Dhananjay Arora: The Journey of a Tech-Savvy Youngster to a Business Leader in the Digital Landscape

K Webmaker Digital Agency Dhananjay Arora

Digital media is probably the most influential and powerful media there is. With the correct tools and strategies, it has proven to be a game-changer for many. In the business world, digitalization gives you a competitive edge; it helps you reinvent your processes thus improving the overall quality of the services of your company.

Among the many reasons why companies today are adopting these changes some of the most prominent can be; the global reach, increased customer interaction, and cost-saving.

Based on the strong foundation of the Internet, K Webmaker is a digital agency that is helping companies with their digital presence. To come to think of it, Mr. Dhananjay Arora started K Webmaker way back in 1998, an era where the Internet was a foreign concept.

In 1993 a college-going youngster took his hands over the computer and the magic happened. That was a moment when Dhananjay got to know his future is going to be connected with computers.

And even then, Mr. Arora had recognized the potential of it. When most of the companies were just familiarizing themselves with this new concept, Mr. Arora started a firm with full-scale digital services. 22 years later, digitization is still in full swing, with new technologies coming up every day, and K Webmaker, with a strong foundation and experienced team, is helping their clients to adapt to it.

Creating digital pathways for business growth

Hailing from a family of businessmen, he knew his true potential was in business, only he had not chosen his option yet. Computers and technology had always fascinated Mr. Arora, and not long after his graduation, he started K Webmaker, a digital agency with services focused on website development and digital marketing.

Over the last two decades, K Webmaker has been a pioneer in the arena of digital marketing and mobile applications. Since its inception, with the evolving market and technology, K Webmaker has seen gradual and steady growth. Something that started as a web-designing agency is today a company with a suite of digital marketing solutions.

Their wide spectrum of digital services include websites, e-commerce, intranets, mobile applications in iOS and Android, SEO, SMM, ORM, content creation, etc. 

Taking innovation to the table

K Webmaker is a digital agency that focuses on digital services. Their services can be divided into 3 verticals-

  • Web
  • Mobile
  • Digital

Web services include websites, portals, e-commerce, which were their initial offerings. As K Webmaker grew and the demand increased, they dived into the other platforms of mobile and other digital services. The mobile services include application development for mobiles, both Android and iOS. And Digital services are where they handle everything about digital marketing, from social media to SEO.

From the start, one important aspect of the core value of K Webmaker has been and will always be-a Consultation.

What we do is not just basic services but complete digital transformation.

This is something that has helped K Webmaker stay in the competition with better results. When a customer approaches, what they look at is a company as a whole, be it a start-up or an established organization. Their only aim is to help the companies in designing a perfect strategy so that they can get better outcomes and thus help them grow.

To take an example of their suite of services, they have helped a textile company set up their website. What is more is that they also helped them set up a global B2B portal, where customers across can navigate their products easily.

As Mr. Arora says, K Webmaker is a company that not only focuses on one thing, something that customers want, apart from that they give present them with other services that complement what they are looking for and yield better results.

As cliché as it may sound but we work with our customers as partners.

With every customer on board, it is not a single take or simply providing them the solution they ask for. It is an entire process that they have with every customer. They take into account and understand their business, their customers, their process, their objective, and after considering everything, they provide them with the solutions that are in their best interests.

Diverse people united with the same passion to create something unique

A team is an integral part of any victory. When we work together as a team, we can always find our way around even the most difficult of tasks.

“I am a firm believer that it is not the company that makes the people, it is the people that make the company.”

Without the right kind of workforce, a company cannot progress at the speed it can. It is like, you own a great car with a great engine, but if one thing is off among all its other components, then it will surely slow the car down or it won’t work to its best capacity. So every single component of a car is important for it to perform at its best capacity. Similarly, every single employee or team member is essential for an organization to run and progress at its best.

Mr. Dhananjay Arora has led K Webmaker to its success today with a strong team of about 100 people. And as he said, every single one of them has contributed to the success of the company and has helped it reach where it is today.

We are very fortunate to have the right team!

A view from the future

Any company is always looking for opportunities to grow, and these opportunities are not out there waiting for you, it is how you transition your business and lead a path towards growth.

20 years ago, when K Webmaker started its journey, even having a website was a big deal. There was no e-commerce or the influence of social media to the extent it is today. So the secret to sustaining in this changing environment is to constantly keep evolving.

There is no hard and fast plan for a business, it keeps changing according to the changes happening around. This is exactly how the company has progressed to today. There was no e-commerce, there were no mobile apps, but as these things started gaining importance, K Webmaker started adapting itself to these changes. Now their services include everything from website management to digital marketing.

Change is the only constant and it only makes us versatile. If you keep adopting ads that give an edge to your clients, then naturally the clients are going to prefer you over others.

The other thing K Webmaker is focusing on is geographic expansion. They already have their offices across the world and are always looking for a chance to expand and find new markets to tap. Which is what they are looking forward to; to perpetually expand their global footprint? Especially in areas where there are not many technology providers.

Technology taking over the traditional business processes

Technology is a space that keeps evolving by almost every minute. Today technology is being used everywhere. If we were to look at businesses 10 to 15 years ago, they did not use technology. But today, the scenario is completely different, technology is used from the most basic operations, be it a simple email or social media marketing. Be it a B2B company or a B2C company, a digital footprint is a must.

To get an overview of how important technology is in every sector, we can just take a look at the clients we have. Our clients range from jewelry companies to hotels to hospitals to B2B companies, there even is a pathology lab we cater our services to. So there is not a single sector that can just stay away from technology. Everyone will want to have a digital footprint or an online presence because let’s face it, that is where people are!

Without technology, talk about any industry, you will not be functional or as efficient.

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