Lunavi: Your Guide to the Digital Age

Lunavi- Your Guide to the Digital Age Sam Galeotos

To accelerate the growth of a company, you need to have the right suite of digital solutions. With it you will not only set foot in the digital era of entrepreneurship, but it will also help you infuse efficiency in the organization with the help of top-notch digital solutions laid out. Sure, digital transformation will cause changes in the processes, systems and operations of an organization, but these changes are aimed at creating value to the company, its employees and the stakeholders. 

Featuring for The Enterprise World’s this issue of The 5 Best Microsoft Solution Providers To Watch is Lunavi, your guide to the digital age of business.

The Company

Founded nearly 15 years ago, Lunavi is a service-oriented, value-driven provider of Digital consulting, Azure and infrastructure managed services, and Agile software development. 

“Our mission is to combine human ingenuity and technology to deliver business value to our clients through solutions built for today, tomorrow, and the future.”

With their solutions, Lunavi helps its clients create and manage the next generation of technology solutions. They offer a broad range of services from Azure cloud enablement and infrastructure modernization to leading app development and data analytics services on Microsoft’s platform.  

Lunavi’s expert consultants and support staff work alongside you to navigate business impacting technology initiatives from data center to DevOps, extending your IT team to achieve digital transformation goals. 

Cutting Through the Challenges

When the company was launched, the range of services was limited to addressing the existing needs of their customers, primarily around data center solutions. Slowly, as the IT environment started taking shape and its role evolved, the needs of their customers expanded too, and there came a challenge of limitations. 

With a vision to serve their customers with the best services, the team then launched a strategic acquisition strategy which integrated organizations and helped them to grow their range of services. This helped Lunavi to bring in more agility and expertise across a wide variety of cloud service platforms, applications and enterprise technologies. These acquisitions gave them the tools to address their customers’ varied needs in a growing technical landscape. 

Tackling these challenges in the most innovative way, the company then saw a growth as they expanded into new regions and built the breadth of their capabilities. Starting in Cheyenne, the company quickly expanded to a national footprint including staffing locations in Denver, Atlanta, Seattle, and Omaha, as well as Canada. 

“As our team grew, our capabilities expanded.”

Lunavi then quickly became an Azure Expert MSP, one of less than two hundred globally along with being recognized as one of the top Digital Consulting firms in North America, providing services from cloud adoption to application development and for the more mature organization a full DevOps enablement capability.

The Products and Services

Lunavi provides IT consulting and managed services that help clients create and manage the next generation of technology solutions. ​That means the company offers full end-to-end capabilities to take customers on their digital transformation from infrastructure to application innovation and anything in between. They provide solutions along the IT stack, from modern infrastructure services to fully automated DevOps pipelines that deliver cloud-native applications. Lunavi’s premier services focus on digital transformation such as Azure cloud migrations, cloud-native application development, Agile coaching, and IT operations management.  

“Not only do we build out solutions, we dedicate time to training your team along the way.”

Customers often grow their services with Lunavi over time due to the high-touch consultative approach inclusive of Hear from a Human support, deep-dive discovery process, and a unique software Delivery Team Model. Lunavi teams integrate alongside client IT teams and business units to focus on the most significant business value drivers throughout the technology lifecycle.

This focus on quality and value, along with the relationships Lunavi build with its clients, sets them apart. The company is also among an elite group of Microsoft Azure Expert MSPs, in addition to 13 Microsoft Partner Gold Competencies.  

Technology for an Efficient Tomorrow!

Lunavi offers a variety of customizable consulting solutions and pre-built packages specifically intended to help customers take advantage of new Microsoft technologies and processes, such as Azure adoption workshops or DevOps enablement services. With a wide range of Microsoft focused services, you can find Lunavi on the Azure Marketplace or reach out to discuss customized Azure cloud management or consulting engagements.

“We aim to find the right mix of people, process, and technology to execute on the business drivers behind the project, provide multiple options rather than simply presenting a quote based on a customer request.”

The company prefers to offer the right projects to provide the most value, while still providing the capabilities to successfully adopt modern technologies like Azure PaaS services, Azure Data Factory and Azure Virtual Machines while harnessing the power of Azure DevOps and Infrastructure as Code to streamline delivery of technology solutions.

For many organizations, IT modernization is recognized as a priority but somehow continues to be delayed. Lunavi has helped clients identify the right technologies and platforms to achieve their modernization goals, whether it’s upgrading to the latest version of Windows or adopting cloud-based Endpoint Management to unify mobile device and desktop updates, patching, and monitoring.

Ultimately many of today’s technologies tie back into Azure, so it’s really all about how Lunavi maximizes your Azure subscriptions, optimizes your cloud environment, and integrates with your applications and hardware in the best way to accomplish your business goals.

Sam E. Galeotos, CEO – Leading the Way

“A key responsibility of an entrepreneur is to define a vision that ultimately has a positive impact on the marketplace or community that you’re operating within.”

Sam’s professional experience started when he was a kid, when he worked at his immigrant grandparents’ businesses. The kind of environment he worked in and the nature of that work inspired him to start pursuing more substantial achievements, which set him up for his future. 

His professional career gained traction when Sam started working with a start-up. From there he pursued a career in travel tech, during a time where the people saw introduction of the IBM PC, working with networks during the advent of the internet, and ultimately coming to the genesis of the cloud. All these experiences gave him hands on exposure to the genesis of these technologies – from the PC to the Cloud. 

“I’ve been so fortunate to be given such great assignments, they always led me to the next great opportunity.”

What Makes the Team Unique?

Sam takes a very involved and employee-centric approach.  In the past year, the company has put in place new employee programming to ensure that there’s an increase in recognition and rewards. Sam strives to strike a balance between hands-on and hands-off management: 

“I like to engage, communicate, and learn from the employees.”

When the leadership team finds something to improve upon, they bring it to the employees’ attention and then let them take ownership to reimaging what’s next. Giving employees the space to grow is a key part of the process. 

Lunavi’s team is unique in that everyone comes from a variety of different backgrounds and experiences, coming together to lend their expertise.  Everyone brings drive and initiative to completing tasks, even if they may be inexperienced with the work initially. The company has seen great success moving employees to different teams and projects so they have a well-rounded understanding of the business as a whole. Giving them the opportunity to shift around aids in their growth and can provide us with fresh perspectives.   

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