Kamlesh Kharade: Rewriting the Definition of Law Leadership with Resilience

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Business thrives on calculated risks, but accidents, both literal and metaphorical, are inevitable with the power to break us. However, within the fragments lie the seeds of resilience, a chance to redefine ourselves. 

History is full of examples of such serendipitous misfortune. One seemingly insignificant accident can trigger a chain reaction, leading to ground-breaking discoveries, like a burnt batch of potato chips birthing Pringles. Sometimes, the most revolutionary ideas stem from the most unexpected mishaps.

“My own journey into law was an unintended consequence of an accident during my graduation. As a first-class commerce student, my path seemed clear. However, my recovery forced me to re-evaluate my options,” says Kamlesh Kharade, Founder of India Law Alliance — a testament to the transformative power of embracing the unexpected. 

“Joining my best friends, who had already begun their legal studies, presented itself as a viable alternative. Little did I know, this ‘accident’ would lead me to a fulfilling career in law, a field I never envisioned for myself,”  

Kamlesh Kharade

A Path to Self-Discovery

Encouraged by his law professors, Kamlesh enrolled at the Bar. An internship at Hariani & Co. further solidified his legal aspirations. In 1996, he joined the firm as an Articled Clerk under the guidance of Senior Solicitor P. P. Hariani. This marked the beginning of a distinguished legal career.

Kamlesh’s dedication to the law is evident in his qualifications. He became a qualified Solicitor for England and Wales after completing the Qualified Lawyers Transfer Test in London (2004). He further enriched his legal expertise with an LLM degree in 1998 and a PhD (currently pursuing).

Driven by a desire for independence, Kamlesh harbored a long-term goal of establishing a mid-sized law firm. He actively participated in the legal academia, delivering guest lectures and serving as a visiting expert on corporate law at law schools. His experience extends beyond the classroom, as he has vetted moot court cases and served as a judge at numerous competitions.

Kamlesh has represented clients before several courts and tribunals throughout his entrepreneurial legal journey. His expertise spans general and corporate law, arbitration, insolvency and bankruptcy, corporate advisory, intellectual property, and legal technology. This diverse experience has cemented his reputation as a leading legal professional and the founder of India Law Alliance.

A Legacy Built on Innovation

Founded in 2004, India Law Alliance (ILA) is the brainchild of legal pioneers and advocates Kamlesh Kharade and Anupam Dighe. Driven by the desire for independent practice and fueled by the guidance of seasoned lawyers, they established ILA as a boutique law firm. Today, with offices in Mumbai and Delhi, ILA has flourished into a full-service legal force.

Its journey reflects a commitment to constant growth. From its initial focus on general and corporate litigation, the firm has expanded its expertise to encompass arbitration, tax litigation, insolvency and bankruptcy, corporate advisory, intellectual property, and tech legal advisory. This dedication to diverse legal landscapes allows ILA to represent clients across India, advocating for them in High Courts and the Supreme Court.

The firm’s core values include being invested, staying loyal, and remaining agile. ILA prioritizes continuous legal education, ensuring its team stays abreast of the latest legal developments and practices. Through this dedication to knowledge and innovation, ILA continues to build a legacy of exceptional legal solutions.

IndustryLegal Services
HeadquartersMumbai, Maharashtra
SpecialtiesDispute Resolution, Commercial Litigation, Indirect Tax, Intellectual Property, General Corporate Advisory, Real Estate, Banking and Finance, and Capital Markets

Vision: India Law Alliance maintains the highest standard of professionalism, ethics, and transparency while attending to its clients.

Mission: India Law Alliance believes in providing professional legal assistance to its clients with consistent and cost-effective quality. 

ILA’s team prioritizes accessibility and building long-lasting partnerships with its clients. This commitment extends to the firm’s legal approach, where in-depth analysis, research, and creative problem-solving are paramount. Through this dedication to client connection and strategic innovation, ILA has earned the respect and trust of its clients and peers alike.

Navigating the Digital Age

The last couple of years have brought crucial changes in the Legal industry, especially with the challenges posed by the pandemic. However, under Kamlesh’s leadership, India Law Alliance has embraced a client-centric approach to sustain these uncertain times. Recognizing digitalization as both an opportunity and a challenge, the firm prioritized cybersecurity measures while harnessing technology to deliver innovative solutions. 

This focus on continuous learning ensures that ILA remains at the forefront of the legal industry. With the rise of data privacy laws and rapid advancements in AI, machine learning, and big data, Kamlesh recognizes the growing intersection of law and technology. By exploring the legal ramifications of these innovations and even integrating coding skills into the legal profession, ILA is well-positioned to thrive in the digital age.

Setting High Standard

Overcoming such hurdles has helped ILA carve a unique niche in the legal sector through a culture of excellence. The firm prioritizes building trust and goodwill with clients and peers, maintaining the highest ethical standards while delivering consistent quality in all its endeavors.

Recognizing a healthy competitive environment, ILA differentiates itself by focusing on client needs. It provides the best legal service tailored to specific requirements, ensuring timely and cost-effective solutions. ILA caters effectively to its corporate clientele by leveraging the latest legal technology. Furthermore, in-depth discussions with legal teams and ongoing communication ensure clients are consistently updated on the progress of their cases. This commitment to client-centricity, ethical practice, and innovative solutions sets ILA apart from the rest.

A Culture of Innovation: Fueling India Law Alliance’s Success

ILA has cultivated an environment that promotes innovation and creativity. Recognizing the importance of diversity, gender equality, and ongoing learning, it empowers its team through training, development, and recognition programs. This commitment to cross-functional collaboration ensures measurable progress toward achievable goals.

This culture of innovation is a critical driver of ILA’s success. By prioritizing fresh perspectives and new approaches, the firm tackles challenges like recruitment and client satisfaction. A prime example is the recent addition of Dr. Daisy Alexander to ILA’s team. Dr. Alexander’s impressive background, including a Ph.D. in Surrogacy Law and a diploma in Conflict Resolution, brings valuable expertise to the firm. 

  • ILA grew from a 2-partner Mumbai firm (2004) to a full-service legal force with a team of qualified lawyers.
  • It earned the trust and confidence of major corporate clients (management, general counsel, legal teams).
  • The firm has also formed a strategic alliance with a prestigious UK law firm, gaining international exposure and clients.
  • It has attracted interest from a Gulf country law firm, positioning ILA for Asian expansion.

India Law Alliance continues to embrace innovation and prioritize client needs as it is well-positioned for continued success in the legal industry.

Leaders Corner

We, The Enterprise World Magazine, are honored to present the trailblazing story of Mr. Kamlesh Kharade as a “Dynamic Personalities to Watch: 2024.” In a candid interview with us, Mr. Kamlesh shared his secret recipes for a perfect work-life balance, his inspirations, and the Legacy to leave behind. 

1. Who are some leaders or figures that have inspired you throughout your career, and why?

“Being a lawyer, I have always followed Lord Denning for his extempore Judgment and pungent style. Senior Advocate late Fali S Nariman has been the inspiration for us.” 

We have learned about integrity, oratory skills, legal knowledge, a good conscience, humility, and devotion to Justice from many legal illumanries. 

Being practiced in Bombay High Court, I got an opportunity to work with many Senior Advocates. I learnt all the court-related skills, including research and presentation from them.

2. What motivates you to continue leading the Law Firm through both triumphs and challenges?

The intersection of emerging technologies like AI and blockchain with Indian Cyber Law fascinates me. These advancements challenge existing legal frameworks, demanding innovative solutions for data privacy and liability. 

As a leader, I understand my intrinsic motivation comes from a personal sense of purpose. It is gratifying to me and my contribution to elevate the business and the team to new heights of success.

A strong sense of duty to my clients and the team is a top priority for me. “Passion for the organization and its mission and a desire to make a difference by achieving the vision and mission of the organization keeps me on the toes.”

3. What are some important lessons you’ve learned throughout your journey as a leader, and how have they influenced your leadership style?

My leadership style is mentoring the team members, building the purpose, and leading them with the required change. This motivates them to take self-initiative in professionally completing the task.

In a professional environment, technical excellence and intellect are critical for a lawyer’s success. However, emotional intelligence is the differentiating factor for successful leadership. The market for lawyers has become global with competition from many new areas. Economics has replaced culture in a law firm. 

Being a leader and a strategic lawyer, I need to make the right decisions and strategic direction for our practice. My top priorities include managing talent, retaining clients while ensuring their satisfaction, driving growth, and developing new practice areas.

4. How do you maintain a work-life balance as a leader? Can you share any tips or practices that have helped you stay focused and energized?

I prioritize self-care, social activities, and staying informed to maintain a healthy balance. My involvement in Rotary’s “Rotary Means Business” fellowship expands my network and connects me with potential clients. 

“Networking is the latest keyword for the legal profession as it gives opportunity to meet people with various types of businesses and their needs.”

In my downtime – I enjoy music, golf and exploring new topics, like AI, through book discussions with my Innovative Learners Group.

5. What legacy do you hope to leave behind as a leader, and how do you envision the Law Firm contributing to the broader business landscape in the future?

Future-proofing the Firm:

I leverage certainty to anticipate trends and use technology-driven change to our advantage. We’re not just embracing technology but transforming with it. It includes redefining our approach and strategically reinventing ourselves. Stakeholder engagement, leadership development, and clear goal-setting are key to building accountability.

The New Legal Landscape:

The future is hybrid, with pan-India expansion and international collaboration. Enterprise technology is blurring the lines between legal and tech providers. Client experience, driven by technology platforms that aid communication, collaboration, and real-time data access, will all be paramount. Data literacy will be as crucial as legal expertise.

Vision for Success:

I envision increasing resilience, investing in new technologies, rebuilding our team’s expertise, and capitalizing on emerging opportunities.

6. What advice would you give to aspiring lawyers or future leaders who aim to make a positive impact in their own practice?

“In my opinion, creating a culture of relatable lawyers is crucial in the Law Firm.” They must practice innovation as industry practice changes often. The law firm leaders must effectively navigate the firm structure so that the law firm will thrive in the future. They must adapt in the face of today’s challenges and achieve continued success tomorrow in the law field.

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