Understanding how to start playing lightning roulette?

Understanding how to start playing lightning roulette? - 5 Step Guide | The Enterprise World

The world of online casinos is growing day by day and one of the top games electrifying it is the Lightning Roulette. This game was once the classic Roulette game with side bets, and it has evolved into this slick game today which has a new Lightning Multiplier feature and a new presentation which makes it exciting and adds a thrill.  

It was launched in 2018 and has become one of the biggest games today. If you have played traditional roulette, you will certainly love exploring the lightning roulette. In this guide, we explain how you can start playing the game.  

Step-by-step guide on how to play lightning roulette 

Understanding how to start playing lightning roulette? - 5 Step Guide | The Enterprise World

The game is played on the standard wheel and it comes with 37 pockets. Once the bets are placed, there will be a few ‘lucky numbers’ and you will be able to find the worth of each number through the random number generator. So, for each round, there will be 1-5 lucky numbers and it will have a payout ranging from 50x wager to as high as 500x.  

This is only applicable to the Straight bets on the number. Every round will generate up to 5 lucky numbers, and it will have multipliers. Those who know how to enjoy live Roulette will find the Lightning Roulette very similar, but it does come with a few surprises and can spice up the game. Let’s take a look at the steps you need to follow. 

  1. Pick your chip size and take the Inside or Outside bet. 
  2. This is when the betting phase starts, once you have placed the bets, the betting phase will end, and there will be a live dealer who will pull a lightning lever.  
  3. Now, the inside bets will be rewarded a multiplier which will be applied to all the wins that happen from 50x to 500x. However, only up to 5 single numbers Inside bets will get the multiplier. 
  4. The famous Roulette wheel will spin and it will stop on a numbered space.  
  5. Finally, the wins will be calculated and the round will start back from the bets. You need to place your bet for another round. 

Lightning Roulette and other Roulette games  

Understanding how to start playing lightning roulette? - 5 Step Guide | The Enterprise World

Let us first take a look at how the Lightning Roulette is different from the traditional Roulette. The first and foremost difference is in the inclusion of the multipliers and the lucky numbers.  

When you place a bet in lightning roulette, you will receive ‘lucky numbers’ and they will come with a multiplier as explained above. If the wheel stops on the lucky number, then the bets on that number receive the multiplier, and it can head to a higher payout as compared to the traditional roulette.  

This is one feature that adds excitement and lights up the game. While it can also become challenging to win as compared to traditional roulette, it still offers a thrilling experience and requires an ideal combination, and luck and skills.  

Now, besides the traditional roulette, there is an American Roulette and European Roulette which only differs in terms of the pockets. An American Roulette has 38 pockets which includes the place of two zeros, the European Roulette has 37 pockets and only one place for zero. When these two are compared, European Roulette is a top choice.  

Further, there is a double ball roulette which brings a white ball into the action. The game is played on a traditional wheel and it adds a little excitement with the little ball. You can easily find the game in online casinos.  

Understanding how to start playing lightning roulette? - 5 Step Guide | The Enterprise World

If you are someone who has enjoyed the double ball roulette, give the multi ball roulette a try. Here, you do not wage on a wheel and ball, but you get eight wheels to bet on at the same time. This means you can place eight bets on the wheels and increase your chances of winning.  

Then there is a rapid roulette where you place the wage on more spins to enjoy higher bet volume and make a good profit. It is a profitable game. However, it differs from the traditional setup and allows you to play in a video form. This means you place the bets on a video board, and you will have a real person spinning the wheel each time.  

The bottom line  

When compared to all the different versions of Roulette, one can rightly say that they are fairly similar but a little different in the way they are played. Lightning roulette is a classic game you will find at many casinos and it has become a very familiar game for players. If you are getting tired of playing traditional Roulette and looking for a fresh game, you might want to give Lightning Roulette a try and it could change your luck!  

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