Travis Rush: Transforming Healthcare Access and Convenience 

Travis Rush: Transforming Healthcare Access and Convenience | The Enterprise World

Detecting and managing diseases early is one of the main challenges in the healthcare industry. This is important for improving patient outcomes and reducing healthcare costs. Wellness and Fitness Services addresses this challenge by promoting proactive health measures and regular check-ups. These services focus on preventive care through lifestyle changes, exercise, and nutrition guidance. 

Leaders in Wellness and Fitness Services inspire and educate individuals and communities about the importance of a healthy lifestyle. They create personalized wellness programs and collaborate with healthcare professionals to promote an approach to disease prevention and management.

Travis Rush, Co-founder & CEO of Reperio Health, is a well-known leader in the Wellness and Fitness Services industry. His leadership approach is focused on addressing global health challenges. He uses empathy, creativity, and effective leadership strategies to achieve this goal.

Entrepreneurial Journey

Travis Rush has extensive experience in web application development, with over 25 years in the industry. He founded Sightbox, an inclusive vision care solution that caught the attention of Johnson & Johnson, leading to its acquisition in 2017. Additionally, he is the founder and owner of Lucky Lab Studios, a recording studio and record label, where he pursues his passion for music and creativity. Travis previously owned Rushweb Solutions, a company focused on website development, search engine optimization (SEO), and dedicated hosting services, which he later sold. He established Reperio in 2019, a company providing biometric screening services both onsite and at home. 

Convenience Redefined

Since Reperio’s inception, it has grown significantly, especially with the company’s patents. It has developed patented technology that has become important, especially during the pandemic. Reperio offers a biometric screening service that provides real-time results and health insights. By integrating traditional medical devices into a single kit, Reperio’s platform enhances convenience for users who can perform at-home testing. The Reperio app guides users through the testing process with clear instructions and presents the results and information in a user-friendly way for all individuals/patients. 

IndustryWellness and Fitness Services
Company size11-50 employees
HeadquartersPortland, OR
SpecialtiesHealth Screening, Wellness Assessment, Biometrics, and Employee Wellness

Bridging Treatment Gaps

Reperio Health faced several initial challenges. The first hurdle was realizing that modernizing wellness is not a simple task but requires a multifaceted approach. This required Reperio Health to adopt core values guiding the transition from outdated practices to updated solutions, aiming to improve declining health outcomes. A key factor in Reperio’s success is addressing barriers to healthcare access, particularly for individuals in rural areas who struggle to access timely and preventive care due to geographical restrictions.

The COVID-19 pandemic highlighted the importance of overcoming access challenges, particularly with the shift to remote work and doorstep services. This societal change, combined with pressure on the healthcare system leading to extended waiting times and treatment gaps, has made it more challenging for individuals to seek necessary medical care. Reperio Health has positioned itself uniquely in the healthcare industry by directly confronting and resolving these initial challenges. 

Unique Offerings

Here are the services provided by Reperio:

Reperio Connected Health Experience: Reperio simplifies the medical device and results processing, offering a connected and seamless user experience. This service streamlines the entire healthcare journey, reducing strain and inefficiency within the healthcare system, and providing convenient screening solutions for consumers, employers, and providers.

Reperio Biometric Screening Kit: It enables users to measure vital indicators of chronic diseases such as hypertension and prediabetes. The kit includes a Bluetooth-connected blood pressure cuff that simplifies the process, allowing users to conveniently monitor their health at home. Additionally, the integration of other biometric data, such as waist and height measurements, enhances the kit’s capabilities, providing valuable insights into overall health.

Comprehensive Health Monitoring Solution: It allows users to easily measure key health indicators such as total cholesterol, HDL, LDL, glucose, and triglycerides through a simple finger prick. This user-friendly and comprehensive approach to health monitoring empowers individuals to take control of their health proactively.

Reperio’s wellness kits provide a convenient solution for individuals to measure their blood pressure, cholesterol, glucose, and other health metrics at home. With instant results, users can easily track their health and make informed decisions. The company’s screening kit also supports the integration of Bluetooth-connected medical devices, allowing for expanded offerings like STI kits and A1C testing. Reperio Health persistently considers feedback from customers, partners, and clients, with a strong commitment to integrating premium features into the company’s product lineup. Under Travis’s leadership, the company has excelled in delivering exceptional products and services.

Perseverance in Action

Three consistent leadership traits observed in Travis Rush:

  • Exploring new ideas and gaining insights from mistakes: Travis Rush demonstrates a willingness to explore new approaches and learn from past failures. He believes in understanding the reasons behind failures and using that knowledge to drive future success.
  • Challenging conventional norms: Travis encourages questioning established practices in the healthcare industry. He promotes a mindset of seeking better ways to do things, adopting innovation and continuous improvement.
  • Persistence and Problem-solving: Travis approaches challenges with determination and a focus on finding solutions. He believes in seeking alternative paths and collaborating with others to overcome obstacles, showcasing a persistent and strategic problem-solving approach.

Travis Rush has been a valued member of the Oregon Entrepreneurs Network board for two years. His dedication and commitment to mentoring aspiring entrepreneurs in the community have made a significant impact. He actively contributes his time and expertise to nurture entrepreneurship and is always available to offer assistance and guidance whenever needed. With his extensive experience and passion for entrepreneurship, Travis plays a crucial role in empowering Oregon’s next generation of business leaders.

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