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Over the years, cloud services have undergone a remarkable transformation, catalyzing a revolution in the Software as a Service (SaaS) industry. What started as a simple concept of remotely hosted applications has evolved into a sophisticated ecosystem of cloud computing, storage, and networking. 

This evolution has empowered the SaaS sector by offering scalable, cost-effective, and accessible solutions to businesses and individuals worldwide. The synergy between cloud services and SaaS has not only transformed the way software is delivered but has also democratized technology, enabling innovation, collaboration, and efficiency in ways previously unimaginable.

Featuring for The Enterprise World’s this issue of Most Trusted Cloud Commerce Solution Providers – 2023 is the story of, a leading player in the SaaS industry. 

The Company has developed a state-of-the-art cloud commerce platform that transforms traditional IT sellers into Cloud Solution Providers. Addressing the needs of Cloud Distributors, CSPs, MSPs, and ISVs all over the world, the platform successfully automates key cloud service processes, such as billing, ordering, invoicing, and recurring payments for Office 365, Microsoft Azure, Microsoft ESD, Acronis, and other SaaS and solutions.

With more than 15 active and fully functional integrations — including with leading products from major cloud vendors — the platform helps businesses in more than 70 countries boost their service portfolio and expand their cloud offerings.

“We empower every ICT organization on the planet to thrive in the Cloud Business.”

Increasing Efficiency

From the very beginning, set out with a clear mission: empower every IT business in the planet to thrive in cloud commerce by automating all key cloud operations. 

Some of the challenges the company helped organizations overcome were – 

  • Different rules for different cloud services
  • Slow and manual work
  • Difficulty setting up services by hand
  • Tricky billing issues with pay-as-you-go models
  • Connecting with other software a company uses
  • Lack of single marketplace 

It was evident that a comprehensive solution was needed to simplify, automate, and streamline these aspects, thus ushering in a new era of efficient cloud service management and elevated customer experience.

“Our vision extended beyond geographical constraints, and this is where our multi-tenancy, multi-currency, and multi-country capabilities came into play.”

By embracing these features, the platform empowers businesses to seamlessly operate and sell across multiple countries, languages, and currencies, all while seamlessly adapting to country-specific taxation rules. This not only ensures secure and scalable expansion but also accelerates growth on a global scale.

The adaptability of the platform is particularly advantageous for both large-scale enterprises and cloud distributors. Whether you identify as a Distributor or a Service Provider, the company’s platform caters to your unique business model. 

For Distributors spanning multiple regions, the platform supports the launch of distinct marketplaces per region, all managed centrally for maximum efficiency. 

Service Providers, on the other hand, can harness their direct agreements with Vendors, layering their solutions atop established relationships to offer enhanced value.

A Comprehensive Guide to’s Products and Services

The platform is a holistic, end-to-end cloud commerce platform that transforms traditional IT sellers into successful Cloud Solution Providers. Addressing the needs of Cloud Distributors, CSPs, MSPs, and ISVs worldwide, the platform automates the key business processes of a modern Cloud Provider, such as 24/7 selling of leading cloud offerings, such as Microsoft 365, Microsoft Azure, Microsoft ESD, Acronis, Adobe and other SaaS solutions, instant provisioning of the cloud services, subscription management, automated billing and collecting of the recurring payments from Customers or Resellers and much more! 

With the most popular pre-built cloud vendor integrations or third-party connections and an open API integration framework, the platform helps businesses in over 70 countries expand their cloud services portfolio and build their own cloud ecosystem. 

In addition, is a proud Microsoft New Commerce Experience (NCE) compliant platform, assisting Cloud Solution Providers in capitalizing on NCE evolving opportunities. As an embodiment of innovation, also extends their offerings to include MaaS for resellers, propelling Cloud Distributors to elevate customer engagements and cultivate elevated partnerships.

Giving the Customers an Advantage: What Differentiates

“At, we understand the importance of flexibility needed in building cloud ecosystems. Our customers need the space and the right tools to smartly design their unique business workflows, enrich their cloud portfolio and draw their value proposition. Our platform is built to empower cloud providers to shape their cloud commerce experience and perfectly align with their company goals and market trends.”, says Vassilis Zografos, CEO. 

A Microsoft New Commerce Experience-compliant platform. 

The team helps cloud businesses adapt faster and smarter to the NCE changes, grow their revenues and scale their business by offering the most powerful and NCE-ready platform. The company’s value proposition is that the team implements the vendor-related requirements, aiming to ensure the business agility and to minimize the credit risk factors for the customers. 

“And that’s what is setting us apart from the competition!”

Multi–Tier Deployment & multi-everything approach

The platform empowers cloud businesses to expand effortlessly. Distributors can launch region-specific marketplaces, all managed centrally. Service providers enjoy direct integrations with global cloud vendors, streamlining business expansion and unique bundled offerings. The company’s product management tool simplifies portfolio management and pricing strategies, giving ICT providers the freedom to diversify seamlessly. 

“We support multi-country deployments, global operations, multi-currency transactions, and compliance with country-specific tax regulations for our customers.”

Marketplace-as-a-Service (MaaS) for Resellers offering 

Self-Service Management Portal for Resellers offering’s Self-Service Management Portal empowers Cloud Distributors to enhance their partnerships. This platform allows Resellers to easily launch their own white-label Marketplace, offering self-service features for orders and subscriptions.

It fosters distributor-reseller relationships and encourages growth. Resellers can start their own branded Marketplace for free, saving time and digitalizing transactions. End customers benefit from transparent control over subscriptions, freeing resellers to focus on business expansion.

“We aim to support digital transformation and build a top-tier cloud distribution network.”

Unparalleled Support  

The team prioritizes understanding the customers’ needs, offering personalized training, and providing ongoing support to help them achieve their growth goals. With a global presence, customer-centric approach, and innovative solutions like MaaS for Resellers, the company stands out in the cloud ecosystem. The team’s commitment to NCE compliance and multi-tier deployment support makes them a trusted partner. 

“We offer unparalleled business consulting and support services, fostering digital transformation and empowering businesses in the evolving cloud landscape.”

Taking a Step Ahead has set its sights on becoming the world’s biggest open ecosystem orchestrator, with a focus on establishing the largest global ecosystem for reselling Business XaaS vendors. By enabling vendors to access new markets through channels, is paving the way for increased sales opportunities and growth potential. 

The company is also dedicated to building a compelling open cloud commerce marketplace that enables the hassle-free selling of XaaS vendor solutions. As the industry continues to shift towards cloud-based solutions, is positioning itself at the forefront of this movement, with a clear vision for the future that aims to meet the evolving needs of businesses worldwide. 

Through a commitment to innovation and a customer-first mentality, is well on its way to achieving its ambitious goals and solidifying its position as a leader in the cloud commerce space. 

A Remarkable Journey So Far

Throughout the company’s journey, has achieved remarkable milestones that have reshaped the industry’s landscape and highlighted the team’s dedication to remaining at the forefront of technological advancements. 

“Our innovation journey has been marked by the introduction of a pioneering product that has made a remarkable impact in the cloud market.”

A defining aspect of the company’s success lies in the team’s unwavering commitment to nurturing a collaborative and dynamic company culture. This approach has proven pivotal in attracting and retaining exceptional talent, propelling our team’s creative thinking and problem-solving capabilities to new heights.

The company’s journey is underpinned by consistent financial growth, a testament to the effectiveness of our business strategies and our capacity to adapt to evolving market dynamics. 

“Strategic partnerships have played a crucial role in our success.”

The company has built strong connections with top cloud vendors, allowing it to offer the latest solutions. Their collaborations with respected analysts provide valuable insights, keeping the strategies in line with industry trends and best practices.

“Our customers are really important to us, and we listen to what they say. Their feedback helps us make our products better. We always try to make them happy by focusing on what they need.”, Vassilis Zografos, CEO.

From the CEO

Vassilis Zografos’ Message to the Budding Entrepreneurs

“In the dynamic and ever-evolving landscape of our industry, one of the most invaluable pieces of advice we can offer to fellow companies and business leaders is to prioritize adaptability. The technology sphere is in a constant state of flux, demanding a proactive readiness to embrace new trends and emerging opportunities. An ethos of innovation should permeate your organization, encouraging your teams to cultivate curiosity and open-mindedness.

Maintaining a vigilant awareness of customer needs and market shifts is paramount. Flexibility and the ability to pivot your strategies in response to these changes are what differentiate thriving companies from the rest. In this context, adaptability isn’t just a strategic choice; it’s a mindset that empowers you to navigate challenges and seize new possibilities with agility.

Furthermore, anchoring your journey in a clear vision and mission is foundational. Communicating these guiding principles effectively to your leadership team fosters a shared understanding and a sense of unified purpose. The orchestration of your leadership team, underpinned by a well-defined focus and alignment, ensures that everyone is working harmoniously toward common objectives.

To foster a culture of growth and innovation, autonomy is key. Encouraging autonomous thinking within your company nurtures an environment of experimentation and discovery, where employees are free to unearth new value and drive creative solutions.

Equally important is the composition of your team. Surround yourself with open-minded individuals who are not just receptive to change, but actively seek it. Boosting accountability throughout your team establishes a sense of responsibility and ownership, ensuring that each person contributes to the collective progress.

Of course, a cornerstone of success is offering robust products that align with your audience’s genuine needs. This demands active listening to your audience and the market. Staying relevant hinges on the creation of products that effectively address your audience’s true pain points.”

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