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The Human Approach to Business and Human Interaction

The Human Approach to Business and Human Interaction

In this new dawn of technological advancements and modernization, hardly find any workplace or institution which does not have a part of many run by AI or algorithms. Modern techniques and automation have taken over a lot of aspects and roles played in the company, ranging from mail responses, query responses to analytics and project or business forecasting. No doubt that having a computer and algorithms is a good source for finding the feasibility and success of the model or project.

Do the companies/institutions miss or find the importance of a physical or human force, as they find technology and computers to be a better and efficient replacement for the same. But can automation and technology completely replace the human force, the answer is surely debatable but the fact can never be denied that human interaction and touch not only is more successful but also gives the customers a sense of involvement and care.

“Nothing we do is more important than hiring people. At the end of the day, you bet on people, not strategies.”

The advantages of human interaction in business

Technology, computers, AI, algorithms, do prove useful in estimating the business and its potential, responding to potential buyers or interested customers, also provide follow-up responses, etc. It can be agreeable that human interaction and response will be comparatively slow when compared to the above alternatives but human interaction is far more accurate and wholesome.

Human interaction not only provides the interested customers with a sense of involvement but to hear a call or response from a human makes the customer feel prioritized and this relationship of a customer with the company/institution goes a long way. Human interaction and approach to business provide opportunities to a lot of businesses, companies, individuals, etc.

As computers and AI forecast the feasibility and success of an idea or business by calculating the numbers and figures and if it fails to meet the criteria the business or idea no matter how much potential it holds gets turned down. This can be avoided with human interaction and approach to business as there are a lot of intricate details and complexities that a human mind can far better understand and decode as compared to AI, etc.

One question that always comes up in everyone’s mind is the future of the world and the technology and its varied uses and applications in various domains and industries. Little thought and research are being put into the development of the human mind and intellect. With new qualifications, courses, and fields coming up, the human mind is evolving and grasping all these things and working on the potential and hidden opportunities at the same time. The human mind is far more advanced and also more understanding as machines do not have emotions and sentiments which are equally important to make crucial decisions.

Will the technology take over, or humans will save the day?

Not every process or step involved in a business or company can be taken on by AI, computers, etc. we cannot forget and cut out the fact and truth that human force and the skills possessed by them are the most important and crucial resource on this planet. Whatever we are today and all the advanced technologies, top-notch equipment, latest techniques, research, and methods were created by none other than humankind.

Although, the use of technology and automation has its advantages and edge over humans especially in tasks that involve a large number of data involving tasks that do not hold extreme importance. It can be rightly said that machines are nothing without humans and vice versa. Thus, man and machine should work together as even machines are not and will never be 100% correct and require supervision, maintenance, and sometimes correction. In the end, we should never forget that man-made machines and not the other way around.

“In order to build a rewarding employee experience, you need to understand what matters most to your people.”

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