Holger Kappler: A 3rd Generation Business Leader Transforming Medical Offices Globally

Holger Kappler: A 3rd Generation Business Leader | The Enterprise World

In 1947, about two years after the war ended in Germany, Berta and Erwin Kappler opened a carpentry shop called KAPPLER—focusing primarily on furnishing offices. From that day till today, the company has witnessed massive evolution, becoming a world leader in transforming medical offices with high-end medical-grade cabinets, design and architecture.

Holger KapplerOwner  of KAPPLER, is the third generation of the Kappler family—carrying the legacy forward. However, his story of becoming the owner and CEO was anything but straightforward.

Holger had decided to become an electrician at a young age. As he began his apprenticeship, his boss told Holger he possessed talents that would better suit other jobs.

Slightly disheartened, Holger Kappler decided to rejoin school and began studying BWA—a program revolving around business assessment. In 1996, an unfortunate event took place as Holger’s father suffered a heart attack. Led by his desire to make a positive impact and support the family, Holger stepped into the business.

Leadership Evolution

More than ever, leaders must adapt quickly to the evolving business environments of the past few years. In the ever-evolving world, only those who are innovative and ahead of the time and with the time will achieve success.

Staying ahead of the curve and building the future is vital to becoming a successful leader. In modern leadership, being open-minded to change, embracing change, and being future-oriented are the imperative qualities of a great leader.

As the CEO and Owner, Holger Kappler aims to create a better future for the company by doing the following: 

Holger Kappler: A 3rd Generation Business Leader | The Enterprise World
  • Assessing the business.
  • How the world is shifting.
  • Creating the vision and the path accordingly.

Swimming against the tide

Innovators have been a primary source of inspiration for Holger—people who are not afraid to swim against the tide, those who dream big, and create change that influences their niche industries. As a big visionary himself, technology and its advancement in the past few years fascinate Holger Kappler.

Shedding light on his achievements, Holger Kappler says that his achievements cannot be credited only to him—primarily because it’s a family business. However, seeing his children follow in his and his father’s footsteps to join KAPPLER fills his heart with happiness. Built over seven decades back, they are the future of KAPPLER, and he considers it an achievement seeing how passionate they are about KAPPLER.

How to Recover from the Setbacks?

Holger Kappler does not see failure as the final end. To him, failure is just a way of telling him to try an alternative approach. If his endeavors do not bring the desired outcome, he will keep trying other ways until he achieves the final result.

Over the years, staying calm and patient during failures or when things don’t go your way has been one of the crucial lessons Holger Kappler learned. When he was younger, his dad told him: Your Power lies in taking setbacks with ease.

Striking the Work-Life Balance

My work is my life. That’s my balance,” says Holger. He does not see those two avenues as separate in his life. Moreover, he does not believe in the concept of work-life balance when it is associated with work and family.

There are days when one needs to put more energy into the business, and other days we have to pour into families.

According to Holger, when we love our work, we don’t need to balance it out. As with everything in life, there are good and bad days. When he takes a break from work, he likes to be in nature—sailing and fishing. He also enjoys mountain biking, skateboarding, and hiking. Nature brings him peace and makes him appreciate life more, seeing how beautiful the planet that we live on is.

Predicting the Future Challenges

Challenges and opportunities go hand-in-hand, says Holger Kappler. He expects the world to change and evolve rapidly in the near future, and adapting to this change will be the biggest challenge for all. However, he also sees this as a massive opportunity for business growth.

To tackle the challenges, one must stay open-minded and allow the change to happen. Holger Kappler believes that anyone who is unwilling to face the difficult times that the future brings and does not see it as an opportunity to improve will fail.

Takeaway for the Aspiring Leaders

Holger’s takeaway for aspiring young leaders is that great success only comes through hard work and being passionate about what you are doing. One can seldom commit to the highest level without loving and enjoying the working process. Eventually, you’ll get exhausted and reach a breaking point.

Finding something that blends your skillset with your passion will become your purpose, and that’s what every young leader should look forward to, says Holger Kappler. By applying this approach, one can give 100% to their work and create a massive impact within the specific industry. 

We have to work hard and dream big. That’s the way to success.

Holger Kappler: A 3rd Generation Business Leader | The Enterprise World
Website: https://kapplergroup.com 
Industry: Architecture and Planning
Company size: 51-200 employees
Headquarters: Pfalzgrafenweiler, BW
Type: Privately Held
Founded: 1947
Specialties: Medical + Dental Offices 

Summarizing the KAPPLER Group

Kappler Group is a leading medical and dental solutions provider with over 7 decades of experience. It specializes in planning, designing, and outfitting efficient, ergonomic, and modern medical and dental practices globally. Its services include designing new practices, renovating existing ones, and providing furniture and equipment. It primarily focuses on building trust with the clients and creating custom-designed spaces that meet their specific needs.

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