additiv - christine schmid

Established in 1998, additiv partners with leading financial institutions across the world to help them

VLCC Wellness - Vandana Luthra

Appearance matters, it is always perceived and prevailed, especially in the world of business, what

Homewatch caregivers - Jennifer tucker

HealthCare is on the rise, and since the pandemic, more power and attention are directed

Logi-serve - eric krohner

HR Analytics is becoming more effective and useful each passing day. Their importance is heavily

Daniel Matelis - Axendia

With the pandemic in the picture, all eyes have turned towards the Healthcare industry, especially

ZingNEO - Ravi Kikan

ZingHR is an HR Tech venture accelerated at Microsoft, with more than 500+ employees, 700+

Pocket HRMS - Kumar Siddhartha

Pocket HRMS, a leading Indian company, carries almost twenty years of customer service legacy that

VOZIQ - Vasudeva Akula

There are a lot of start-ups, businesses, companies, etc. in the world of business, offering

Pobuca - Isidoros Sideridis

Pobuca – Enriching Brands with Experience! The innovation of cutting-edge and breakthrough products and services

Martin Hubert - freightgate

Logistics is a rapidly evolving market; many factors are shaping the future of how businesses

Raymond Gillon - ezyhaul

The changing market scenarios after a boost in the digital economy has motivated many industries

Kristen Pechacek- massageluxe

Beauty and Wellness have always been at the forefront, due to their importance and need

Ceeco Technologies Pvt. Ltd

“Technology has completely transformed the business and will continue to do so,” says Mr. Sanjeev

DMPG- Steve Carrod

As the world of business pushes towards the digital realm, the majority of work is

Ravindra Benday- Benelec Infotech

Benelec Infotech is a national cyber-security leader with multi-decades of experience helping organizations to defend

Introducing Plug and Play ERP Solution for MSMEs

IDEA & BRIEF 30% of India GDP and close 45% of India’s Export comes from

Paul Bloch- DataDirect Networks

The need for data storage and data processing is growing exponentially. Since the pandemic has

InterWeave Smart Solutions- Bruce Magown

SalesForce and its solutions have been gaining major recognition and popularity in previous years. SalesForce

Znet Technologies- Munesh Jadoun

ZNet Technologies Private Limited, incorporated in 2009, is the leading distributor of cloud services, IT

CRMIT Solutions - Vinord Reddy

CRMIT Solutions – Agility Digital Transformation at Your Fingertips! The changing times and trends have