iGaming: what specs are needed to play the latest mobile games?

iGaming Technology: 3 Best Key specs needed to play latest games? | The Enterprise World

The comfort and convenience of mobile iGaming technology is part of what has led to its rapidly increasing popularity and, subsequently, we are seeing the quality and features of online casino games becoming more complex with each new and improved release.

That being said, making sure you have a mobile device with specs that can handle the latest iGaming technology is essential to the gaming experience, especially if you don’t want to have to make do with something that lags and crashes halfway through a game.

So, just what are the basic specs required for iGaming technology ?

1. High End

The latest features you can expect to see in iGaming technology will include improved graphics and live features. For example, online roulette at Paddy’s varies from Live Spin & Win Roulette to Live Immersive Roulette and Live XXXtreme Lightning Roulette – all of which feature the aforementioned characteristics. But the success of iGaming technology is partly down to the fact that they’re playable on a range of devices, not just the top of range models. While these will be nowhere near as demanding on your phone as other hefty mobile games, let’s take a look at what the specs on high-end phones can promise you, using the latest iPhone, Samsung, and Google Pixel models for reference.

High End | iGaming Technology: 3 Best Key specs needed to play latest games? | The Enterprise World

Like many other phones in the past few years, the iPhone 14 Pro, Samsung Galaxy S22, and Google Pixel 7 Pro can all promise you 5G for when you’re wanting to game on the go. More impressively, they also boast adaptive refresh rates of up to 120Hz. As phones that are not specifically designed for gaming, this is quite impressive, seeing as lower-end phones tend to have an average refresh rate of around 60Hz.

Having a phone that provides a higher refresh rate means that the graphics on any online casino games you play will be smoother, such as cascading symbols in slots and any special effects, while having a 5G connection and faster loading speeds means that you won’t be behind when keeping up-to-date on live features like Jackpot King.

2. Mid Range and Low End

While the phones we’ve covered so far indeed offer the latest that the tech world has to offer, the truth is that iGaming technology still doesn’t really require the best of the best for games to run well as they aren’t as heavy and don’t require as much processing power as other mobile apps and programs might.

If you’re someone who is happy as long as things function smoothly, rather than focusing on owning something from the top end, then other phones that present formidable competition as budget options include Motorola, Oppo, and even older models from Apple, Samsung, and Google will likely still be able to handle running plenty of the latest online casino games without any noticeable hitches.

While it is important to consider what is needed to optimise your iGaming experience, particularly as casino gaming technology continues to improve and make use of new features, the good news is that you don’t have to worry too much about device compatibility in order to play, so long as it isn’t, say, ten years old or more. This is arguably one of the benefits of iGaming, as you won’t need to look too hard into complicated spec requirements and expensive models to be able to have a gaming experience that is more than just satisfactory.

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