Sales Motivation: 4 Ways to Enhance Their Performance

how to motivate sales team - Sales Motivation 4 Ways to Enhance Their Performance

4 Ways to motivate sales team

It’s easy to think that throwing financial incentives at your sales teams will enhance their performance, and while many individuals on your team might be motivated by money, it’s not always financially rational to persistently channel additional funds and resources into one area of your business.

Your sales team is already working hard, but sometimes giving them additional incentives, making them feel valued and providing them with additional resources can boost their performance and their energy levels to push your business success forward. Want to know how to motivate sales team? Let’s explore 4 ways you can enhance the performance of your sales teams.

1. Give Them The Tools They Need

Do your sales teams have everything they need to sell efficiently and successfully? Believe it or not, many sales representatives are out in the field with limited knowledge and access to the information and data they need to close a sale. This is where sales enablement can help. Click here to find out, ‘what is sales enablement?

By giving your sales teams the latest information about products, as well as helpful content, knowledge and tools, they’ll be able to sell more effectively as well as believe more in your products – something which makes selling much easier! This approach adds value to customer interactions, and by incorporating DAM software, your sales teams will be able to find the documents and content they need within seconds, rather than relying on email chains and outdated versions. This also means sales pitches can be customised and much more effective.

2. Make Your Sales Team Feel Valued

As sales teams are out and about or spending more time on the phone, it’s easy for them to feel detached from your business. They’re required to bring in sales and their failings are difficult to hide from. So, instead of a black and white approach, consider making your sales teams feel more valued as a way to ignite energy and motivate their working day. This could be done by creating flexible working hours that suit them, offering management and growth opportunities, investing in their training to make their role easier, even time off and recognition for their efforts, and motivate sales team.

3. Create A Collaborative Working Environment

Sales are competitive and of course, some competition is healthy within this high-pressure environment. However, sales individuals who are consistently going head-to-head against each other can quickly turn relationships sour. Therefore, you must create a working environment that encourages competitiveness but also nurtures collaboration, training and support within this demanding role to motivate sales team. A happier, healthier working environment that is filled with individuals who are supportive and helpful, can improve sales performances higher.

4. Let Them Choose Their Incentives

Not everyone is motivated by money, some want additional holiday days, more time off, or flexible hours. Understanding what perks and incentives your sales teams want can help you tailor specific benefits to the right people to motivate sales team. If those who want additional holiday days know that it’s on the table, then they’re more likely to reach for it, as opposed to a voucher for a meal at a restaurant.

Final Thoughts- How to Motivate Sales Team!

Keeping your sales teams motivated isn’t easy, but with the right incentives and approach, you’ll see a significant ROI.

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