Leading with Purpose: The Inspiring Story of Mathew Job

The Inspiring Story of Mathew Job | The Enterprise World

Leadership isn’t just about steering the ship; it’s about charting unexplored waters and setting new horizons. The leader sets the tone of work, inspiring others to navigate the unknown with unwavering resolve.

In this dynamic realm, one such visionary business leader is Mathew Job, the Executive Chairman at Watertec India, a pioneering provider of innovative plumbing and bathroom solutions. With a career forged in the lessons of challenges and triumphs, Mathew embodies the essence of transformative leadership, where innovation meets integrity, and ambition converges with empathy.

A Journey of Growth & Success 

Mathew Job is a seasoned professional with three decades of rich experience across a wide spectrum of companies and industries. Mathew is equally proficient in formulating strategic plans and in driving excellent execution.

Starting as a frontline salesperson at Philips selling light bulbs, Mathew spent the initial years of his professional career learning the ropes of the trade and building a strong foundation across various functions. After spending 15 years at Philips doing ten different roles across functions and geographies, Mathew Job took on his first country general management role at Grohe, a decision that had a profound and lasting impact on his career, Thereafter, he has led companies like Racold, Crompton Greaves Consumer Electricals, and Watertec (India), showcasing his adaptability and ability to deliver excellent results across different business situations.

Whether it is nurturing established businesses or fueling the growth of startups or early stage companies, Mathew’s journey exemplifies resilience and versatility, making him the dynamic leader he is today.

Navigating Storms in Times of Challenges

Throughout his career, Mathew Job encountered formidable challenges, each demanding innovative solutions and unwavering determination. One of the early challenges he was faced with was at Philips, where he confronted the daunting task of expanding the company’s market share in semi-rural and rural areas. Despite initial setbacks caused by a global decision to halt the launch of a new brand, Mathew pivoted the strategy effectively, harnessing the power of the established Philips brand. The successful pilot in Punjab catapulted the project to national acclaim, significantly boosting company revenue and earning Mathew international recognition, propelling him into his first Asia Pacific role.

Mathew’s leadership skills were significantly enhanced by the series of challenges he led Crompton through during the period of demonetization, the GST implementation and thereafter when business ground to a halt during the covid pandemic. A significant and more recent test of his leadership mettle arose during the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 at Crompton. By proactively transitioning to remote work even before the government mandated it and prioritizing consistent, transparent communication to every person in the organization during the many waves of the pandemic, he fostered resilience and a feeling of security within the organization.

Mathew’s unwavering commitment to his team’s welfare earned him accolades from the Great Place to Work Institute as One of India’s Best Leaders in Times of Crisis, at the same time reinforcing the company’s reputation as a beacon of stability. At Watertec (India), Mathew Job is determined to leverage all his experience and learning to lead the company through the next phase of its journey.

High-end Plumbing & Bathroom Solutions

Watertec has been a beacon of innovation and quality since its inception in 1997. The company combines advanced technology and superior materials to craft products that epitomize durability and reliability. Watertec seamlessly combines functionality with aesthetics, offering a diverse range that elevates the ambiance of any living space. 

What’s more? Boasting state-of-the-art manufacturing units producing 40 million pieces annually, Watertec is a market leader in polymer-based bath fittings, driven by its unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction and continuous improvement. With a vision to revolutionize bath spaces and enhance the bathing experience, Watertec remains steadfast in its mission to create healthier, more stylish, and more enjoyable environments for all.

Key Milestones and Achievements

New Beginning & New Set-Up
Became the First company to use POM, ensuring superior quality.
Established All India Commercial footprint across all regions.
Expanded with a 5.5-acre facility at Vagarampalayam, Coimbatore UNIT-2.
Launched a fully automated IMD & Assembly division at Sulur, Coimbatore UNIT-3.
DB Super Brands 2019 Winner & Brand of the Year.
Expanded portfolio with AQCETO launch & International Partnerships.
Achieved 500 Crores Revenue.

Acquired by Warburg Pincus.
Opened a second office at Thane.

Innovating for Excellence Beyond the Norm

Consumer-Centric ApproachInnovative SolutionsPolymer Engineering ProductsChrome-Plated Polymer TapsTank Filter Technology

What distinguishes the company from its competitors is its unwavering commitment to offering innovative solutions that exceed consumer expectations. By deeply understanding consumer needs and pain points, the company crafts products that stand out in the market. For instance, in response to the challenges faced by Indian consumers with metal taps prone to rusting and scaling, especially in coastal and hardwater areas, the company pioneered the use of polymer engineering products. 

By choosing materials like POM the company guarantees superior strength and durability, enhancing both functionality and aesthetic appeal. Another important Innovation is the chrome-plated polymer taps that cater to consumers desiring style and resilience. Additionally, the Tank filter, capable of filtering particles up to 130 microns, extends the lifespan of costly fittings like RO systems, taps, and showers. These innovations serve to showcase the company’s industry leadership and innovative edge in bathroom solutions.

Building Innovation from Within

A strong work culture is the foundation of organizational success, shaping employee morale, productivity, and innovation. Yet, many companies stumble in fostering a culture of creativity and innovation, leading to missed opportunities for growth. However, under Mathew’s leadership, Watertec is championing a culture of innovation and creativity that empowers employees to thrive. Mathew Job is driving this at Watertec by using a multipronged strategy:

  • Encouraging Risk-Taking: Creating an environment where employees feel empowered to take risks and innovate, understanding that failure is a natural part of the process and should be celebrated.
  • Improving Collaboration through Cross-Functional Teams: Facilitating the cross-pollination of ideas by assembling diverse teams to tackle critical issues and develop new products, while also encouraging employees to contribute ideas for improvement.
  • Leading from the Front: Demonstrating commitment to innovation from leadership by actively participating in design thinking sessions, challenging existing paradigms, and integrating innovation-related KPIs into company and leadership scorecards.
  • Providing Necessary Resources: Equipping employees with essential resources such as access to training and development programs focused on areas like design thinking and translating insights into actionable products.

A Better & Sustainable Future Through Social Responsibility

Watertec prioritizes corporate social responsibility (CSR) and environmental sustainability, with initiatives focusing on community upliftment and environmental stewardship, including water conservation and educational support for community schools. The company integrates sustainable practices into its operations, such as energy reduction and recycling programs. Ethical sourcing and fair labor practices are fundamental to Watertec’s supply chain management, ensuring alignment with social and environmental responsibility values. By fostering diversity and inclusion internally and externally, Watertec drives continuous improvement. Watertec also promotes responsible water usage through innovative product design and consumer education initiatives.

Toward New Horizons

Under Mathew’s leadership, Watertec India is poised for expansive growth, aiming to solidify its position as a leading provider of comprehensive bathroom solutions both domestically and internationally. With a strong foothold in South India’s polymer bath fittings market and a growing presence in the East, the company is focused on strengthening its market share in these regions while aggressively pursuing opportunities to capture a double-digit market share in the North and West. Recognizing the significant potential in the residential plumbing segment, Watertec is determined to carve out a profitable niche amidst established players, leveraging its innovative approach and commitment to quality.

Additionally, Watertec sees vast potential in its currently small sanitaryware and CP fittings business, envisioning its scalability to a much higher scale. By diversifying its product portfolio and expanding its market reach, Watertec is primed to unlock new avenues of growth. The company aims to solidify its position as an industry leader in the years to come, and Mathew Job is all geared up to support and spearhead the company.

The Guiding Lights Towards Success

Mathew Job draws profound inspiration from his parents and grandfather, whose strong values have guided his every thought and action. They imparted in him the importance of personal integrity, honesty, and respect for all, regardless of economic status. Being self made individuals, they instilled in Mathew the belief that with proper planning, excellent execution, and unwavering commitment, any task is achievable if one were to put one’s mind into it.

However, while inspiration sets us on the path to success, it’s the motivation that keeps us grounded and propels us forward toward even greater achievements. For Mathew, triumphs and failures represent essential components of personal and professional growth. Believing in aiming high and embracing both success and failure, he perceives each experience as an opportunity for learning and refinement.

Just like many others, adversity imparted life’s most profound lessons to Mathew Job. The COVID-19 pandemic served as a transformative moment, teaching Mathew invaluable lessons in effective and empathetic leadership during times of crisis. Viewing challenges as catalysts for growth, Mathew draws inspiration from overcoming obstacles, recognizing that they offer profound lessons in leadership and resilience.

Striking a Balance between Work & Personal Life

Mathew Job effortlessly juggles various roles, striking the perfect balance between work and personal life. He emphasizes the importance of establishing boundaries between work and home, striving to disconnect from work during personal time to prioritize recovery. While acknowledging the need to be always available, he consciously dedicates time at home to spend quality time with family, watching movies, and exercising daily. Recognizing the importance of mental and physical well-being, Mathew prioritizes quality time over quantity. At work, Mathew ensures efficient delegation of tasks and concentrates solely on matters that demand his personal attention and involvement. This approach is just one of the many qualities that define Mathew as a remarkable leader.

Insights for Future Leaders

For those eyeing the entrepreneurial journey, Mathew Job offers invaluable counsel. He stresses the vitality of nurturing ideas fueled by authentic passion and conviction. Yet, he cautions against complacency, urging thorough research to gauge viability—a step often overlooked by many. Drawing from his own experiences, Mathew advocates for an unparalleled work ethic and resilience, underscoring the pivotal role of execution alongside ideation. 

The Way Forward

In shaping a legacy, Mathew Job aspires to cultivate a cadre of leaders who inspire through empowerment and resilience and foster an environment where risks are embraced and failures seen as stepping stones to growth. Through mentorship and shared recognition, he aims to leave an indelible mark on his team, mindful of the lasting impact of personal development, all of which will definitely benefit Watertec India in the years to come.

Today, the company stands poised to redefine the business landscape, particularly in sustainable water management. With a steadfast commitment to corporate responsibility, the company endeavors to harness its expertise to advocate for the responsible utilization of this precious resource, championing a brighter, more sustainable future for all.

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