How Micro-influencers Can Reach Brands And Get Paid For Partnerships

How Micro-influencers Can Reach Brands And Get Paid | The Enterprise World

There are many tiers to the creator economy. Particularly the micro-influencer tier is growing rapidly in its earning potential. People with just a few thousand followers can be offered lucrative partnerships with brands such as Adidas, Banana Republic, and Toyota. So From this article, we will understand how micro-influencers can reach brands and get paid for partnerships

How Micro-influencers can reach brands:

In the industry, micro-influencers are those with up to 100,000 followers on social media platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube. These influencers are popular with brands and even casino online, because of their high engagement rates and lower cost than working with celebrities.

Lillian Zhang is a micro-influencer whose content focuses primarily on college and early career job advice. She was only 10,000 followers when she landed her first paid contract. Before she reaches out to brands, she conducts extensive research to determine how her content aligns with their values and how much she can make.

She stated that if you don’t have a solid grasp of these concepts, it is easy to become sloppy.” An insider previously reported.

TikTok is her preferred method of sending messages to brands she would like to work with. She has around 22,000 followers.

Some influencers prefer to DM on social media platforms, but others have created their media kit. These documents often include information such as engagement data and past collaborations. This tool is so popular among influencers, Instagram announced earlier this month that some users will be able to build media kits within the social network.

Jourdan Haynes, 22, used a one-page media package to land her first paid collaboration. She had 2,000 Instagram followers at the time. She’s collaborated with brands such as Garnier and Burger King since then.

Others have their own templates that they personalize based on the brand or the purpose of the partnership. Julie Tecson has a following of 7,000 Instagram users. She curated three email templates for a personal project and one for an event. One template was for a design project. It’s easy to see why micro-influencers are preferred by companies over those with millions of followers, says Tecson.

She previously stated that a brand could have a tiny creator create an amazing TikTok clip for them in exchange for one product.

How Micro-influencers Can Reach Brands And Get Paid | The Enterprise World

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