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Hootsuite is a social media companion trusted by over 22 million users globally. The platform helps improve the areas of social media marketing, commerce, and customer care of brands and organizations. Here’s how it works: Using integrated tools from Hootsuite’s dashboard, you can schedule across a range of popular social networks, manage organic and paid content, track customer conversions, and gain real-time insights that help you make crucial decisions.

As a leading social media software with more than 200k paid accounts, the expertise of Hootsuite range from social media management, social insights, employee advocacy, social selling, and social customer care, to helping businesses build trustworthy relationships with their audience. Additionally, Hootsuite Academy, its widely popular E-Learning platform educates people and organizations about social power through its courses.

Company History

Not many tools could manage multiple social media networks in 2008. Noticing this issue faced by people around the globe, Ryan Holmes, with Dario Meli and David Tedman, founded Hootsuite in the same year. At the launch, the tool was called BrightKit, and the responses it received were nothing but positive.

In 2009, the name of BrightKit changed to what we now know as Hootsuite, courtesy of Matt Nathan’s suggestion, who won a $500 prize for it. Soon enough, the company expanded its horizons with support for Facebook and LinkedIn and incorporated Twitter lists. 

At the end of 2009 in December, Hootsuite was officially launched as an independent company, as it separated from invoke media.

By 2012, Hootsuite was valued at around US$ 200 million and started further expansions by acquiring competitors such as Seesmic, a customer relationship management system. Moving forward, Hootsuite also acquired AdEspresso, a digital advertisement manager, and LiftMetrix, a front-running social media analytics company. 

Today, Hootsuite continues to push the boundaries of Social Media with its Products and Service Industry forward, with around 16 million users globally in over 175 countries. 

Hootsuite Features

The features of Hootsuite are spread across various categories. Here are those categories:

  1. Publishing: From a single dashboard, easily plan, create, schedule, and publish the content for all your platforms.
  2. Engagement: A reliable media engagement tool that allows you to access all your network and apps together. It includes message inbox, automation, listening streams, auto-responder, and assignment tags, among other features for a stress-free working process.
  3. Advertising: Be it Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn, the advertising tools allow you to manage your paid and organic content from a single place without any hassle. Furthermore, you can publish, analyze, manage, and make a report on ads from the dashboard.
  4. Social Listening: Easily monitor trends and be on the lookout for what people are saying about your brand. Additionally, keep up with your competition by monitoring them.
  5. Integration: Hootsuite enables you to manage all your social media marketing content and data in one place. The features include linking your social media networks, tracking Google reviews, and integrating your CRM data into your dashboard.
  6. Analytics: To get more engagement and followers, the game of analytics is key. With Hootsuite’s analytics feature, you can get reports that show you the ideal time to post based on when your audience is most active. Moreover, it can help you extend your reach, build awareness, and increase engagement which could positively impact sales.
  7. OwlyWriter AI: AI tools could efficiently improve your social media experience. OwlyWriter is one of those tools, as it makes social media posting a breeze. This AI tool can be used to quickly generate captions for any social media network, helping you save time.


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The program helps me schedule posts in advance, or on the weekend or holiday when I need to post but am not working.


  • Step 1: Create an account
  • Step 2: Choose a Suitable Plan
  • Step 3: Sign up, and link your social media profiles to the dashboard to track your performance

To get the details about the enterprise quote go here: https://www.hootsuite.com/plans/enterprise


There are four different categories of Hootsuite, all with different prices. While there are free trials available, here are the plans if you are looking to become a paid member.

  1. Professional Plan: $99.00/month For: Entrepreneurs, small business owners, etc. who want to extract the most out of social media.
  2. Team Plan: $249.00/month For: Marketing Teams who are looking to take their social media collaboration to another level.
  3. Business Plan: Starts at $739.00/month For: Businesses and agencies looking to build their brand, increase their follower base, and manage social media efficiently.
  4. Enterprise Plan: The price for this section is customized, and as a result, not revealed. To know more, contact Hootsuite. For: Huge Organizations and Companies with multiple social media teams prioritize workflow and security.

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