The Importance Of Double-Deck Lifts Within A Warehouse

The Importance Of Double-Deck Lifts Within A Warehouse | The Enterprise World

If you own or run a warehouse, you will undoubtedly understand the pressure staff are under to make the operation run more efficiently. Any device that can help is certainly worth consideration. Read in details about the Importance Of Double-Deck Lifts Within A Warehouse.

Double-deck trailers are loaded over two levels, giving more room to move larger quantities of goods from manufacturers to warehouses and stores. As long ago as 2005, the Department for Transport highlighted increased efficiency of using double-deck trailers as a benefit to the environment as it reduces the number of vehicles moving goods on the road. For distributors, they can provide worthwhile cost savings on their freight operations, so their use will likely grow as demand for products increases.

Yet a double-deck trailer can present a challenge to those tasked with loading and unloading them, which can be overcome by installing one or several Importance Of Double-Deck Lifts in your warehouse.

A double-deck lift is undoubtedly the solution to streamline the loading and unloading of double-deck trailers, so what exactly are they and what makes them an asset in a warehouse?

Double-deck lifts can easily be incorporated into your loading bays and sized to safely carry differing pallet load capacities from around 5 to 18 pallets and lifting capacities of 6500 kg to 20000 kg. Double-deck lift and loading solutions, such as those available at Transdek as part of our loading bay range, could help your warehouse operate more efficiently and be installed with minimal fuss and disturbance.

Let’s Dive In Into The Importance Of Double-Deck Lifts ;

How a double-deck lift transforms loading and unloading?

A double-deck lift is designed to seamlessly integrate deliveries on a fixed double-deck trailer into your loading docks. Many are supplied as modular load house units. They can be provided in a plug-and-play format, allowing fast and efficient integration into your warehouse or storage depot in 1 or 2 days. They are generally low-maintenance, so you should expect many years of reliable service.

It is also possible to source hydraulics configurations that work seamlessly with the various double-deck trailers you may encounter, including UK double-deckers, wheel box-type and ultra-low floor vehicles, without additional work. HMI touch screens offer the latest operating systems and include integrated safety measures with self-fix diagnostics or mobile login options to minimize disruptions through simple faults that can be easily fixed without requiring further on-site expert support.

The Importance Of Double-Deck Lifts Within A Warehouse | The Enterprise World

Self-levelling feet and adjustable dock plates give the flexibility that ensures the double-deck dock lift can be fitted over most surfaces straight onto your yard or an internal precast slot. Their single-hydraulic ram design makes lifting and lowering 2-3 times faster than similar-capacity scissor lifts.

The most important Importance Of Double-Deck Lifts is the operational safety it brings

Operational safety is a major concern with moving vehicles and people involved in loading and unloading lorries, so anything you can do to make the process safer has to be worthwhile.

A double-deck lift offers a safe means of loading and unloading double-deck trailers at your warehouse. Look for features that provide additional safety measures, such as electrically and mechanically interlocked front and rear material gates and front gates that provide safety rails by locking out along the bridge plate.

Load house pods offering interlocked automated exclusion zoning to isolate the area safely also provide additional protection for workers near the loading area. Segregated personnel walkways and doors can provide even greater safety levels for operators. Interior lighting and loading lamps will ensure that everywhere is independently lit to assist with visibility.

The Importance Of Double-Deck Lifts Within A Warehouse | The Enterprise World

Added integral dock-bumpers and impact-dispersal systems minimize damage from vehicles as they position themselves in the dock.

Maximizing the flow of goods by safer and more efficient loading and unloading is likely to benefit the bottom line of your warehouse business, so it’s clear to see that Importance Of Double-Deck Lifts are undoubtedly important to improve warehouse safety and efficiency.

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