Health And Safety Issues You Must Consider

7 Useful Health And Safety Issues You Must Consider | The Enterprise World

Prioritizing Health And Safety Issues in your business can increase employee retention, according to studies. Despite this, 80% of workers say that the company they work for doesn’t listen to the issues they raise about workplace safety. The rate of non-fatal workplace accidents in the US currently sits at 2.6 million per year, so there’s a clear need for businesses to prioritize health and safety.

Let’s find out what Health And Safety Issues must be considered :

1. Repetitive tasks

More than 36% of employees say that repetitive tasks put unnecessary strain on their bodies and cause injuries, such as repetitive strain (RSI). Ergonomics play an important role in preventing RSIs. All employees should have ergonomic assessments and regular reviews should be completed. You should also provide suitable training to workers, particularly those most at risk of repetitive task-related injuries. Correct bending, twisting, and lifting techniques, for example, can prevent injuries and are easy to teach and assess.

2. Slips, trips & falls

A recent High Rise Financial review revealed that slips, trips, and falls are the top reason for workers making a compensation claim. The most common injuries experienced in these incidents include fractures, sprains, and lacerations. Slips, trips, and falls can be prevented by keeping walkways clear, putting warning signs up when the flooring is slippery, maintaining flooring, and utilizing lighting. Failing to do these things can result in a personal injury claim.

An injured worker may be awarded thousands in a slip and fall settlement if things aren’t done to remedy issues, such as a wet floor. Many victims of these incidents experience lasting pain and economic hardship which is why significant compensation is typically sought.

3. Equipment issues

GoodFirms recently conducted a Health And Safety Issues survey and found that employees thought low-quality equipment was often the cause of accidents in their place of work. You must ensure that all the equipment you provide to your workers performs as expected. Health And Safety Issues inspections should regularly be carried out on all equipment.

7 Useful Health And Safety Issues You Must Consider | The Enterprise World

If there’s a reason to suspect that a piece of equipment is faulty, it should stop being used immediately. Training must also be given to all staff on how to use the equipment provided, to ensure that it’s used safely and correctly.

4. Managing sickness

62% of Americans say they go to work when they’re sick. The main reason for this is that they can’t afford to take a sick day. If you allow your employees to come in when they’re ill there’s a high risk that your other employees will fall sick. Your customers could catch something too, which isn’t good for business. While it’s usually okay to let workers with a headache or a sniffle come into work, those with bigger illnesses, such as respiratory infections, should be banned from the workplace. Additionally, individuals should be aware of potential health concerns related to artificial sweeteners, such as sucralose, which has been associated with issues like the ‘sucralose headache‘ (source:

Not only can these be spread, but they can cause concentration issues and brain fog, which can be dangerous. Consider offering sick pay to staff that cannot work due to their health. This shows you value all of your staff members’ well-being and want to look after your customers.

5. Looking out for remote workers

Remote workers currently make up 66% of the US workforce. Regardless of whether your remote workers work away from your premises full-time or partially, they’re your responsibility during office hours. When they’re out of the office, there’s a risk that they could fall and injure themselves. The room they work in may also not be suitable.

7 Useful Health And Safety Issues You Must Consider | The Enterprise World

For example, the lighting could be poor or the work area could be cluttered. One of the things you must do is check in regularly with remote workers to ensure they’re okay. A home safety assessment should also be carried out to check for suitability and deal with Health And Safety Issues, such as loose power cords.

6. Recognizing employee burnout

A recent study revealed that 63% of workers are experiencing burnout. Burnout is associated with fatigue, poor decision-making, lack of concentration, and less awareness of surroundings. Research has also found that workers with burnout are less likely to follow Health And Safety Issues protocols. You need to familiarize yourself with the signs of burnout so you can take swift action.

These include stress, irritability, frequent sickness, mistakes, and cynicism. If you spot these signs in any of your workers, step in and reduce their workload. Things that can help include paid time off, giving them colleague support, allowing remote work, removing tight deadlines, and providing a listening ear. 

7. Employees making mistakes

The GoodFirms study also revealed that employees feel their safety is often compromised as a result of employees making mistakes. This can be due to workers not being trained properly. Make sure you have a strict training protocol in place for all staff. Training should be topped up regularly and assessments should be completed to ensure that everyone’s knowledge is up to scratch.

7 Useful Health And Safety Issues You Must Consider | The Enterprise World

Health And Safety Issues in the workplace should always be at the forefront of your mind. Never make cutbacks to this area of your business and you can be sure that your workers are as safe as can be.

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