight using moulding machines ranging from 25 to 650 tonnes
  • 50 x Moulding Machines
  • Electromechanical assembly – manual and robotic
  • Laser marking and pad printing
  • Ultrasonic welding
  • Electrical and pneumatic testing of assemblies
  • ISO9001 and ISO13485 accreditation

Equipment and facilities

Products are manufactured to specifications in controlled state-of-the-art conditions.

The company’s equipment and facilities also enable rapid production of precision, high quality, dimensionally stable, complex shapes and associated secondary processes.

PPCMS is capable of assisting you with projects from concept through to design manufacture and product implementation. 

“We’ve focused on things that aren’t easy to do – things that not everybody out there does – and we’ve been able to exceed the expectations of those challenges”

Grahame Aston’s Advice to the Young Entrepreneurs

“Never be afraid of asking those hard questions, believe in not only yourself but also your business. Its many drops that make a mighty ocean!

Growth is quite challenging, never look to do things beyond your means. Work out a business plan, put in place structure and surround yourself with strong, confident people that believe in your plan.

And lastly, reach for the stars, you can achieve your goal if you set your heart and sole into it. Again I left when I was only 15years old, never went to University and toay I run a global business with over 800 staff. ”

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