Is Depression a Very Serious Disease or Is It Just a Delusion of the Mind?

Is depression a very serious disease

Depression… reading this word, different types of thoughts come to everyone’s mind. Some say that there is no such thing as depression, all is an illusion of the mind or disorder and some say that depression is a serious disease and it is very important to get it treated in time. If it is not treated, a person can cause great harm to himself or someone else.

For a few days, a debate is intensified that is depression really a very serious disease or is it only a delusion of the mind that makes a person negative.

What we call depression today began in Mesopotamia in the second millennium BCE. During this period, depression was discussed in a spiritual form instead of a physical condition. Like other mental illnesses, the disease was considered demonic possession, so it was treated by priests and messiahs of different faiths rather than doctors. Even in ancient times, when it was defined simply as a monstrous shadow, there were some doctors who believed that depression is a biological and psychological disease. Greek and Roman doctors at that time used to treat patients in many ways, including gymnastics, massage, food, music, bathing, donkey milk.

Depression. Is it Real?

At the same time, the credit for finding the physical causes of depression goes to a Greek doctor named Hippocrates. This doctor said that depression occurs due to four types of imbalances in the body. This imbalance was called Humer. During this time, it was especially believed that due to the excess of black bile, sadness comes and this sadness was treated through bathing, washing, exercise, and eating.

The Romans believed that depression and other mental illnesses were caused only by the wrath of demons and gods. At the same time, Cicero, a Roman philosopher, and leader believed that sadness had psychological reasons like anger, fear, and mourning. In the 18th and 19th centuries, It is defined as a weakness in nature, which cannot be changed. It was said by this belief that people of this nature should be turned away from society or they should be stopped somewhere. At the same time, doctors began to believe that at the same time, the basis of this state of mind is anger.

Major Depressive Disorder (MDD)

Earlier people did not believe that depression is a disease; they believed it to be the result of the wrath of demons and gods. But in 1970, the term Major Depressive Disorder (MDD) was used for the first time in the US. This situation became part of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual-3 at the official level in 1980. Today, doctors believe that depression occurs due to many reasons, which have biological, psychological, and social factors. Depression is divided into three categories, Mild, Moderate, and Severe. Talking about today’s era, a person is mainly depressed due to money, problems in relations, and not achieving his goal.

Apart from this, there can be many reasons such as education, family mobilization, failure on the expectations of parents, hormonal changes, increasing loans, losses. One also has to take a pledge that he or she will stay after defeating depression and he/she will do whatever has to do to defeat it. Because it is a mental disease, one can also defeat it through resolution.

For this one can adopt some methods like- Take at least 8 hours of sleep, sitting in the sun for a while, exercising, and also giving yoga and meditation a place in your life. Meditation makes the mind very calm and also reduces confusion of the mind. Apart from this, talk to friends, tell them about your heart, involve people in your life, and do as much physical activity as possible.

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