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Lean Six Sigma Certification

Lean Six Sigma Certification

Lean Six Sigma is a team-oriented approach to organizational operations. It is a process improvement methodology that is designed to remove problems, eliminate inefficiency and waste, and boost working conditions for better and faster responses to the customers’ requirements. It combines the methods and principles of Six Sigma and Lean into a single powerful and popular management tool that improves the operation of any company.

To gain the relevant skills, the candidates are required to go through a Six Sigma Certification process. There a lot of providers that offer the Lean Six Sigma credentials. One of the most recognized from them is IASSC. IASSC provides three certification levels under the Lean Six Sigma program. These are Yellow Belt, Green Belt, and Black Belt. To earn any of these certificates, the professionals must pass the corresponding exams. Let’s look closer at each Lean Six Sigma badge and delve into details of the tests related to them.

= Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt =

This Six Sigma Certification is intended for those professionals who are new to the Six Sigma technique and need to enhance the basic knowledge. These specialists work under the guidance of the Green or Black Belts. To earn this Six Sigma Certification, a candidate must pass the corresponding exam. This is a 2-hour closed book test featuring 60 questions. The question formats include true/false and multiple choice. The learners must score at least 70% to pass the exam. The registration fee for the test is $195. For more visit

= Lean Six Sigma Green Belt =

This Six Sigma Certification level is aimed at the specialists with the skills and knowledge of the core and advanced components of the Lean Six Sigma methodology. These professionals are the managers of improvement projects. They may also be involved in the team working on more complicated projects under the Lean Six Sigma Black Belt leadership. To obtain this credential, the applicants must pass a 3-hour closed book, proctored exam consisting of 100 questions. This test has no prerequisite but the examinees must give 70% of correct answers to get the badge. As for the price, the exam will cost you $295.

= Lean Six Sigma Black Belt =

This credential is designed for the individuals with advanced expertise in Lean Six Sigma. These specialists manage various improvement projects on an ongoing base. They have extensive knowledge of different areas of the Lean Six Sigma methodology. The exam for this Six Sigma Certification is a proctored, closed book test that includes 150 questions and lasts 4 hours. It may also have an extra 15 non-scored questions. The passing score for this exam is 70%. The fee amounts to $395. For more visit


IASSC provides a range of study materials to prepare for the Lean Six Sigma Certification exams. The non-proctored evaluation test is one of the most effective among them. With its help, the learners can estimate their level of readiness and reveal gaps in their knowledge. You will also find many other resources online. Make sure that you use exam dumps and practice tests to enhance your performance in the actual exam.

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