A Comprehensive Guide to Online Casino Licenses

A Comprehensive Guide to Online Casino Licenses | The Enterprise World

When an operator wants to start a legal online casino or sportsbook, a Online Casino Licenses is essential. These allow all websites to operate with limitations under a regulatory body. Some regulations may put a burden on an operator, but it is the legal and right way of opening an online platform. Each jurisdiction has its own regulatory body, which is given to an online operator. This is the same as land-based venues. They will require a license to operate in whichever region they are based. Without a license, there is no legal business allowed from that casino.

For a provider to offer players games, such as slots, live dealer games, etc., a license is required. It is not always straightforward to get a license from the regulatory body. These Online Casino Licenses cost money, and the site will have to follow strict rules set by the regulatory body. Different jurisdictions offer Online Casino Licenses to platforms. For example, the Government of Curacao is known to be one of the easiest licenses to acquire. But if you would like to operate your venue in the UK, the UK Gambling Commission is one of the most strict regulatory bodies in the industry.

Types of Online Casino Licenses

Whatever platform you use, make sure it has the proper license. Here’s a list of Online Casino Licenses that are available and their distinct features. With countless options on offer, always take the time to ensure your preferred site is properly licensed.

1. Gibraltar

Due to the low tax cost of this license, Gibraltar is a popular choice amongst online casinos. They offer low taxes, which are 1%, and it is capped at $425,000. To gain this license, operators need to have a business plan and do all their business through a bank in Gibraltar. It also chooses to only give its license to blue chip companies with a good track record.

A Comprehensive Guide to Online Casino Licenses | The Enterprise World

2. Malta Gaming Authority

Malta has been the number one iGaming hub of Europe and is a top-class license that allows casinos access to the European market. Through this jurisdiction, there are four Online Casino Licenses available. It can take four weeks before an application is considered. To gain this license, you need a business plan, a financial reserve check, and a systematic review. As this license gives access to the European market, every gambling platform wants to hold it.

3. UK Gambling Commission

A Comprehensive Guide to Online Casino Licenses | The Enterprise World

Through the UKGC license, online casinos can operate in the United Kingdom. Through this license, operators require different Online Casino Licenses for each iGaming aspect. So there is one license for sports betting and another one required to play virtual events. This license brings with it respect and a very long waiting time.

4. Curacao

If you are looking for a low-cost license, this is the one to choose. With the other Online Casino Licenses, the cost can run up to $5,000 annually. The Curacao license has a $2,000 one-off fee plus two smaller fees. There is also a 0% corporate income tax with a 2% net gains tax. The other advantage is it only takes 6 weeks to acquire a license from Curacao.

A Comprehensive Guide to Online Casino Licenses | The Enterprise World

Major International Casinos and Their Licenses

To enjoy the best online gambling experience you possibly can online, you need to make sure there is a license in place. It is one of the most important factors when you are searching for a trustworthy online casino. So we have created a list of venues below with the Online Casino Licenses they hold:

  1. Parimatch holds a Curacao Gambling License.
  2. William Hill holds a UK Gambling Commission and Gibraltar Regulatory Authority license.
  3. Betsafe holds a Malta Gaming Authority license and a Swedish Gambling Authority license.
  4. Dunder holds a UK, Malta, and Curacao license
  5. 888 casino has a Gibraltar, Malta, and Authority Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario license.

The license the platform holds can tell you a lot about the operator. Knowing that the chosen gaming site is legit will give you peace of mind.

Choosing an Online Casino

When you are looking for a reliable place to enjoy online betting, you must do your homework first. For example, Parimatch casino on CasinosInformer review provides detailed information about registration, bonuses, payments, games, and security.

As a player, reading reviews and terms and conditions is an essential aspect of all venues online. The most crucial factor is that the platform you choose to use is licensed. You want to see a reliable, reputable license. This way, you will understand that they follow the rules of the regulatory body they are licensed with. It also creates a fair gaming environment where players can trust all the games provide random wins.


If you’re looking to have an enjoyable time at an online casino, it’s critical that the platform is licensed. Not long ago, the online gambling industry was like a free-for-all; however, because of legitimate operators, things have dramatically shifted for the better. Today all certified sites must abide by regulations set in place by regulatory bodies—so when spinning those beloved slot machine paylines, you can feel secure and safe knowing your gaming experience will be fair. A respected license ensures each gambler has honest games.

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