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Jira Review


Atlassian developed Jira, project management software for Agile teams. Initially, it was released in 2002 as a bug-tracking proprietary software. However, over time Jira was transformed into a suite of Agile work management solutions. It brings collaboration across multiple teams and team members with different functions. Users can customize the platform to work for teams of all sizes with its excellent scalability and integration. It enables managers of projects to plan, assign, track, and review projects in real-time.

Jira supports the following project types:

  • Service management
  • Work management
  • Marketing
  • HR
  • Finance
  • Design
  • Personal
  • Operations
  • Legal
  • Sales

Pros and Cons of Jira

Jira software aligns with an Agile flavor and gives additional advantages for non-software projects. Its methodology focuses on recognizing and completing the most important tasks due to which the team delivers continuously and does not create a bottleneck. This quality of Jira sets it apart from other competitors. Its unique approach can help any non-IT project, whether it is ready to launch into the market or sales pipeline, or recruitment and onboarding project.



Agile sprint teams use scrum boards.

Not an intuitive and user-friendly interface for non-developers

Kanban boards for real-time workflow visualization

Not available are Gantt charts or other timeline views.

Bugs are simple to find, track, and record

Limited assistance for working with outside parties

High standard of security and safety



Jira provides exclusive features to improve project management and utilize various tools to increase efficiency and productivity.  

  • Issue Management: Jira offers project tracking features in which every project is a collection of issues to be tracked. With the help of Jira, every issue can be further broken down into stories and tasks. It helps to finish the project on an early basis and manage problem-solving skills. 
  • Agile Development: Jira is assembled for Agile development, it allows to collaborate with Scrum, Kanban, and bug-tracking boards. Users can choose a project based on their requirements for example Go To Market, Recruitment, Onboarding, Budgeting, etc., and also benefit from these boards. Scrum and Kanban are two different boards with whom Jira can ship. These boards help Jira to track issues and log multiple project views.
  • Bug Tracking: Originally Jira was cultivated to track bugs in the software development process. Its program includes a bug-tracking template that makes it very easy to track, record, and fix bugs. It can prioritize bug fixing by viewing it on a single board with a single click. 
  • Role Assignment Features: Despite all free plans offered by Jira, a user can assign different tasks to administrators and assign different roles to them for example developer, reporter, and viewer. With the help of these roles, global and project-level permissions can be requested with customized notifications, email notifications, etc.
  • Roadmaps: This feature of Jira enables stakeholders to see the big-picture view of any project and review the overall progress at a glance. This kind of high-level and visual summary of the project’s goals, timelines, and priorities facilitates managers to perform critical tasks and deliver the most valuable work first. Roadmaps empower stakeholders to align around project objectives and promote accountability and transparent communication. 

Products of Jira

Jira offers four products to provide the necessary tool and templates for businesses of various sizes and different types of projects: 

  • Jira Software: It can be used for planning, tracking, fixing, and shipping world-class software.
  • Jira Service Management: It can help the customer care desk track and enable fixing customer issues quickly and effectively.
  • Jira Work Management: It allows users to manage projects related to every department within the organization, from marketing and recruitment to legal and operations.
  • Jira Align: It is built for small-scale enterprises to connect all the teams and bring them on the same page and get real-time visibility into every project. 

Customer Reviews 

  • Most Effective Project Management Tool For Efficient Work Flows: 

JIRA Software is an exceptional project management tool that can assist teams with planning, carrying out follow-up activities, managing budgets, and optimizing their workflows. It is a full software package that enables teams to work together more effectively while keeping track of the project’s development. JIRA Software enables teams to create, track, and prioritize issues, mistakes, and tasks from a single location.

  • A Must-Have, But Not A Pleasant Experience

Jira is what I would call a necessary evil. It’s an unpleasant user experience and requires a lot of investment to learn both as a user and especially as an administrator. Having used other task tracking and project management tools for the SLDC, however, Jira is truly the only one that offers the customizability and add-ons required to manage tasks across a large organization.


The prominent function of Jira is to plan, assign, track, and manage projects regarding software development in real-time. Jira enables Agile teams to align quickly and more frequently. It empowers IT teams to track bugs in the initial phase to fix them successfully.

Being one of the most affordable project management tools on the market, Jira can be used for various ranges of projects from HR, marketing, and operations to management at the workplace. Jira is an excellent choice for managing software projects that helps you to plan, organize, budget, and track the progress of the project. 


Jira offers various plans to its customers based on an annual and monthly basis.

If you are looking for an annual plan then take a quick look at this:




$ 0 (per user)

$ 790

$ 1525

2 GB of Storage

250 GB Storage

Unlimited Storage

Community Support

Business Hour Support

24/7 Premium Support

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