How to Brand your Business on a Tiny Budget

How to brand your business in tiny budget

How to Brand your Business

The year 2020 has brought many changes in the world of business. As most of the working of professionals shifted from office to home, the maximum amount of work that required physical form, i.e., campaigns, promotions, etc. swiftly transitioned to online forms such as blogs, newsletters, etc. Not only there was a change in the working methodologies but also as the medium changed, it opened new possibilities and untapped potential of the online form of marketing, etc.

As most of the new start-ups/business personnel are working from home, it provides them with an equal opportunity shared by the existing and established start-ups/companies.

Why Brand your Business is Important?

Brand your Business has always been a very crucial part of a start-up/business as it defines them, their products/services, and most importantly their edge and differentiating factor from the competition in the market. As existing and established start-ups/businesses have the required personnel and capital to brand themselves properly, it becomes a difficult yet tricky task for budding start-ups/businesses to do the same.

Businesses should focus on:

1. Growth and strategies

It cannot be denied that a tiny budget will not be as effective as the budget of established start-ups/businesses but the competition doesn’t start from day one, it starts the moment a business or a start-up brands itself and enters into the market. Therefore, new start-ups and businesses should focus on their growth and strategies instead of the competition in the first few months until they find the perfect spot for their products/services.

2. Effectiveness and Quality

The new start-ups and businesses can cut serious costs when it comes down to Brand your Business without having to sacrifice effectiveness and quality. Everything begins with a name and every great thing has one, thus choose the name of one’s start-up/business wisely, without seeking expert help.

3. Use Branded Packaging 

The product packaging of a business can make or break the customer’s first experience. With this, brands should ensure they get it right the first time. One way to elevate the customer experience is to customize the product packaging with the brand’s logo and colors. Of course, businesses have to make sure to choose the right material, shape, and size for the kinds of products they sell. 

Presenting a branded product through packaging will help establish the brand and boost further awareness. Pkgmaker’s primary concern is the endurance of its products. The custom mylar packages they design are space-saving, cost-effective, leak-resistant, odor-resistant, and made from high-quality materials. Contact them if you are looking for custom logo printed mylar packaging service at

Business Website

The next heavy expenditure is often on website building and related aspects, but one can start with a basic website and upgrade with time and development of their business/start-up, also one can learn how to make one as there are numerous free courses and video lectures available for the same. One can also partner up with local companies to enhance the reach and awareness, and also cut the costs of Brand your Business.

4. Use of Social media

It is always a good thing to keep close ties with existing customers, and new start-ups/businesses can take advantage of the same by taking reviews, giving them offers, etc. When it comes down to promotions and marketing, email marketing, blogging, social media has opened an efficient and feasible solution to reach the targeted audience for ones’ products/services.

One should focus on having a strong identity for their start-up/business and the research should be thorough about the market their product/service is going in, the preferences of the targeted audience and how is their product/service better and differentiates from the competition in the market.

The great thing about social media platforms like Facebook is it shows relevant information on the marketplace for interested consumers. For example, if you are looking for a pawn store, you can just go and search for pawn shops near me and it will show you a list of the nearest pawnshops in your area. On TikTok? It’s huge this year. Users compete to see who can get the most TikTok followers.

5. Quality Content

Last but not least is creating good and quality content for the start-up/business’s website, newsletter, descriptions, articles, etc. as having good content is a long-term investment, makes one’s start-up/business stand out in the eyes of the target audience, generates respect for one’s brand, resulting in an enhanced user engagement and more potential customers.

6. No budget is ever enough

As it is rightly said that there will always be room or scope for improvement regardless of the aspect or area of work or professional life, we talk about. One has to make sure to get the best out of the limited resources at their disposal and thus, with thorough research and a street-smart mind, a new start-up/business can overcome the budget constraint when going for branding, and thus making their name out in the market and with their targeted audience and customers.

A brand is the set of expectations, memories, stories and relationships that, taken together, account for a consumer’s decision to choose one product or service over another

Seth Godin

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