When Is a Company Liable After a Truck Crash?

Is a Company Liable After a Truck accidents? | The Enterprise World

Truck accidents are always complicated because they cause serious injuries and often have multiple liable parties. One of them is often the trucking company, which may be responsible for allowing unsafe truck drivers on the road, failing to enforce federal policies, or even neglecting to inspect and maintain vehicles.

An investigation will need to be conducted to determine who is liable for the truck accident. It may reveal that the trucking company is liable depending on the following conclusions from the investigation.

The Trucker Was Unqualified

Every commercial truck driver must have a commercial driver’s licence (CDL), driving experience, and meet specific qualifications. They are subjected to medical fitness tests, drug tests, and other tests by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). A trucking company can be liable for a trucker who caused a crash if it doesn’t screen drivers for the proper qualifications before hiring or fails to issue regular drug tests.

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If the truck driver was negligent in their actions behind the wheel, the trucking company may also share some blame. Some trucking companies are so desperate for drivers that they will hire anyone, even those who have many truck accidents on their records. These drivers may also have repeatedly violated trucking regulations, failed drug tests, or had their CDL revoked. If a trucking company hires someone like this, it can be held liable.

Faulty Vehicle or Equipment

Trucking companies must maintain all the vehicles in their fleet and the supporting equipment used to load and unload the trucks. Unfortunately, not every trucking company is prudent about their maintenance and inspections, leading to faulty vehicles going out on the road.

When tires, brakes, or safety systems on the truck fail, they can cause a catastrophic accident. If the investigation reveals that the reason a tire blowout occurred was because the company did not maintain its vehicle, it is responsible for the accident.

Disobeying Policies and Procedures

Truck drivers and trucking companies must obey the rules and regulations set by the FMCSA. Not adhering to them can result in large fines and other penalties. Many trucking companies also have their own policies and procedures to prevent trucking accidents.

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However, some companies may encourage truck drivers to exceed the hours of service rules by offering bonuses. The truckers may speed and drive recklessly to deliver their cargo on time while putting everyone on the road in grave danger.

How to Know When a Trucking Company Is to Blame?

Generally, it won’t be known whether or not the trucking company can be held liable for a truck accident until a thorough investigation is conducted. If you are able to document any pictures or video after the crash, you may capture valuable evidence that proves the trucking company is at fault.

Your health and recovery are most important, which is why it’s always best to let an attorney take over. The laws concerning trucking are very complex and a good lawyer will know exactly what to look for to get you the compensation you deserve.

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