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“Customer experience is number one; We do not take shortcuts.”

Jade Global is a top-tier organization offering businesses digital transformation, enterprise solutions, and cloud services. The company has a remarkable track record of delivering over 2,600 successful projects spanning various technology platforms and catering to diverse industries. The Enterprise World is proud to introduce it as one of The Best Technology Advisors In 2023.

With a focus on innovation, agility, and customer success, Jade Global has established itself as a trusted partner for companies looking to navigate the complex landscape of digital transformation and stay ahead of the competition. Jade has a deep domain expertise in various industries such as high-tech, healthcare, manufacturing, retail, finance, and insurance.

Founded in 2003 by Karan Yaramada, Jade Global has grown rapidly over the past two decades to become a global company with offices in the United States, Europe, and Asia. It is headquartered in San Jose, California, with offices in Philadelphia and Dallas in the US, Canada, and across India.

The company’s team of over 2,000 experts is dedicated to delivering cutting-edge technology solutions that enable businesses to streamline operations, increase efficiency, and drive growth.

Jade Global’s comprehensive suite of services includes digital strategy, enterprise resource planning (ERP), customer relationship management (CRM), supply chain management (SCM), business intelligence and analytics, artificial intelligence and machine learning, and cloud migration and management. The company’s expertise in these areas allows it to provide customized solutions that meet each customer’s unique needs.

Jade Global’s commitment to innovation and customer success is reflected in its partnerships with some of the world’s leading technology companies. These partnerships enable Jade Global to leverage the latest technologies and best practices to deliver transformative solutions that drive business outcomes.

In addition to its focus on technology and innovation, Jade Global is also dedicated to social responsibility and giving back to the community. The company has established a number of initiatives to support education, healthcare, and environmental sustainability and encourages its employees to get involved in charitable activities.

Overall, Jade Global is a company that has made a name for itself by delivering innovative, customer-focused solutions that help businesses thrive in the digital age. 

“With a global footprint, a talented team of experts, and a commitment to excellence, Jade Global is poised for continued success in the years to come.”

Thanks to its strategic alliances with leading technology companies, emerging with Technology

Jade Global boasts a robust technology integration system. The company has a team of 2,000+ certified professionals who specialize in various technologies. 

Jade Global holds a prominent position in the partner community, being an Oracle Premium partner, Boomi Elite Partner, Salesforce Elite, and ServiceNow Elite partner. Additionally, the company has formed partnerships with SAP, NetSuite, Snowflake, Workday, Microsoft, Google, and Atlassian. Jade Global also houses an innovation lab focused on developing cutting-edge solutions in the fields of AI, ML, and Blockchain.

Behind the curtains

Karan Yaramada

Chairman & CEO

Karan Yaramada, the founder and CEO of Jade Global, has a remarkable story of perseverance and hard work. Born into a family of small farmers in a rural state of India, Karan developed a deep appreciation for learning and education from an early age, instilled by his parents and his upbringing as one of five siblings. 

He went on to earn a master’s degree in computer science and an MBA from the prestigious Harvard Business School. Karan’s early career included working as a technology consultant at Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), General Electric (GE), and KPMG Consulting, where he gained valuable experience in the IT industry.

In 2003, Karan founded Jade Global as an Oracle consulting company, with just $1,200 and a two-bedroom apartment in San Jose, California. Karan adds, “Inspired to revolutionize the consulting IT industry and tackle the most significant business challenges, I established the Jade Global brand in the heart of Silicon Valley. The company has since grown into a 2000+ employee organization with 11 global office locations and 400+ enterprise clients.”

Despite its significant growth, Jade Global remains a 100% employee-owned company, with no external funding or debt. This remarkable achievement is a testament to the solid values, beliefs, and customer-centricity that Karan instilled in the company from its inception. Jade Global has been recognized and certified as one of the Top 100 Great Places To Work, a testament to the grit and perseverance of its executive leadership team, which is reflected in every Jade employee.

“Today, Jade Global’s commitment to customer-centricity and innovation continues to drive exceptional growth figures year after year.”

The company has outperformed itself, expanding its portfolio of enterprise customers in North America to 400 plus, while keeping its very first customer. With a solid foundation, a focus on excellence, and a dedication to customer success, Jade Global is poised for continued success in the years to come.  


The 2009 recession proved challenging for Jade Global and other IT companies, with thousands of people losing their jobs. In response to the crisis, Jade Global’s leadership team took a pay cut to prevent job loss. This decision fostered an atmosphere of trust and loyalty among employees, many of whom are now in leadership roles within the company.

Despite the difficulties, Jade Global remained committed to its core values of customer-centricity, innovation, and excellence. Today, as we know, the company has expanded significantly, with a global presence, over 2000 employees, and a portfolio of more than 400 enterprise clients. 

Jade Global’s unwavering commitment to its employees, customers, and core values has helped it weather past storms and position itself for continued success in the future. In 2023, Jade Global will be as resilient as ever and focused on thriving through any economic downturn.

Triggers of growth

Within two years, Jade Global had grown to over 50 employees and established partnerships with Salesforce and Microsoft, setting a strong foundation for steady expansion. Snowflake Managed Services was vital to Jade Global’s growth from 2005 to 2010. 

Jade Labs, the company’s R&D unit, was established during this period to focus on innovation. In 2015, the company launched its AWS Practice and opened a new Global Delivery Centre in Hyderabad. Jade also introduced new services like Xenon and Kanverse, which leveraged AI technology, expanding its offerings and partner network.  

Industry statistics 

Jade Global has experienced significant growth since 2015, expanding from 450 employees to over 2000 in 2022. The company now has 11 office locations around the world, with delivery centres spanning across the United States.

Long-standing success

Jade Global’s vision and mission revolve around customer centricity and the company takes pride in its partnerships with elite technology firms. These partnerships help the company offer 360-degree value to its customers with the help of its seasoned and certified consultants. 

“Jade’s commitment to providing excellent services has earned the trust of more than 400 customers, 90% of whom have recommended its services to others.”

Jade has recently been awarded a Platinum Titan Award and Gold Stevie Award. It is also Great Place to Work Certified in the US and India. In 2010, Jade was recognized as one of the Fastest Growing Companies in America by Inc 5000, and they have maintained their position on this prestigious list for the past 12 years. In 2015, Jade made long-term investments, which proved to be successful, as the company won large multi-year contracts. 

Jade’s leadership in multi-cloud and hybrid IT environments has gained recognition from analysts and advisory firms such as Avasant, Everest Group, IAOP, and Gartner. The company’s success is attributed to its solid values and beliefs, which have been passed down to each of its 2000+ employees worldwide. Successfully being in business for almost 20 years, Jade Global remains 100% employee-owned and is still company funded,with no external debt.

Team for the win

When it comes to hiring suitable candidates, Jade’s founder Karan is known to take risks, especially in leadership roles, as he understands how these leaders can influence the attitudes and culture of the rest of the company. 

With a focus on upper mid-market clients, Jade’s services portfolio caters to this target segment, and Karan leads by example, bringing together company values and business development with a people-first, customer, and employee focus. He places importance on creating a legacy and a culture of people, practices, and exchanges that leave an imprint. This is why Jade is 100% employee-owned, with every employee incorporated into the business.

Karan has created a culture of transparency that is critical to Jade’s mission of ensuring customer satisfaction and achieving continuous growth for almost 20 years. Upholding the company culture and keeping employees happy is critical in aligning Jade’s business standards with his vision. 

Karan further adds, “Jade offers a hybrid working environment of in-office and remote working, with a focus on putting employees first and providing continuous training and development for each employee’s professional career growth. This mentorship is offered through a leadership acceleration program, a sensei program, and a business communication program.”

Setting it apart

Jade Global has established itself as a prominent player in the industry by providing top-tier alliances with partners. The company’s certifications as a CMMi Level 3 and ISO 27001 certified company showcase its dedication to quality and security. 

Jade’s service offerings cater to a range of industries, including hi-tech, manufacturing, life sciences, healthcare, energy, and more.

A step ahead

Jade Global prioritizes its key accounts to drive 80% of its business, with a focus on customer-centricity. To maintain satisfaction and growth, dedicated client partners and delivery managers are assigned to service these accounts continuously. 

This strategy fosters trust with a range of major clients across industries, such as Lattice Semiconductor, Marvell, and Essilor Luxottica. Rather than solely pursuing new logos, Jade Global seeks to expand on these existing accounts. The company values customer feedback, with quarterly assessments informing ongoing improvements and ensuring client needs are met.

Word of the wise, Karan’s mantras for success

  • Pursue what you believe in and give 100% effort: Whatever goals you have in life, make sure they align with your values and beliefs. Then, give it your all to achieve them. This will help you avoid regrets and find fulfillment in your accomplishments. 
  • Help others achieve their highest potential: Find opportunities to lift and support others in their pursuits. Whether through mentorship, volunteering, or simply being a supportive friend, you can make a significant difference in the lives of those around you. 
  • Positively influence people around you: Be mindful of your impact on others and strive to be a positive force in their lives. This could involve setting a good example, offering encouragement, or simply listening when someone needs to talk.
  • Become a role model and example for others: Live your life in a way that inspires others to do the same. This could mean being honest and authentic, treating others with respect and kindness, or striving for excellence in everything you do. By setting a good example, you can make a lasting impact on those around you. 

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