Paul Bloch- DataDirect Networks

The need for data storage and data processing is growing exponentially. Since the pandemic has

InterWeave Smart Solutions- Bruce Magown

SalesForce and its solutions have been gaining major recognition and popularity in previous years. SalesForce

Znet Technologies- Munesh Jadoun

ZNet Technologies Private Limited, incorporated in 2009, is the leading distributor of cloud services, IT

CRMIT Solutions - Vinord Reddy

CRMIT Solutions – Agility Digital Transformation at Your Fingertips! The changing times and trends have

Pratyush Kumar- Algoworks

Consultancy services are not only highly recognized but are very important as many companies who

Amit Jain- Integrated Tech9Labs

Tech9Labs is the contrivance of Amit Jain – an IT professional who jumped out of

Punit Thakkar- Shivaami

In the modern world of technological advancement, the cloud is a wonderful gift for businesses

Andrew Young- Core and More Technologies

Marketing has been one of the most essential building blocks of enterprises. They handle extremely

Emily Jha, Co-Founder and COO at Netsach CyberSecurity

Without any doubt, cybersecurity today is a global problem that influences the majority of our

Nilesh Kuvadia- ITCG Solutions Private Limited

The growing use of computers has created possibilities and opportunities for companies, businesses, entrepreneurs, etc.

Sudhir Kothari- Embee Software Private Ltd

Embee Software Private Ltd is a leading Indian Technology solutions and services provider focused on

Vaibhav Dabhade- Anchanto

The growth of online services has skyrocketed since the pandemic has struck the world, opening

Important KPIs of API Management Tools-min

Important KPIs of API Management Tools Technology advancement has greatly influenced how businesses operate and

Sheetal Sahare- IndTrack Technologies

Technology has enabled humans to think beyond limits and innovate as per needs and demands.

Rakesh Tiku- inField Solutions

Science and technology are a beautiful gift for humanity. As we were moving from the

Women in Trucking

Women in Trucking – not-for-profit association The life and journey of a woman are full

Vie Aesthetics- Vicky Grammatikopoulou

As the trends are changing, taking different names and places, one of the most important


In each business, a group of individuals works together to achieve a common goal. Whether

Sabrina Khan- Aptorum Group Limited

There is an alarming need for medical services and facilities since the pandemic has struck

Sanjay Bansal- Business Octane Solutions

The lockdown scenarios caused due to the global pandemic have inspired many to work remotely.