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Helping Healthcare Heroes Find their Career

Featuring for The Enterprise World’s The Best Franchise To Buy in 2022 is i4 Search Group, a company helping healthcare sector find talent in the best way possible. 

The Company-

i4 Search Group Healthcare Recruiting is a national permanent placement recruiting firm, specialized in providing the finest healthcare talent to top facilities across North America. i4 is dedicated to matching facilities with the Healthcare Heroes they need to thrive. Some of the positions the company specializes in recruiting for are: Nursing, Allied Health Professionals, Advanced Practice Professionals, Physicians, as well as Leadership & Administrative positions.  

“i4 Search Group Healthcare Recruiting is the only healthcare recruiting franchise system that is created “For Franchisees by Franchisees”.

The founding partners were Franchisees in 3 different franchise systems since 2005. The four founders owned a total of 24 Franchise territories in a permanent placement recruiting system, where each of them were highly successful top producers dating back to 2005. The team knows what it is like to own and operate a franchise territory. They saw first-hand what works well, and what works poorly in different franchise systems. 

That knowledge was used to meticulously design the i4 Search Group franchise system to enhance the Franchisee experience and most importantly, the earning potential for their Franchise Partners.

Their Products and Services-

i4 Search Group Healthcare Recruiting is specialized on direct hire, permanent placement recruiting services in the Healthcare space. 

“We deliberately designed our system so that we provide our candidates and clients with both subject matter expertise and local market expertise.”

Subject Matter Experts

By electing to niche the company’s recruiting services specifically in the Healthcare industry, i4 Search Group Healthcare Recruiting does not attempt to operate as recruiting generalists who work across a wide variety of industries.  Instead, they have a narrow focus in the healthcare space, allowing the team to spend time, money, and resources, deepening their knowledge of the healthcare industry.

Local Market Experts

By designing the company to be led by Franchise Market Partners who are responsible for specific geographic areas, i4 Search Group is able to service its clients and candidates as local market experts. Their market partners, and their teams, have a detailed, granular working knowledge of the markets they service, as they are singularly focused on those regions of the country. 

Their Array of Services Include-

Nurse Recruiting 

At i4 Search Group, the team knows that nurse recruitment isn’t about just filling an open position – it’s so much more. Their healthcare recruiters understand that the process revolve around detailed, quality collaboration between your HR team and their team of knowledgeable experts to make the right long-term match.

“Every day, we match highly qualified nurses with permanent placement positions at world-class healthcare facilities across the country.”

The team recruits and matches RNs, LVN / LPNs, CRNAs, NPs, CNO’s and Nurse Leadership positions with nurse jobs in hospitals, senior living facilities, dialysis centers, home health & hospice companies, urgent care centers, and more.

i4 Search Group has the reach and scope to connect healthcare providers with their deep pool of healthcare professionals nationwide. 

Allied Health Professionals Recruiting

i4 Search Group is an expert healthcare firm that places talented allied professionals in a variety of clinical settings. Their medical recruiters have extensive experience in the industry, and they leverage that expertise against one-to-one, customized processes to ensure every facility is matched with the right allied professionals at exactly the right time.

Every client and facility receives tailored solutions designed to fit unique needs. 

“We get to know the precise needs and culture of your workplace, so we can match you with experienced professionals who will not only succeed but will thrive in your environment.”

i4 Search Group’s healthcare solutions allow you to stop worrying about sourcing and hiring staff so you can stay focused on delivering exceptional patient care.

The Need for Advanced Practice Professionals

Most healthcare organizations are well aware of the growing clinical shortages in primary and specialty care. Midlevel providers have been filling gaps in healthcare staffing for years now. But the importance of nurse practitioners, nurse anaesthetists, physician assistants, nurse midwives and clinical nurse specialists is growing rapidly. 

As an overburdened and under-supplied U.S. healthcare system adapts and adjusts to a rapidly expanding retirement-aged baby boomer population and the evolving impacts of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) continue, the demand for these highly trained healthcare professionals increases every year.

Healthcare Executive Recruiting and Healthcare Administrators Staffing

The world of medical staffing is growing increasingly complex, time consuming, and competitive. Healthcare organizations need a competitive edge if they’re trying to attract the limited number of executive administrators with the knowledge to do the job well. 

This is by no means an easy job. Healthcare is changing rapidly: 

  • Changing consumer wants, needs, and priorities 
  • COVID-19 
  • Increasing state and federal regulations 
  • Patient and facility safety 
  • Payer complexities 
  • Privacy and pricing transparency 
  • Revenue challenges 
  • Telemedicine and digital transformation 

Whether your company is a local urgent care, community facility, independent hospital or medical practice network, rehabilitation facility, or large multi-state health system, i4 Search Group’s recruiters can help you find top talent by making your job opportunity available to a vast network of healthcare executives and administrators. 

The Extraordinary Founding Team of i4 Search Group-

The founding partners have been Franchisees in 3 different franchise systems since 2005. The four founders owned a total of 24 Franchise Territories in a permanent placement recruiting system, where each of them were highly successful top producers dating back to 2005. 

The Road Ahead- 

While the company is focused specifically in the Healthcare space, the healthcare industry has multiple micro-verticals in which they continue to expand their services. i4 Search Group was launched by servicing primarily hospitals, but they have expanded into servicing Dialysis Center, Home Health Care, Hospice, Senior Living, Diagnostic Labs, and more.  

Additional areas the team is considering to expand into include, Outpatient Surgery Centers, Primary Care Offices, Government, Penitentiaries , Long Term Care Facilities, Physical Therapy Centers, Chiropractic Offices, Weight Loss Centers, Urgent Care Centers, Telehealth, and more. 

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