High-Performance Plastics as a Method for Advancing Innovation

High-Performance Plastics as a Method for Innovation | The Enterprise World

Technological advancements are hailed as key solutions for hitting environmental sustainability goals in many industries and any materials that prove innovative in this way are often highly sought after within their respective industry. Three industries where this is particularly true are the automotive, electronics and infrastructure industries. These industries in particular are always on the lookout for innovative materials that are not only functional and allow them to work more efficiently, but materials that are also sustainable. 

Sekisui Chemical Co., which made a name for itself with an innovative seed coating formula among several other products, is a company that is seeking to fill the niche offered by the demand in the aforementioned industries.  Chemical is a leading figure in the chemical industry and they are known for producing high-performance plastics which are not just functionally useful, but also rated at a high level for sustainability in both their production and use. This article will expand upon the importance of high-performance plastics in the automotive, electronics and infrastructure industries, with a main focus on the automotive industry. This article will also highlight the commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility that Chemical is aiming for.

The automotive industry is hungry for high-performance plastics

High-Performance Plastics as a Method for Innovation | The Enterprise World

Over the last two decades, the automotive sector has seen a significant transformation in its shareholder and consumer base. There is a growing emphasis placed on the large-scale reduction of emissions caused by both production and operation of vehicles, while performance is still expected to improve across the board. In the context of these seemingly disparate demands, the value of high-performance sustainable plastics is paramount. By substituting more traditional, but heavier, materials with lightweight and sustainable plastics, allows for the production of vehicles that are not just lighter, but also more fuel-efficient and safer.

A key point of the usefulness of high-performance plastics lies in their adaptability, being useful in many different components and allowing for cutting-edge designs, these plastics are allowing automotive industry production companies to merge an increase in performance with an increase in environmental friendliness and sustainability.  Chemical is pleased to be one of the companies providing the automotive industry with the high-performance sustainable plastics that they need.

The electronics and infrastructure sectors also crave high-performance plastics

automotive industry is hungry for high-performance plastics

It is not a contentious statement to say that modern life is ruled by electronics, so too is infrastructure crucial to the fabric of our modern existence. Without electronics, many systems would cease to exist or fail and without constant maintenance and upgrading of infrastructure the global supply chain dynamics on which modern life relies would be impossible. Both of these sectors require high-performance plastics and  Chemical is able to provide plastics that benefit both greatly.

With plastics being produced that can withstand harsh weather conditions and allow infrastructure projects to be completed with ease and a decreased environmental impact it is no surprise that many are consumed by the infrastructure industry. These same plastics can also be modified and designed for use by the electronics industry as light and highly conductive materials, often designed with miniaturization in mind.  Chemical is pushing the limits of what plastic can achieve, which in turn allows other industries to push their own limits in manufacturing and production.

Commitment to innovation and environmental responsibility at  Chemical

automotive industry is hungry for high-performance plastics

The commitment to innovation coupled with environmental responsibility is a core tenet of  Chemical’s approach to production. By adhering to stringent international standards and certifications such as the requirements set out in ISO 14001, the internationally recognized standard for environmental management systems,  Chemical demonstrates the importance of sustainability in their work. 

It is clear that as technology continues to advance, efficiency, safety and sustainability in production, construction and design are of incredible importance. This is why companies like  Chemical should be held up as leadership examples to promote the qualities of innovation paired with sustainability. By providing a sustainable and innovative option for a needed product in multiple industries  is helping to create a greener tomorrow.

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