Why You Should Invest More in the Recruitment Process

Invest in Recruitment Process - 4 Best Reasons

For many executives, the time has come to put more money and resources into internal recruitment i.e Invest in Recruitment Process

For some, that means buying agency software or human resources software that will help your business do more with recruitment and hiring each day.

For others, it might mean more of a brainstorming process around the HR workflows that contribute to hiring and talent sourcing. That often involves some meetings, efforts at buy-in, and sometimes, reshuffling of resources toward this goal.

Either way, here are some of the reasons that leaders are thinking hard about getting on the ball with recruitment and hiring processes.

Following are the reasons for Invest in Recruitment Process

1. Modernizing Brings ROI

Modernizing and automating hiring processes can bring massive efficiencies to the table, and good recruitment service can help with finding these synergies.

Think about the old 20-page forms that people had to fill out while applying for a job. That is a big barrier for job applicants – it takes them a lot of time and effort. But does it also put a lot of work on the HR department, too?

In some key senses, it does. Those applications have to be read and dealt with in ways that are often as obsolete and arcane as old paper ledgers. That can really strain your company’s resources, no matter what size the business is. Look at what new processes can do to take a burden off of your existing staff.

In other words, there are a lot of opportunities to cut costs and boost profits with better recruitment and hiring practices. When companies figure out what those are, they are often able to turn all of that useful business intelligence to their advantage.

Suppose a certain technology tool like agency software or HR recruitment software will replace a human process that used to take four hours for every employee. Or suppose you can do something analytical to lower the costs of conducting certain HR processes.

A prime example is onboarding. Maybe your company has to spend so many hours instructing an employee on something, to comply with an industry-standard or federal law. Maybe you have some kind of learning that’s incredibly important for internal company processes.

On-boarding software does a number of things that can bring you ROI. That can start with making some of the previously paper on-boarding testing into modules that can be completed remotely, in a digital way.

Think about all of these opportunities to advance business interests with modernization.

2. Building Better Relationships

Some of the soft benefits of better internal recruitment have to do with the ways that businesses build relationships with individuals.

Think of the new candidate or applicant as somebody who is being welcomed into your business family. What does that mean?

It means that when these relationships are more vibrant, and there’s more work put in, you get better coordination and cooperation. You often get better productivity and lower turnover, too. That, in turn, adds to the return on investment that people are talking about when they suggest putting more money and more time into recruitment and hiring.

3. Empowerment and Creativity

Beyond all of the above and the evident benefits that it brings, there’s a philosophy that takes this idea a step further.

Some people call it ‘agile work values,’ and some people call it something else. But what a lot of job experts agree on is that companies gain by taking active employee feedback and working it into the business model. On the other side of the coin, when they don’t do this, they’re losing out.

So allowing your employees to weigh in creates its own value, too, in the form of business intelligence and competitive corporate culture. Corporate culture has its own value, as experienced HR people and other professionals know. Creating a better corporate culture boosts an employee’s ability to be a brand ambassador, and attract others to that brand. It’s a major driver of core success for any kind of business!

4. Competition and Reputation

That flows smoothly into another corresponding idea – that better talent recruitment is going to give your business a better reputation, even among your customer base.

Wait a minute – do customers pay attention to a company’s employment policies?

Absolutely, they do. In fact, even investors have been known to buy into come public companies based on their reputations as employers. Companies known as employee-friendly have built whole empires based on this perceived interest in better employee relationships. Costco and Chipotle are two past examples of this principle in action.

At the end of the day, spending more on hiring and recruiting brings its own rewards. Sometimes you can use something like a recruitment service to optimize how your business does these things. In many cases incorporating agency software or HR recruitment software into your business architecture can help. Bring your business forward into the 21st century with excellent modern talent sourcing strategies!

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