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Rajkumar Velagapaudi CEO & President Innova Solutions

The past decade has seen several new trends emerging, scraping out the old ones, and making the organizational systems ever more efficient. And speaking of technological advancements, it is incomplete without mentioning the cloud services. Once a trend, but now, cloud computing has become a necessary adoption for organizations. And as the new trends emerge, its complexity is increasing every day.

Helping organizations adapt to these changes, and make things easier is Innova Solutions.

Innova Solutions is a global information technology company combining a global reach with a local touch. Headquartered in Santa Clara, California, Innova employs more than 1,600 technology professionals worldwide, with field offices and delivery centers in Santa Clara, New York, Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Pune, and Taipei. They have strong partnerships with Google, Microsoft, and AWS, amongst other industry leaders, that they leverage while providing value-add services to customers.

From Cloud and/or technology transformation to Data Services to Managed IT Operations (App, data, Infra), Innova provides a broad array of proven, tested, cost-effective, and enterprise scale technologies and services that leverage latest technology and delivery models to deliver high value. Innova Solutions addresses complex inter‑connected environments across multiple global enterprise clients across multiple domains including healthcare, financial services, automotive, media, and entertainment verticals.

Innova Solutions merged with ACS Group in March 2019, to help accelerate the growth of ACS Group’s enterprise transformation solutions, emerging technology solutions and services. Innova Solutions got access to many more enterprise clients and expanded financial bandwidth to offer our value-added solutions and services. 

The Growth Factor –

“We are a unique mid-size player with strong focus on Cloud, Infrastructure, Application and Data Services that are aligned to business functions and processes.”

Since inception, Innova is intensely client focused, specializing on enterprises seeking to raise profitability and optimize their cost with increased agility and innovation, improving IT efficiency and lower operational risk, all while accelerating business transformation. With expertise in handling complex enterprise environments, Innova Solutions helped enterprise clients navigate the challenging integration of the cloud with large scale legacy environments through transformation and automation and the application of best practices and state of the art tools.

Leveraging Innova’s services and offerings, customers have realized costs savings of up to 30%, performance improvements of 20-30%, enhanced security, and improved application performance guarantees that meet or exceed customer requirements.

The Products and Services –

“Innova Solutions is spearheading the transformation of the healthcare and Life Sciences industries. We are confident that we offer unique solutions to improve Business Outcomes. We are focused and well positioned to enhance Patient & Doctor and Doctor & Doctor interaction, communication, collaboration, and care, while reducing healthcare costs and increasing provider and payer profitability.” 

Their Core service offerings include:

  • Healthcare and Life Sciences

From the back office to the doctor’s office, Innova Solutions helps clients deliver more effective, efficient and affordable healthcare with Insight Driven Health. Innova Solutions is helping companies deliver better patient outcomes through differentiated platforms, consulting, and operations services. Through a strong team of 2,500+ resources that 800+ medical coding experts and 1,200 technologists, Innova transforming healthcare, accelerating pharma’s shift to digital, and facilitating long-term planning in an industry where enterprises are already being disrupted significantly by COVID-19.

Innova Solutions offers both technology and operations services to leading enterprises in healthcare and life sciences.

  • Cloud, Infrastructure and Workplace services
    • Innova’s Cloud services aid in designing, building and moving IT infrastructure to the optimal Cloud infrastructure (public, private, or hybrid), thus giving freedom to customers’ infrastructure capital.
    • Core Managed Services Focus offering ITIL-Compliant Service Management combined with modern service management including Infrastructure as Code, Automated Self-Healing, Runbook Automation, across both on-premise and cloud environments
    • Innova combines DevOps capabilities to deliver higher-value applications and components with Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery.
    • Innova also provides SaaS Management services to those enterprises that have a mix of SaaS and on-premise solutions.
  • Application services
    • Innova provides a whole range of application services including Product Engineering services, Modernization services, and Testing services.
    • Our customers take advantage of Innova Modernization Process (IMP) and deploy various strategies such as Re-hosting (Lift and Shift), Re-factoring, Re-building, and Replacing.
  • Data Services and Cognitive Services
    • Innova efficiently formulates data sciences services and cognitive automation such as data discovery/visualization, quality management, artificial intelligence and machine learning, predictive and prescriptive analytics, collaborative business intelligence, data privacy and security, natural language processing, and augmented analytics. Innova also provides cognitive and RPA automation services that transform operational processes to be completed without human intervention.
  • Build-Operate-Transfer Services
    • Innova delivers business value through technology transformation to enterprises by a unique engagement model – BOT (Build-Operate-Transfer). We digitally transform and automate customers’ existing technology model or business operations in a cost-effective manner, by establishing  operations in a new geography with talented dedicated team with no/minimal capital investment along with full transparency of cost management.

Exploring New Avenues-

Innova Solutions has invested in developing cutting edge technologies to solve critical problems for today’s world. Here are some of the solutions/frameworks that make Innova a strong client partner to solve today’s business challenges in the IT world

  • CareExpand
    • CareExpand connects seamlessly to any EHR/EMR/Practice Management patient record system which adds to the uniqueness of this solution. The integration of a patient record system to this elite platform provides an elevated value and immediate key benefits. This value then paired with Innova’s data, analytics, intelligent automation, and dedicated technology resources, creates a perfect compliment. Whether organizations have value-based contracts or just want to add virtual care services like remote patient monitoring, CareExpand is a revenue driver.
  • SmartEdge Payments Platform
    • A Digital payment network between payers and providers enabling timely payments by patients, faster settlements, consolidation across channels, transparency and improved collections
  • Innova Data Science Platform
    • A Comprehensive Data Science Platform with Cognitive Capabilities such as

Image/Information Extraction, Chatbot, Sentiment Analysis Anomaly Detection and Conversational Interfaces

  • Nephele Operations Platform
    • A collection of best-of-breed tools that are loosely coupled in the form of a Message Bus, and an Event Correlation Engine that works together, to provide a framework for IT delivery.
  • Test Automation Framework
    • A script-less automation framework that enables faster development and execution of automation test scripts designed for BRM test automation testing
  • Compliance As A Service:
    • Provide IT infrastructure compliance monitoring, investigation, and remediation across the Enterprise. with the power of UpGuard’s total integrity management platform.

The Team of Innova Solutions

It is an established fact that companies are built by employees. Innova Solutions regards understanding and facilitating development of all employees to their full potential as a prime responsibility of all managers and function heads. As a focused initiative, Innova invests in training and development activities to provide employee the opportunity on a continuous basis. The HR team defines the career lattices which predict a career progression path to all employees.  The training path is baked as part of the KRAs of each employee and is encouraged, measured and tracked every quarter.

“We constantly encourage and drive the teams towards continuous improvements and innovations with the type of initiatives we are executing.”

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