How to Choose Mobile Proxies?

How to Choose the Right Mobile Proxies? | The Enterprise World

High-quality proxies with high speed and affordable prices are useful tools both for personal purposes and for performing specific business tasks. Modern proxies are multifunctional software that is useful when promoting websites and accounts on social networks, ensuring anonymity and cybersecurity, as well as visiting blocked resources. If you want to learn more about social media proxies and how to choose them, this article is for you.

Features of Mobile Proxies

In terms of the principle of operation, price, and quality of bypassing blocking, mobile proxies stand out radically from standard ones. Unlike their analogs, mobile proxies are used quite legally by cellular operators. Individual proxies use a network of IP addresses. In fact, they are where users receive requests when visiting services on the Internet. By simulating the activity of real users, the risk of blocking in this case, even with a large number of requests, is minimized.

How to Choose the Right Mobile Proxies? | The Enterprise World

This is not a cheap option, but it is quite reliable and comfortable for important work. The origin server perceives high load not as spam actions, but as the natural behavior of many ordinary clients. It is extremely difficult to get a ban. This usually happens when the IP address changes too frequently, when the IP and application time zones do not match, and also when the operating system’s network fingerprint does not match the user’s device.

Mobile proxies are useful for a variety of specialists. First of all, it is worth mentioning arbitrageurs and targeting experts. In addition, due to their specificity, proxies will be useful for SEO and SMM specialists, bloggers, software developers, and ordinary users who are concerned about their privacy.

What tasks can mobile proxies solve:

  • increasing anonymity
  • collection of queries for the semantic core
  • parsing competitors
  • analysis of followers’ actions
  • mass actions to promote your account (newsletters, subscriptions, etc.)
  • launching an advertising campaign from multi-accounts
  • bypassing checks on source servers

Server vs Mobile Proxies

Mobile proxies differ from server ones in many respects. In particular, we can highlight areas of application, cost, number of IP addresses, reliability, OS network fingerprint, and operating speed.

1. Reliability

The likelihood of a resource blocking your account or your address for suspicious activity is negligible. The target server is loyal to mobile proxies, as it understands that blocking due to a high load with a huge number of requests from one IP can result in complaints from clients. But server proxies get blocked quite quickly and often. It is enough just to exceed the limit of requests from one IP address and fail the system check. Next, you will be banned and purchase new proxies with the accompanying waste of money, time, and effort on setup.

2. Number of available IP addresses

As you already understand, mobile proxies are dynamic. This implies that many addresses are involved in one subnet, replacing each other. Due to the features of this technology, not only protection against blocking is provided, but also fast, stable operation.

The situation is different with server proxies. They are static and issued in packages, that is, you purchase only one IP address.

3. Speed and system load

If we talk about mobile proxies, their connection speed directly depends on the operator. Moreover, if the load increases, the application will automatically transfer you to another channel; you won’t have to do anything manually.

The speed of server proxies may depend on the number of users, software, settings, and other parameters. In any case, most often this indicator is in favor of mobile proxies.

4. Operating system definition

How to Choose the Right Mobile Proxies? | The Enterprise World

Standard proxies are usually made on Linux and leave a corresponding fingerprint. While mobile proxies are distinguished by the function of replacing the OS fingerprint depending on the device used by the user. Due to this, the target server does not even suspect that authorization was carried out to perform mass actions, etc. Saving the real fingerprint of the operating system naturally increases the risk of blocking.

5. Blocking an IP address

Server proxies operate on the basis of IP cloud servers and hosting, which in fact cannot be owned by individuals. Large platforms, social networks, and instant messengers quickly figure this out and impose sanctions: they pessimize or block accounts.

As for mobile proxies, they use addresses from a pool of cellular operators. If the algorithm blocks the IP of a mobile operator, such an action will negatively affect real users. And the loss of these users is clearly not part of the plans of portals and social networks.

How to Choose a Mobile Proxy Provider?

Mobile proxies have many advantages over server counterparts. But to take full advantage of them, it is important not to make a mistake in choosing a provider. When choosing a provider, we recommend paying attention to the following factors:

  • how large is the selection of addresses from different cities and from any operators
  • cost of services
  • level of anonymity and protection of your personal data
  • how automated is the process
  • the ability to configure a proxy based on specific tasks
  • friendly technical support 24/7
  • how fast is the connection speed?

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Features of Connecting a Proxy for Social Networks

How to Choose the Right Mobile Proxies? | The Enterprise World

Proxies for social media will be useful for anonymity, mass actions, and solving other business problems in various social networks. So, when working with multi-accounts, they will come in handy on Instagram. In addition, using a proxy you can bypass the strict rules of Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter. Thanks to this, you will not be subject to assimilation, as well as temporary or permanent account blocking.

Let’s figure out what purposes proxies are needed for when visiting social networks:

  • Increasing the level of anonymity by getting rid of the “digital footprint”.
  • Parsing the target audience, top bloggers, and competitors in order to obtain important information.
  • Visiting resources blocked in your country.
  • Performing mass actions for quick promotion without any sanctions from social networks.
  • Simultaneous maintenance of accounts on social networks.

Wrapping It Up

Proxy is an indispensable solution for social networks that will provide you with anonymity and access to blocked platforms. In addition, this is a good method to bypass the established limits. If you are looking for a reliable social media platform proxies provider, we recommend turning to iProxy. The company offers proxies from different price categories for social networks, video streaming, Amazon, and other purposes.

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