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Today, when most of the countries across the world are uniting to keep the increase in the earth’s temperature below 2 degrees, everyone’s focus is on energy conservation. The smart grid plays an important role in energy saving. Smart grids can bring significant changes in the way electricity is distributed and used. It enables people to use electricity better through smart meters, smart devices, and renewable energy sources.

The traditional electric distribution system being used has many flaws. Thus, there was a need for innovation that can transmogrify the networks. A person with a futuristic vision, passion, and dedication Mr. Bipin Chandra broke new ground with integrated solutions to revolutionize power distribution networks.  


Mr. Bipin Chandra is a founder and CEO at Esyasoft. Esyasoft is a software product company providing pioneering Technology & Analytics solutions, enabling the modernization of power distribution networks: transforming legacy utilities into Smart utilities. Founded in Bangalore, India, in 2014, Bipin’s vision was to be in a position to build a company with core values rooted in social responsibility – providing jobs and growth for his employees – as well as a sustainable business concept.

Rapid population growth, along with modern-day reliance on technology, correlates with an exponential increase in power & water consumption: a demand borne by utility providers. This has necessitated the evolution of power grids to keep up with such demand: providing an end-to-end integrated solution to facilitate such innovation of a legacy power grid into a Smart grid, is a major part of Esyasoft’s success story. Esyasoft collaborates with several different entities (for example, energy utilities, government agencies & System Integrators ) to facilitate intelligent management of this increased supply and demand – “nurturing smart solutions for the connected world”.

Charting new paths of success

Every business needs to overcome antecedent hurdles that make it ready for the massive and crucial challenges ahead. It is more difficult when you are about to make a disruptive change that can nettle established players in the sector. Any attempt to change the status quo is met with challenges and questions, not least that Esyasoft was a relatively new player in the energy/utilities sector.  Proving that they could compete with well-established companies in the industry was an initial hurdle for Esyasoft.

Successfully transforming and provisioning India’s first smart grid at Mysore was a turning point that laid any doubts to rest regarding Esyasoft’s ability to compete with key players in the utility sector. Mysore proved Esyasoft a game-changer in the market, and scaling this up for Indore was a huge next step for the company.

The company experienced exponential growth after the implementation of the largest Smart Grid in India at Indore along with Larsen & Toubro which empowered Esyasoft to create a unique place as a competitive solutions provider in this domain.

Esyasoft Technologies offers a high degree of skills, IPs, and Domain expertise to deal with the requirement & existing issues of the utility, unmatched in the industry, backed by continuously improving quality systems and processes.

Aside from the quality and consistency associated with their products and solutions, the team Esyasoft is committed to honesty and transparency. The company values business relationships, seeking always to keep them on a long-term basis, and has found that ultimately, trust and satisfaction are fundamental to maintaining lasting, fruitful connections.

Since the foundation, the company graphs have changed by growing at a rate of 300% CAGR.

Taking Innovation to the table

Esyasoft is the only company in India, and perhaps globally, which offers a fully integrated Smart Grid suite: that is, all the necessary resources and software solutions to completely transform an existing power grid into a Smart grid.

Ideation without implementation is hallucination.

Bipin Chandra

Esyasoft is recognized by Gartner for its Meter Data Management System product and offers a plethora of comprehensive smart energy solutions.

Meter Data Management System

OSmart meters generate a quantum of data and will require an effective solution for collecting, validating, analyzing, and reporting the same. This is where Esyasoft’s expertise in Meter Data Management comes into the business. The company’s MDM Solution is a highly scalable enterprise application and acts as a central data repository. It offers a simplified interface environment, reliable business rules, interactive interfaces, insightful data analytics & MIS Reports. It can be easily integrated with existing utility applications and significantly reduces the likelihood of errors when utilizing meter data.

Peak Load Management with Demand Response

It is designed to help the utility to tackle such major concerns by optimized resource allocation. Our solution includes an informative dashboard with various features that provide analytical outputs based on advanced forecasting methods. Effect of special events/occasions like a holiday with weather data superimposition in real-time is taken into account to have even more precise and accurate forecasting. Day Ahead Gap Analysis allows timely Demand Response event creation.

Smart Grid Analytics

Esyasoft’s Intelligent Smart Grid Platform is built to address these challenges. It is a robust platform that handles big data and conducts real-time analysis to provide critical insights useful to utilities.

Revenue Management System

Revenue Management System automates business-critical processes, operations, and back-office functions of power distribution companies. Their products ESYAMBC and ESYAMOBILEMBC are self-service applications that help utilities track customer billing, payment, queries, and complaints.

Renewable Energy Integration

Esyasoft’s Analytics platform with renewable energy forecasting module delivers energy forecasts with high accuracy. This empowers utilities to engage in estimating energy supply to minimize the gap between supply & demand of electricity to achieve economic and social goals. Esyasoft offers the top notched Solar Energy Integration and Wind Energy Forecasting solutions that enable its clients to utilize renewable energy sources to the fullest.

Technology taking over the traditional way of doing business

Esyasoft’s combination of expertise in big data technologies and machine learning techniques saves project execution time and cost – ensuring a higher success rate. They leverage the industry expertise of the leadership team to accomplish the solutions they offer.

In the most basic, practical of terms, Covid-19 has proven that Smart Metering is going to be an inevitable future: the ability for utilities to continue providing services, customer support, gaining accurate billing information along with reducing technical & commercial Losses, etc. in a time where we are so restricted in our movements (necessarily, for health and safety) is an invaluable component of modern utility providers.

Mr. Bipin Chandra – Carving a Niche in this Domain

After graduating from NIT, Jamshedpur, Bipin knew a typical “9 to 5” job was not what he was destined to do: he wanted to establish and build a company where like-minded people could join him on this journey of growth and success; all while enjoying a collaborative, open-minded and empowering working atmosphere.

Since founding Esyasoft in 2014, Bipin has been able to provide 100+ people with employment.  Creating value for his investors is another achievement that Bipin holds in high esteem.

Seeing his company grows into a global entity, and opening branches in Dubai has been the culmination of many years of hard work. The next phase will be involved in the North American & Australian markets.

Talking about the responsibilities of entrepreneurs Bipin says, “An entrepreneur is, first and foremost, responsible to society: social responsibility is a key value of Bipin’s, and Esyasoft is involved in supporting multiple orphanages and participating in the Grant a Wish program – giving 6+ NGOs the support needed to help provide some 450 orphans with a memorable Christmas. We have a moral obligation to help those in need.”

Every aspect of life is something of a rat-race – one can never take it personally. Human nature doesn’t change; this is out of our control: we can only moderate how we react to it… Ideally with grace, humility, and empathy, alongside remaining at the forefront of innovation and cutting-edge solutions.

The most basic principle for any successful business is, in Bipin’s opinion, to have a solution for a problem or an issue that affects your daily life. This is a key point for any budding entrepreneur.

J.R.D Tata is a true source of motivation for him for a long. Bipin finds the way he built the nation – with his business’ growth contributing back to society – to fundamentally match his values. Truly, Sir J.R.D Tata was a man who used his talents and abilities to leave the world better than how he found it. 

The happening work environment

Bipin’s ethos for the company’s working culture is based on trust, mutual respect, and empowerment. Bipin is proud to employ people with talent, a fantastic attitude, and strong ethics. Under this, all employees are welcome to share thoughts and opinions; every one of his people can bring valuable perspectives and insights. It is very important to Bipin to motivate, inspire and mentor his employees to achieve their goals, as well as identifying the right people for the right roles – appreciating a person’s potential.

Looking Ahead

Esyasoft is unique in offering the complete solution to transform legacy utilities into Smart utilities – a product/service that is not offered by any other provider in India.

The company has a mobility-based metering billing and collection solution designed for revenue protection: under this solution, revenue recovery is maximized as all meters are accounted for and billed accurately.

One of Easyasoft’s next steps is to enhance existing AI/AR, ML & Blockchain components into solutions: the company’s R&D department is working on this, as well as increasing utilization of Augmented Reality to predict and prevent asset health and maintenance.

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