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Hubspot Marketing Hub Review


HubSpot Marketing Hub has emerged as an industry leader in the field of SaaS products used for sales and marketing. It helps other businesses in optimizing engagement and customer acquisition. It is a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) platform that is designed to scale with other businesses. HubSpot provides marketing, sales, operations, customer service, content management features, etc. that can build better customer experiences.


The organization was established in 2004 when its founders Dharmesh Shah and Brian Halligan met casually as graduate students at MIT. Both have had the experience of working with many startups and developing go-to-market strategies. Along with having an understanding of how effective channels had become, they set up a new software platform to contribute to developing an innovative approach toward marketing. Currently, HubSpot supports around 40,000 customers from 90+ countries.


  1. Free CRM: CRM platform of HubSpot provides enterprise software for marketing, customer service, content management, etc. With the help of this feature, customers can receive a real-time view of their business in which the entire pipeline of sales is involved on a professional dashboard. The feature provides detailed reports on individual performance, product activity, etc. 
  2. Live Chat: Free ‘Live Chat’ software connects website visitors in real-time to close more deals, direct new leads, and grant better support to customers. The feature engages website visitors on live chat so that they can enquire about the services.
  3. Meeting Scheduler: With the help of this feature, HubSpot schedules meetings faster than ever and it helps to boost productivity and bring efficiency to the work. Furthermore, the back-and-forth email chain can be avoided. It works with other apps and starts booking appointments with less hassle.
  4. Website Builder: The website builder feature offers a free drag-and-drop editor that makes it easier to build a custom website for the business in lesser time. Moreover, there is no need for a separate website builder as HubSpot can take care of it.


In the software buying business, customer review plays a significant role. Honest and balanced reviews build trust in HubSpot products and help buyers to understand what is possible in the software. When buyers become customers of HubSpot and experience the quality of the product then it’s their turn to review. This is how the cycle of trust repeats itself. Here are a few reviews of customers for HubSpot:

Ian M., Mid-Market
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From managing prospects and pipelines to creating an automated yet 'humanized' approach with workflows and sequences, HubSpot lets you create and operate at high levels without needing technical (code) knowledge at all. But if you do know, the sky is the limit.
Vitoria A., Mid-Market
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Aside from our app, HubSpot is the most important tool for our organization. We create automation, mass communications for clients, sales pipelines, and measures. Not only a CRM but an important BI tool, without it our sales team would be lost.
User in Information Technology and Services, Enterprise
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HubSpot CRM is great for organizing daily activities while managing a large client base.

Notable Achievements

HubSpot Marketing Hub is one of those 49 products to win a “2021 Most Loved Award” by TrustRadius. The organization, TrustRadius analyzed reviews collected in the year 2020 across 18,648 products and 619 categories and determined which products are among the most loved by their customers. HubSpot Marketing Hub stood high among all of them and this is one of the most notable achievements. Furthermore, HubSpot has also been awarded for CRM Lead Management in a category of 2021 Gartner Peer Insights Customers Choice. It has been named the second Best Global Seller for 2021 by G2.

Other Prominent Features

Nowadays, the market is in a crisis and facing disconnection. The constantly changing channels are creating difficulties to connect with customers. The Marketing Hub of HotSpot is the connecting way to the market for various businesses. It links tools to unite the teams and convert traffic into leads. Marketing Hub delivers on-brand marketing messages by tracking the data available. 

Other Features of HubSpot Marketing Hub: 

  • Generating leads from anonymous website visitors: Growing a database is as important as growing traffic for every business. By capturing a piece of valuable contact information from visitors, a free form builder can streamline the process. With the help of the form builder of HubSpot Marketing Hub, it is easy to create custom forms for the website without any technical expertise. A database is upgraded when any visitor fills out the forms and it can be nurtured with personalized messaging and email campaigns.
  • Salesforce Integration: It is crucial thing to keep marketing and sales databases in perfect harmony. Salesforce integration does not require any technical knowledge since it is just a straightforward setup process. Through this feature, changes in one system are automatically synced to the other and build a powerful bi-directional sync. HubSpot can use details from salesforce contacts or accounts to personalize marketing emails, segment the database, or send emails.

Why Choose HubSpot?

A CRM platform called HubSpot brings everything a growing business needs to provide best-in-class customer service together in one location. Our carefully designed, not haphazardly put-together solution gives teams the tools they need to develop into stronger, more effective teams. Customers are put first with HubSpot, customization is easy, and teams are brought together by a connected CRM.


The number of lists to create in the HubSpot account depends on the type of Marketing Hub subscription. In the Product & Services catalog, you can learn more about subscription options. 

If you import the same list repeatedly, HubSpot will only create one contact for each email address because it deduplicates contacts based on the email address. Duplicate contacts will be created if your import file does not contain an email address for each contact. To prevent duplications, you may also use the Contact ID exported from HubSpot.

Select Contact property, Company property, or Deal property from the list filter before choosing the specific property. Enter a value after choosing either has ever been equal to any of or has never been equal to any of.


The marketing software of Hubspot helps businesses run successful inbound marketing campaigns. Its each plan provides businesses tools they need to attract their customers.





Starting price

$18 per month

$800 per month

$3,600 per month

Shared Inbox

Limited to one inbox

Up to 100 inboxes

Up to 200 inboxes

Ad Retargeting

Two audiences

Five audiences

15 audiences

List Segmentation

25 active lists

1,000 active lists

1,500 active lists

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