Hibernate in style – Winter decor!

Hibernate in style - Winter decor

The season has begun to change and we stand in autumn, at the brink of winter. The weather has started becoming colder and the days have shortened. Making a transition between the summer months and winter months can sometimes be difficult not just for you, but for your home as well.

The fabrics, the colors, the decor, everything starts seeming off place if not styled correctly. If you look to renovate your home, then that’s great but if you’re not looking for too much hassle yet want the winter vibes to your home, you still can make that work, and make that work well! 

There are many DIY ideas for winter decor, for making your home winter ready, ready for the Christmas and new year festivities along with making your home cozy and a safe place for the season. 

Check out the tips and tricks below which can turn your home upside down with all the winter aesthetic it needs, that too with minimal or no costing!

A subtle way to upgrade your home for entertaining and colorful winters

In winters we usually spend more time at home than usual, due to the blistering cold weather outside. Therefore, the home needs to feel cozy and inviting. 

When we talk about winter decor, it’s nothing festive, but more like textural layers, seasonal colors, richness, and elegance. You can do a lot with your home by yourself and make your home winter-ready. Be it revamping or DIY, there is no shortage when it comes to winter decor!

Winter decor tips and ideas

1. Winter Upholstery 

Winters are almost here but are your home winter ready? 

When it comes to winters we all shift from soft cotton clothes to darker winter fabrics for clothing. But clothing isn’t the only thing where you switch fabrics. Bring home winter-friendly fabrics to add comfort and winter decor to your living space.  

Fabrics like wool, velvet, chenille, and Jacquard are great picks for your furniture during these winters but sometimes changing your sofa covers just for a season might not feel very economical. So what you can do is get rich and elegant sofa and cushion covers of these fabrics and get cozy but in style!

2. Appropriate placement of heaters and blowers 

We All want warmth and comfort in our homes, especially when it’s freezing outside. Many of us place heaters, blowers, and other home heating appliances but sometimes what happens is that they might look very out of place, or may pierce the view. First of all, what you can do is, if you’re buying a new home heating appliance then you must keep in mind the color scheme of your home.

Getting an appliance that mixes well with your color scheme, will make it look like it’s a part of your interior decor. Next what you can do is, find a perfect corner for it from where not only does it warms up your home well but also doesn’t look out of place. 

3. Winter indoor plants 

Getting houseplants can completely transform your home and light up the space, especially in the winter months. In winters, less water is required for the houseplants, so the maintenance of the plants also is pretty easy. Since many plants are resting during these months it is important to use less water and fertilizer because in cooler seasons, plants tend to grow more slowly and hence they need fewer nutrients to survive and grow. 

Some houseplants that will brighten up your space this winter are aloe vera, moth orchid, corn plant, snake plant, cactus, jade plant, dragon tree, etc. 

4. Bright throw to the dull corners (placement of accessories and stuff in the dull corners so that the home doesn’t look cold and stark)

All of us have some dull corners in our homes which we fail to decorate appropriately because we don’t know what exactly to put there. Now, what you can do is, add some greenery over there. You can use winter indoor plants, or artificial plants, you can also use soft woolen rugs or small aquariums to occupy that space so that it doesn’t look so dull anymore. There are many wallpapers and wall stickers also available which you can install all by yourself without the help of any professional, so you can add color to the corner by doing this too!

5. Sweater pillows

You can buy sweater pillows from anywhere in the market but if you’re looking for a DIY pillow decor then all you have to do is just be a little more creative with your winter clothes. Just cut some pieces from different sweaters which now sit leisurely at your home. Cut some pieces from different sweaters and see them together to make these aesthetic and warm pillow covers for this winter!

Tips to make your home cozier in winters-

1. Shag carpeting 

If you want a soft and luxurious feel, opt for shag rugs. Shag carpets and touch fibers are an excellent way to add comfort to any room while maintaining the textured interior design you wanted along. Adding a shag rug creates a comfortable, warm place in your living room. Not only that, they have diverse uses like, under your kitchen sink, or next to your bathtubs. The key is to choose a color that works with the winter decor. 

2. Portable fireplace 

” Fireplaces are fast becoming a sought after feature in Indian homes, and such a vast variety of fuel types and design options, it is meant to be the centerpiece of a home” – Daniel Belnick 

Fireplaces are excellent if you want to heat your home on a budget, and they can lower your energy bills by a significant amount especially if you have a smaller home. Portable fireplaces include a traditional wood-burning fireplace, gas fireplace, ethanol fireplace, electric fireplace, and gel fireplace. Finding the right location for your fireplace is essential to the way your living room will appear. When worried about how that will affect the interior design of your home, working with Martinez Architekt will ensure that such a decision will only elevate the way your house looks and feels.

3. Cozy tablespace 

Creating a cozy fall tablespace doesn’t have to be complicated. Emphasize using fall tones. Decorating with natural elements like jute, straw, corn stalks, and wheat are essentials for fall decorating and give a warm and inviting feel. Add fall florals and arrangements to add a happy touch, and florals bring any tablespace to life, whether you use faux or real. Keep in mind that, layering is the key, and adding small details for the last so that it creates a balance amongst the heavier places while making the place feel complete. 

4. Light lampshades

If we consciously think about lighting and lampshades, we can create a warm atmosphere within our homes that will see us through the dark winter nights, creating a cozy living space. 

Avoid shiny, chrome, or nickel lamp bases that create a cold clinical feel. Choosing colors such as red, yellow, orange, or hot pink will give your room a cozy feel. Having a gold-metallic lining inside your lampshade will reflect warm light around the room. Layering off lights and using dimmer switches can also give your room a much-needed cozy atmosphere. 

5. Colorful blankets for your sofas 

A beautiful throw blanket will infuse luxury into your couch and also put your guests at ease. A throw blanket knitted in wool or cashmere is the perfect option for keeping without worrying about bulky furnishings. Some blankets you should try include a teal-colored throw blanket, a reversible throw blanket, a bright yellow throw blanket, a grey blanket crafted in thick weave, and a blanket with a lightweight feel. These blankets can be used to inject color, a textural feel, and appeal to the rooms. 

6. Upgrade your curtains and bedding 

Your curtains and bedding can make or break your bedroom appearance. Opting between neutral fabrics, colors that let in a lot of light, and choosing pieces that inspire you are vital to creating an inviting space. Matching both of these items is a trend that you should definitely try this season and also creates a cohesive look for your bedroom. The key to this is to stick to the theme and mood of the room’s ambiance. Experiment with textures and slight color variations, and remember to have fun while you are decorating your space. 

Spend winters in style! 

There’s this myth all around that winter decor can be expensive or, the winter decor is basic without any creativity or variety. Hopefully, all the tips mentioned above helped you to overcome that myth as there are many DIY tips to get your home winter-ready and not just for the eye, but also for adding coziness and warmth to your home. 

Warmth and comfort reach another level when they’re eye-pleasing too, so why just care about the temperature when you can level up your home decor with minimal budget and effort!

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