Frame Up Now: A Chance to Join the Steel Frame Low-Cost Housing Revolution

Frame Up Now: A Chance to Join the Steel Frame | The Enterprise World

When you hear the term “disruptive technology,” it is usually in the sphere of IT and how new technology can give businesses an edge over their competition.

The one area where you would not expect to hear the phrase is in the building industry. Modern technology has led to many changes in how we construct buildings. However, this change has been gradual and certainly far from disruptive. 

The residential sector of the construction industry is about to transform, and one company is looking to spearhead that transformation, Frame Up Now. It intends to revolutionize the sector with a new manufacturing process that can produce lightweight yet durable cold-formed steel (CFS) frames. This drastically reduces the cost of building homes, especially in the low-cost and affordable sector. 

The beauty of Frame Up Now’s steel frames’ proven technology is how incredibly easy it is to assemble. With average DIY skills, anyone can now build a home using these frames, opening up home construction to a whole new group of people. No longer will house building be limited to professional construction workers.

The Name Behind the Revolution

The quote rings true: “Few keep their promises. Fewer finish what they start. And of those rare few, even fewer maintain the initial passion that fueled their vision.”

Rodger G. Ford, however, stands out as one of those exceptional few. As the CEO of Frame Up Now, this ageless entrepreneur embodies the true spirit of enthusiasm. Even on the cusp of his ninth decade, he thrives on igniting new ideas across diverse industries. 

His lifetime achievements, spanning a remarkable breadth of sectors, leave many in awe as if he has had not one but several extraordinary careers. Currently, Rodger brings his visionary leadership and passion to Frame Up Now, a company revolutionizing residential construction with cold-formed steel and cutting-edge technology.

A Lifelong Journey of Innovation

Rodger’s entrepreneurial spirit is as boundless as his curiosity. In 1970, he founded AlphaGraphics, a company that revolutionized the printing industry by pioneering the concept of “Print Shops of the Future.” By 1988, his vision had transformed AlphaGraphics into a global success story, boasting 400 locations across 20 countries.

Never one to rest on his laurels, Rodger co-founded PetsHotel, a company that catered to the changing needs of pet owners. This innovative idea created a luxurious sanctuary, forever altering the pet boarding industry. The success of PetsHotel culminated in its acquisition by PetsMart in 2000, with PetsHotel locations now gracing most PetsMart outlets.

However, Rodger’s ventures extend far beyond retail and hospitality. From 2005 to 2011, he served as CEO of SynCardia, a company at the forefront of artificial heart technology. His visionary leadership transformed SynCardia from a “science project” into a true bioscience pioneer, achieving significant breakthroughs in this life-saving field.

Even today, Rodger remains an insatiable innovator. In 2022, he recognized the potential of CFS frame construction, and his entrepreneurial spirit ignited once more. With his wealth of experience and Out-of-the-box innovations, he effectively brings this new concept to the market.

As an accomplished horseman in 2023, Rodger became the World Champion in the rodeo sport of team penning. From a field of 671 teams and 5 rounds later, Rodger and his two partners were crowned victors. It was not his first rodeo and definitely not the last, but quite an accomplishment for a 79-year-young cowboy.

Rodger’s career is a testament to the power of curiosity and a drive to innovate. He has consistently identified opportunities across diverse industries, leaving a lasting impact on everything he touches.

Frame Up Now: Building Homes Faster, Smarter

Frame Up Now manufactures high-quality steel components that conform to engineered plans for pre-designed DIY metal affordable home skeletons. It allows homeowners and builders a faster and more efficient alternative to traditional wood framing or block construction.

  • A global strategy

“It matters not where in the world you live. Having a roof over your head, the ability to stay warm and dry with having sufficient food are the requirements for even the most basic standard of living.”— Frame Up Now. 

The global population leads a static life, and having a more traditional form of accommodation becomes the goal. However, does it have to be the exclusive domain of those in the construction industry, or should the option of building a home not be the right of all of us? 

Until the development of easily assembled steel frames or skeletons, only skilled tradesmen could build a home. Regardless, Frame Up Now is helping to overcome the two long-term principal barriers to affordable or low-cost housing for millions of people – the cost of construction and the skills required to self-build.

Demand for low-cost housing

“The demand for low-cost housing is not a trend but the result of a combination of several societal trends that have resulted in a ‘perfect storm’ particularly in the Western world.”

Frame Up Now

The dream of homeownership has become increasingly challenging, particularly for first-time buyers. In past decades, housing prices remained relatively stable compared to average wages. However, in recent years, property values skyrocketed while wages haven’t kept pace. This affordability crisis has locked many out of the traditional housing market.

Frame Up Now is a potential solution to this issue that focuses on innovative and cost-effective construction methods. It aims to make property ownership a more attainable dream for many. The company’s approach can address the affordability concerns (plaguing potential homeowners) and contribute to a more accessible housing market.

Why Frame Up Now Makes Homeownership a Reality?

For potential homeowners facing a challenging market, Frame Up Now offers a solution – Steel-frame construction. While affordability is a crucial advantage, there are other benefits to consider:

Reduced Risk of Environmental Damage: Steel frames are ideal for regions prone to termite infestation, high humidity, or constant dampness, whereas traditional wood frames are susceptible to rot and mold.
Faster Construction: Steel frames can be erected in roughly 60% of the time needed for timber frames and 40% of the time for block structures. This translates to significant labor cost savings.
Reduced Labor Needs: Steel frames don’t require the expertise of a carpenter, eliminating those costs. Additionally, pre-drilled holes for wiring and plumbing minimize on-site work.
Minimal Upfront Cost Difference: While the steel frame material itself is 15% more expensive than timber or block, the labor savings quickly offset this cost.
Frame Up Now: A Chance to Join the Steel Frame | The Enterprise World

By combining affordability with reduced environmental risk and efficient construction, Frame Up Now empowers both experienced builders and DIY enthusiasts to achieve the dream of homeownership.

Beyond Pre-Designed Homes

Frame Up Now offers a breadth of options, from 25 pre-designed budget-friendly houses and tiny homes to the exciting potential of barndominiums – residential spaces fused with barn structures.

“Whether building a custom garage, workshop, or even an extension for your existing property, we empower our customers to bring those dreams to life.”

Submit a detailed drawing, and it will transform into the digital file needed for their FRAMECAD “printing” machine to create a bespoke steel frame.

Revolutionizing Steel-Frame Construction

Frame Up Now offers a unique steel-frame construction system, unlike traditional methods. Here’s what sets it apart:

  • Beyond Affordable Housing: While the company excels in creating low-cost and affordable homes, the system’s flexibility extends beyond single-family dwellings. Garages, workshops, and even property extensions can be constructed using its steel frames.
  • Adaptable and Eco-Friendly: Unlike traditional block or timber frames, Frame Up Now’s cold-formed steel (CFS) is lightweight, sturdy, and perfect for diverse environments. Additionally, CFS is 95% recyclable, minimizing environmental impact.
  • Innovative Technology: It collaborates with FRAMECAD, which develops a patented steel-frame production system. This system prioritizes speed, efficiency, and affordability, addressing the housing needs.
  • Global Network: The company boasts over 1,000 machines in 120 countries, with Frame Up Now providing design software for a vast range of properties, from tiny homes to substantial family dwellings. This established network demonstrates the system’s growing popularity.
  • Sustainable and Cost-Effective: The steel frame production process requires only one operator, minimizing labor costs. Additionally, minimal waste is generated (1%) and is recycled.

Frame Up Now is poised to play a significant role in the future of steel-frame construction, offering a network of manufacturers supported by the Frame Up Now intellectual property to meet the ever-increasing demand for this innovative and sustainable building solution.

Beyond Borders, Beyond Expectations

The Frame Up Now network extends far beyond traditional business partnerships. Here’s what makes it unique:

Global Reach:Orders can be placed remotely, enabling l housebuilders to order frames from a central office for delivery anywhere in the US. The network even facilitates international transactions, where a frame chosen and paid for in Arizona  can be manufactured and delivered to Nairobi.
Building a Brand:Frame Up Now aims to establish a global presence, making cost-efficient steel-frame construction the go-to option for affordable homeownership. This comprehensive network enables brand recognition worldwide.
Beyond Basic Frames:Frame Up Now offers a Bill of Materials (BOM), a Materials Shopping List . This approach caters to DIYers and or their contractors and provides a clearer picture of the final costs for their chosen property design.
Precision and Expertise:Frame Up Now’s design and engineering system creates precise, machine-ready plans for collaborators. While FRAMECAD engineering software is available to its customers, builders require specialized expertise and a dedicated design department to ensure plans are properly engineered and meet permitting requirements.
Frame Up Now: A Chance to Join the Steel Frame | The Enterprise World

Building Success with Opportunities for Every Builder

Frame Up Now offers exciting business opportunities for builders of all sizes:

  • Low-Volume Builders (Up to 3 Homes per Year):
    • Maintain a hands-on approach and trusted workforce.
    • Increase efficiency with steel-frame construction, allowing for more projects annually.
    • Leverage the Frame Up Now network for frame sourcing, marketing support, and client referrals.
    • Offer rapid turnaround times, impressing clients with fast frame erection.
  • Medium-Volume Builders (Up to 10 Homes per Year):
    • Increase profitability by building more units without raising overhead costs.
    • Potential for significant growth by becoming a Frame Up Now collaborator and manufacturing frames for other builders in the area.
    • Leverage Frame Up Now’s reputation and FRAMECAD’s credibility to attract new clients.
    • Run separate businesses (construction and frame manufacturing) to promote each other.

Frame Up Now empowers builders to showcase the benefits of steel-frame construction firsthand. “Imagine demonstrating the speed of steel-frame erection compared to traditional methods” – a powerful closing tactic by the company for potential buyers.

A Developer’s Dream

Frame Up Now unlocks a treasure trove of opportunities for property developers, particularly in urban environments grappling with land scarcity and relaxed building regulations.

The potential for rapid, cost-effective housing development is undeniable. Frame Up Now offers a range of 25 low-cost steel-frame designs, or developers can customize their own. This flexibility allows it to operate as a one-stop shop, handling permits, construction, and sales for a streamlined process. By focusing on exceptional customer experience – minimal disruption, swift completion times, and quality finishes – developers can build trust and secure valuable referrals.

The company also promotes a lean business model. Developers can assemble project-specific teams of contractors, minimizing overhead costs. Frames can be ordered from nearby Frame Up Now collaborators, eliminating the need for upfront investment in manufacturing equipment. Stage payments from clients further ensure minimal debt accrual until project completion.

Looking beyond traditional development, it presents exciting partnership opportunities. Collaboration with local governments allows developers to leverage resources like land and permits, focusing their expertise on construction. This strategic approach streamlines the process of building low-cost housing developments, addressing a critical need in many communities.

Strategic land acquisition becomes easier with Frame Up Now. Off-market development land becomes viable due to the cost-effectiveness of steel-frame units. Additionally, a Materials Shopping List available at  Home Depot would provide developers with pre-defined finishing options offering a clear picture of final costs for potential homeowners.

For established developers, Frame Up Now’s low-cost steel-frame construction presents a lucrative new market segment to expand their portfolios. By embracing Frame Up Now’s innovative system, developers can streamline the building process, reduce costs, and cater to the growing demand for affordable housing.

Expanding Residential Construction Business

Frame Up Now empowers builders to broaden their offerings and win more projects by:

Enhanced Sales Options:Offer customers a choice between traditional and cost-effective steel-frame construction.Introduce steel frames as a competitive alternative when potential clients hesitate due to pricing.
Competitive Annexes:Reduce quotes for self-contained annexes using steel frames, enhancing local reputation without compromising quality.
Attracting Investors:Cater to investors seeking affordable rental properties with low maintenance costs.Partner with realtors to offer attractive commissions for connecting with potential investors.
Frame Up Now: A Chance to Join the Steel Frame | The Enterprise World

Builders gain a significant advantage by incorporating Frame Up Now’s steel-frame systems. The ability to offer a wide range of options, from low-cost houses to traditional builds at a potentially lower cost, translates to increased opportunities and a chance to secure more projects. There’s no additional cost to present the company’s designs, and the potential to clinch deals and generate more business is substantial.

Sharing the Secrets to Building Businesses

Driven by a passion for entrepreneurship and a proven track record of success, Rodger is co-authoring a book titled “Entrepreneurial Ascension.” Partnering with New York Times bestselling author Michael E. Gerber, the book delves into the secrets of building and scaling businesses.

Rodger’s journey serves as a powerful narrative throughout the book. He rose to the top of the entrepreneurial world, starting with AlphaGraphics, a company he founded in 1970 that eventually boasted 400 locations across 20 countries. His experiences extended beyond printing – he co-founded PetsHotel.

Later, as CEO of SynCardia, Rodger’s leadership proved pivotal. He spearheaded advancements in artificial heart technology, improving its portability and effectiveness, and now, using his experience as a CEO at Frame Up Now.

“Entrepreneurial Ascension” goes beyond mere technical expertise. Rodger highlights the importance of vision as he believes a clear vision, not technical proficiency, is the cornerstone of business success. Without a defined objective, businesses become stagnant, lacking the direction necessary to reach their full potential.

With his personal experiences and insights, Rodger provides aspiring entrepreneurs with the knowledge and vision necessary to start their journey toward success.

Frame Up Now: A Chance to Join the Steel Frame | The Enterprise World

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