Why Companies Should Offer Identity Theft Protection to Employees

Why Companies Should Offer Identity Theft Protection to Employees-min

Companies Should Offer Identity Theft Protection

Unfortunately, identity theft is on the rise. Employees are becoming more aware of that fact. In turn, that means they are becoming increasingly more worried about the possibility of their personal information being stolen when they are logged on at the workplace. In fact, according to a recent poll by Gallup, 66% of people are worried that they will be victims of identity theft, whereas only 18% fear being murdered. If employees’ personal information is hacked, their lives will be turned upside down. As an employer, you can do your bit to find the best company for identity theft protection to protect your workers. It will not only benefit your employees. It will benefit your company as well.

What exactly is identity theft protection?

There are various types of identity theft protection available. It can include credit monitoring, the ability to spot potential identity fraud early on, and restoring identity quickly should it be stolen. When you use an identity theft protection service, regular checks are completed to see if personal information appears on social media, the dark web, and other databases.

Employee Identity Theft Leads to Poor Productivity

To get the most out of your employees, they need to be happy and focused on their work. If any employee is hit by identity theft, it can cause a major disruption in his or her productivity and stress levels. It can also take employees many long hours over many months to restore their identities. Of course, a stressed, unfocused, and unproductive worker is not good for your business. So, you can help both your employees and your company by offering identity theft protection to your workforce. Take action today by checking out the best identity theft products.

You Can Gain and Retain Top Talent When You Provide Identity Theft Protection

In today’s modern world it can be challenging to find and retain top talent. More and more workers, especially millennials, are expecting better benefits packages from their employers. In addition to investment plans and health and wellness benefits, employees are looking for things like identity theft protection to be covered by their employers too. So, if you want to recruit and retain the best employees, it can be advantageous to provide identity theft protection.

You Can Further Protect Your Company

Protecting employees’ details from hackers obviously benefits your workers, and we have seen how it can increase employee productivity, but your company benefits in other ways by offering identity theft protection. After all, if cybercriminals are able to hack into employees’ details, they could potentially hack into your company’s system as well. For instance, an employee could open an attachment that launches malware that compromises your entire network. While you are sure to have cybersecurity in place to prevent such attacks, providing employees with identity theft protection gives your entire system an additional level of robust security.

If your system does happen to be compromised by hackers, it could have a far-reaching negative impact on your business. You could even end up losing your business. So, ensure both your company and your employees are robustly protected against things like malware attacks.

You Show That Your Company Cares

Finally, you should offer identity theft protection to your employees because it shows your workers that you care. When part of your genuine reasons for providing employee identity protection is to help your workforce stay safe and have peace of mind, your company will gain a good reputation for putting its employees first. It also fosters a good company culture. When employees feel like they are valued by their company, it benefits everyone.

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