How Do You Grow Your Website’s Authority?

How Do You Grow Your Domain Authority? | The Enterprise World

Is it time to look into building your web credentials? Perhaps you’ve just started a business, and are looking to put your best foot forward online. With billions of websites and millions of search results, being able to stand out from the pack can be difficult without the help of an Australian link building agency.

If you’re looking to go it alone, let’s explore some of the things that you can do to make the most of your website. From improving the customer experience, to enhancing your domain authority scores, there are a number of ways that you and your team can transform your website into the highly relevant content engines that the internet loves today.

What is Domain Authority?

How Do You Grow Your Domain Authority? | The Enterprise World

Domain authority may not be a familiar metric for those that are outside the search engine optimization space – however, for those that know SEO, it is a widely recognized ranking metric that helps determine if your website will perform well on search engine results pages.

Domain authority is not an indicator used by Google – it was developed by the web company Moz. As such, it is not used in algorithms for search engine results. However, understanding your Domain Authority ranking can allow you to understand how relevant your site is to the industry and area that it operates in. Having a great domain authority score is good – but if you have a low DA, even small changes can make a big difference in your likelihood to appear in search results.

The Power of Highly Relevant Content

How Do You Grow Your Domain Authority? | The Enterprise World

One way that you can improve your website’s domain authority is through the use of highly relevant content. After all, the last thing you want to do when looking through a web result is stumble across results that don’t meet your needs.

Having content that’s relevant and engaging has a dual purpose – it builds up your relevance as a website, but it may also encourage other web users to link to you through the form of backlinks. Over time, this can help set you up as a trusted resource online – vital for your website’s DA to improve.

While highly relevant content is helpful, being realistic and jettisoning content that is no longer necessary or relevant to your site is also important. Having links that are outdated or of poor quality can dissuade users from visiting your site – in fact, in some cases, it can lead to a negative response from search engine algorithms.

There are many tools available to help you manage the health of links on your website, such as Google Search Console. It’s important that you use them to get your website performing as well as possible.

Improving Your User Experience

One small, but critical component of how your website operates is the overall user experience (UX). Consider this, you’re on a website, and want to make a purchase – but to buy something, you have to go through five different pages, sign in, play with a CAPTCHA, and watch a government agency try their hand at memes

A complex route to purchase can be difficult – ultimately, a simple, efficient pathway from getting what the customer wants to an outcome is vital. Consider how your website is laid out in both mobile and desktop formats – and test that it loads quickly. After all, nobody wants to wait forever to view a website.

How Do I Check My Domain Authority?

How Do You Grow Your Domain Authority? | The Enterprise World

There’s a wide range of different tools available that you can use to check your domain authority online. While Moz is well known as the original designer of the domain authority ranking, there are a range of different websites and platforms available that can help you make sense of the issues that your website is facing.

Platforms like SEMrush and Ahrefs can provide you with insights on their own domain authority metrics, known as the Authority Score and Domain Rating respectively. You may find that you need to refer to a few of these sites to get an idea of just how well your website is performing when compared to industry peers.

Need More Help?

If you’ve read this article and are still unsure about how domain authority can help you improve the quality of your website, consider speaking to a search engine specialist. SEO specialists can help you break down the difference between a hyperlink and a backlink, so you can get to the important parts of running your business online.

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